Opportunistic; entrepreneurial; idiot

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen for a scam that cost me 340 million ISK. There’s a site you may be familiar with called Eve-Bazaar.com. I came across it in local somewhere (red flag, anyone?), and after looking at it and looking at prices on the Jita market, I thought I may be able to make some nice profit. After all, the site seems pretty legit. The catalyst for me to throw my hard-earned ISK away at this site was the dev-blog for the summer expansion which talks about how faction battleships are getting a buff; the Rattlesnake in particular. I figured that the prices of these faction battleships would go up in price as the summer expansion gets closer, so I pulled the trigger and sent ISK to the contact as directed in the instructions. My profile updated accordingly, so far so good. After about an hour my status changed from “pending” to “in progress”…and there it has stayed for more than two weeks. I’ve sent a couple emails to the contact, but to no avail. They were nice emails, mostly asking for a followup on my order.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I can say that I’m disappointed in myself. I see something that’s too good to be true, and think to myself, “It’s probably legit; let’s do it!” When I came to the realization that I was scammed, it was then (and only then) that I decided to do some research on the scammers. I found a wealth of information (facepalm) on the topic, including some information on a blog that I already follow (double facepalm) called MarketsforISK. <—This guy’s blog is awesome for market stuff. I bet he’s never fallen for a scam like this.

So, no excuses. I messed up; and now I’m telling my readers about it. Why? I could say, “well because I don’t want the same to happen to you.”, but that’s not the reason. The real reason is because when Eve-bazaar comes clean, when their scam is all over and they come out with the numbers and the victims (me), just remember you heard it here first (/me hangs his head in shame).

A chicken made of ice

A chicken made of ice


In other, less embarrassing news, I’ve been mining some ice lately, and I happened across this Ice Chicken. Yes, it’s a chicken made of ice. A frozen chicken, if you will. This is in no way an attempt to try to make you forget my noobishness scam I fell for. It’s simply a giant chicken-shaped chunk of ice.

Additionally, I’ve been keeping up with The Incompitent Capsuleer, a newer pilot in New Eden and his blog. Please go give it a read, as it’s good stuff. Again, not an attempt to distract.

Thanks for reading.


8 responses to “Opportunistic; entrepreneurial; idiot

  1. Ouch man. Like you said that whole “I saw it in local” thing should have set the alarm bells ringing. I like to read over offers in jita local just to see how the scam works and if I can’t spot the trick I just flag it as a very good scam. Maybe I should be more trusting, but then again maybe not.

    Also thanks a mil for the link. Totaly didn’t work as a distraction though 🙂

    • Obviously don’t be more trusting. I feel like Bill Clinton here: “I did not fall for that scam”, “I’m profoundly sorry that I fell for that scam.”
      There is a lot of work and talent that goes into some of these websites. I wish I had that kind of skill; it seems like some of the ideas, including the one I fell for, could actually work. Anyway, thanks for reading man.

  2. Honestly, I feel you on the scam part. I lost quite a bit last year on something which was an obvious scam and my wallet has never recovered. Just look at is a lesson I guess!

    • It happens. People go through a lot to put up a good scam; but more power to them. If you have the talent, skill and know-how, might as well, I suppose. Shame on me for trusting someone in Eve; I’ve been told from the start never trust anyone.
      Thanks for reading, friend.

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