My Factory Planet Layouts

I am posting my version of factory planets that take Tier 1 products and miraculously turn them into Tier 4 products. Please try not to dwell too much on my amazing Paint skills…

I have Command Center Upgrades 5 and am able to exploit 6 planets. All skills except Remote Sensing are at level 5. All the pictures you see below are on a single toon on my account. I have two other toons on my account with the same Planetary Interaction skills. Those toons harvest P1s from their planets. I normally still need to buy certain P1s off the market to keep things running on a regular basis. If you are in W-Space or 0.0, you may be able to pull it off with the right amount of temperate and/or barren planets. It is easier if you have at least 5 temperate and/or barren planets in a single system.

To produce Broadcast Nodes and Recursive Computing Modules on a single planet:


To produce Integrity Response Drones:


To produce Nano Factory and Organic Mortar Applicator on a single planet:


To produce Self-Harmonizing Power Core and Sterile Conduits on a single planet:


To produce Wetware Mainframe:


All these setups are provided you either produce or purchase the required P1s.

I take an Occator that can haul at least 48,974.4m3 of P1 material. I take it to each POCO and transfer the prescribed amount of each P1 shown on each factory planet picture. It fills up the launchpad with enough materials for between 18 runs and 27 runs. It is probably not a perfect system, but my small brain managed to come up with a system that works. There are leftover P2s and P3s that stay in the storage facility such as in pictures 3 and 4. That is why I route everything through the storage facility prior to it going to its next destination (to not waste anything). I also keep the numbers in my notepad for easy reference (small brain, remember?).

I hope you find this helpful. Fly safe.


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