Opportunistic; entrepreneurial; idiot

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen for a scam that cost me 340 million ISK. There’s a site you may be familiar with called Eve-Bazaar.com. I came across it in local somewhere (red flag, anyone?), and after looking at it and looking at prices on the Jita market, I thought I may be able to make some nice profit. After all, the site seems pretty legit. The catalyst for me to throw my hard-earned ISK away at this site was the dev-blog for the summer expansion which talks about how faction battleships are getting a buff; the Rattlesnake in particular. I figured that the prices of these faction battleships would go up in price as the summer expansion gets closer, so I pulled the trigger and sent ISK to the contact as directed in the instructions. My profile updated accordingly, so far so good. After about an hour my status changed from “pending” to “in progress”…and there it has stayed for more than two weeks. I’ve sent a couple emails to the contact, but to no avail. They were nice emails, mostly asking for a followup on my order.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I can say that I’m disappointed in myself. I see something that’s too good to be true, and think to myself, “It’s probably legit; let’s do it!” When I came to the realization that I was scammed, it was then (and only then) that I decided to do some research on the scammers. I found a wealth of information (facepalm) on the topic, including some information on a blog that I already follow (double facepalm) called MarketsforISK. <—This guy’s blog is awesome for market stuff. I bet he’s never fallen for a scam like this.

So, no excuses. I messed up; and now I’m telling my readers about it. Why? I could say, “well because I don’t want the same to happen to you.”, but that’s not the reason. The real reason is because when Eve-bazaar comes clean, when their scam is all over and they come out with the numbers and the victims (me), just remember you heard it here first (/me hangs his head in shame).

A chicken made of ice

A chicken made of ice


In other, less embarrassing news, I’ve been mining some ice lately, and I happened across this Ice Chicken. Yes, it’s a chicken made of ice. A frozen chicken, if you will. This is in no way an attempt to try to make you forget my noobishness scam I fell for. It’s simply a giant chicken-shaped chunk of ice.

Additionally, I’ve been keeping up with The Incompitent Capsuleer, a newer pilot in New Eden and his blog. Please go give it a read, as it’s good stuff. Again, not an attempt to distract.

Thanks for reading.


Eve Online: Weekend Wrap-up

Quick post on the end of my weekend. My wormhole had only Grav sites and a Ladar site to choose from, and I didn’t feel like doing any of that. I decided instead to see what my static C2 had going on, specifically where it’s static lead to. I was surprised and elated to see that it had a static Hisec exit! I scanned it down and jumped through to see that it was a system three jumps from Rens. I checked Wormnav to see that there hadn’t been any activity as far as killing ships or Sleepers for the better part of 24 hours, so I figured I’d make a market run or ten. I used my cloaky hauler to get the most expensive stuff out first, then my Iteron Mark 5 to get the excess PI goods out. All in all I made about ten or so trips, plus a few trips to get some ships out that we don’t really use just taking up space in the Ship Maintenance Array, selling off the goods that had decent buy orders netted us about 650 million ISK. There’s another 150 million ISK worth of Fullerines that are on the market as sell orders. So all in all a decent return for a couple weeks of solo work. I hope to get some POS fuel in soon.

I’ve been enjoying another W-space themed blog that I’d recommend for anyone looking for some great C5 wormhole action. IT’s really a great read and a frequent poster. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Mining Fool


So as I was mindlessly afk ice mining again today, my buddy Chris put a pretty good idea into my head: “Red, you should do some mission mining”. Wow, I haven’t mission mined since my old Corp lived in Solitude, and there was a pretty decent level 4 mining agent there. So I open up the agent finder and track down a nice lady about 8 jumps away from where I ice mine. So I packed up my Hulk, some Ice Harvester II’s, a hauler incase I get a storyline distribution agent, and I was able to fit out a Thorax with 5 Gas Harvester II’s. Alright, now I am prepared for anything this agent can throw at me. I get to the system, then dock at the station only to be pleasantly surprised by what I’m seeing…FOUR level 4 mining agents…all in the SAME STATION…all available to me. I inquire what each agent has to offer, and it’s equally as pleasing…one ore mining mission, two ice mining missions and all three missions within this solar system, very convenient. I proceeded to accept all three missions and vowed to my agents that I wouldn’t return until I’ve gathered all of their requested ore/ice. I hop into the Hulk, which is fitted for ore mining, and take to the mission location. My Orca alt soon follows. I mine away until the asteroid is depleted, load it all into the Orca and warp off to the ice mission location. Repeat for the third and I’m back at the station turning in three missions at once. Pure awesome (but not really).

I was able to get another three missions in after my wife was finished making me her yard slave. I mean really, do houses really need winterizing? Anyway, I received a few gas mining missions to shake things up a bit, and discovered the Thorax isn’t a bad hisec gas mining ship. It doesn’t have much for cargo space, but that’s not bad when you have an Orca parked next to you. 



When it comes to ISK making, afk ice mining beats out mining missions any day. This was a fun sort of thing for me. I enjoyed my alt’s standings with Astral Mining rise pretty significantly. I also had Exhumers 5 complete while I was mining away, so that’s special. Now I’m working on Mining Upgrades 5 (another two weeks), then it’ll be back on the science skills until January when I can remap to something different than science…like gunnery. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am in the great void that is New Eden. 


Question of the Month: October 2012

Well I think I’ll make a new feature (well, new to this blog anyway) called “Question of the Month” or “QotM”. I’m sure this is being done on other blogs, namely the Blog Banter. However, this will generally be a less complicated question which will require a less complicated answer. Also, the questions will be of issues that affect me personally and/or the pilots I fly with or have maintained a friendship with in New Eden. Readers are encouraged to answer to the best of their ability, and in as much detail as possible to help current and future pilots to overcome issues they may be having, or will likely experience during their career as a Pod Pilot. 


As you know if you read my last post, I’ve been a bit on the decline in Eve. I feel like a bit of a whiner really after letting that post ferment for a few days. Instead of raging about my personal problems with PLEX, I should’ve put that rage into more of a constructive question, like this:


Have you experienced Eve “burnout”? How do you motivate yourself to keep playing and being productive in-game? Or do you simply put Eve on the shelf and play other games or do other things during this time? Is there anything you’d recommend to pilots who are struggling to log into Eve due to being burnt out?


I have spent the last several months in a C2 Wormhole with three other members of my Corp. It was great until recently when a combination of redundancy and family aggro began to get the best of me. Around the time of my last post I decided to try afk ice mining. The idea was to take advantage of the new mining barge and exhumers upgrades. So far it’s been working great! I simply fit a Mackinaw for pure tank, get my Orca alt for some bonuses, PROFIT! (???). This works well for me because I can take a few minutes to get my accounts online and set up in the ice field, turn on the ice harvesters and literally walk away for a half hour. I come back every so often to dump ice into the Orca, rinse and repeat. I’m not making a killing ISK-wise, but it’s been enough so far to fund my PLEX, which is the goal. 



That’s my answer to my question. This weekend I’ve actually had some inspiration to get into my Proteus and run some missions, collect datacores and other various care bearish stuff. So that’s all it takes sometimes to get the love back…just switch it up a bit. Also a nice chat with my friend Epigene over at A Journey Through the Mind helped me to keep things in perspective. What a great read his blog is. Thanks buddy.


You’ll be happy to know that I’m currently back in the wormhole to sort PI and put in some gas reactions. My corp mate has been staying active and productive lately keeping things running nicely in my absence, and I thank him for that. Hopefully I can get into some sort of rhythm between my hisec care bearing and my wormhole duties. I’ve got a plan, so please stay tuned. 


Thanks for reading, and hopefully participating in what I hope will be a regular monthly feature on this blog. 



Eve Hiatus 2012

Greetings to the few of you who read my posts, both in-game and out. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been well and everything’s great…outside of Eve. It was probably sometime early September that I logged on and ran the few sites in our w-space home, then I warped to our static C2 to see what the situation was. I saw instantly on d-scan a bunch of mobile warp disrupters, but thankfully they were not on grid. So I flew around and made a few safe spots so I could take some time to get this large system scanned down. There were four towers, POCOs and an unusually large number of cosmic anomalies…something like 28! At that point I deployed a sisters deep space scanner probe to get a snapshot of the entire system… Oh. My. Gittygod! There were around 30 (!!!) cosmic signatures! A closer look at d-scan settings and I confirmed that all four towers were without a force field. I was able to locate each one using d-scan and see that each tower still had some incapacitated defenses still anchored, but each were clear of any CHA’s, SMA’s, labs etc. so I took a look on a few kill board sites and found there was something of a massacre in this system. I scanned down those mobile warp disrupters I mentioned earlier and found them just in a random part of space, probably put there by the aggressors around a wormhole exit/entrance to keep the system owners from escaping.
At this point I’m getting pretty excited. I scanned down all the cosmic signatures to find a whole lot of ladars, a few gravs, radars, mags and the lot. What was most exciting about this whole thing was that there were only three wormholes…the static low, the static C2 and the K162 I came in from my system. Wormnav showed no NPC or player kills for at least a week.

Could it be? Could this wormhole system really be stockpiling all these sites for me? Just waiting for me to find it amongst the 2500 w-space systems in Eve?

Yes. Yes that is the case.

So I happily head back to our home system to gather belongings for a prolonged stay. I had my other two toons on my account who could maintain our POS. my other corpmates were on burnout at that point and I was basically the only one logging on anymore. I re-activated my Orca pilot alt and packed it full of mods and ammo, as well as my Proteus for running sites, Helios for scanning and scouting, Catalyst for salvaging and Viator for making quick hauling runs. So with my two toons I headed into the neighboring w-space system where I’d live the nomad life for a short, and hopefully profitable time.

A few days later when my weekend arrived, I scanned the system to find all those juicy sites were still waiting for me, also the two static exits were dead and two new ones must be scanned down. Still no activity of any kind on Wormnav, so that’s a good thing. I swap out for my Proteus and start on an anomaly when, almost like clockwork, I start receiving aggro. Not aggro from sleepers or other players, but aggro from my family. I finish the site and salvage and then re-ship into my Helios so I can cloak up and deal with family matters. I’d come back and do that same thing again for my whole 4-day weekend (I get a three-day weekend every week, and a four-day weekend every other week FYI). I might have been able to clear four or five anomalies that entire weekend, which is not very efficient.
My nomadic wormhole existence repeated this for about four weeks. Melted Nanoribbons were not being dropped like I had hoped. For risking an Orca, Proteus and a few other ships I only had about 10 million ISK to show for all the trouble. I decided to pull out. Everyday I’d scan and warp to the lowsec exit and hope it’d be a convenient one-jump away from hisec space. The first week or so I got some really busy Factional Warfare systems that were three and four jumps out of hisec. So I’d jump back in and log out for the day. Finally one day I was able to scan a lowsec exit that was just one jump from hisec. With only about three others in local, I logged in my Orca alt and warped that slow, fat ship to the hole and jumped through. Still clear on d-scan and I hit warp to zero at the hisec gate. Boy it takes a long time for an Orca to align with no navigation skills and other players who would love to have an Industrial Command Ship kill under their belt. Finally! We are in warp and virtually home free. All is clear at the gate, we jump through and set course to my home away from home in Gallente space where I remain to this date.

I’ve been logging in often on my weekends lately because, with the recent changes to mining barges, I can basically go afk and be a family man (which really is my calling right now) while my Mackinaw’s ore hold fills with wonderful, low-valued Blue Ice chunks. So this is what it is for me right now. I hang out with my wife and kids, watch NFL, do yard work, help kids with homework…and maybe play a bit of Skyrim. All the while I have my two toons happily grinding away on that ice field. I come check on them every half hour or so, move ice around in the Orca, make necessary trips to the station to unload, and hope it’ll be enough to buy two PLEX at the end of the month.

With the prices of PLEX what they are, I probably won’t be sad to watch my accounts lapse. I am having a hard time justifying to myself why I should stress over Eve when prices of PLEX are over 600 million ISK. I am a PLEX player, that is how I play. I cannot spend real money on games. So CCP, or the player-driven economy or whatever it is that is driving prices of PLEX through the roof are also driving me out of the game.

Is anyone else who may be reading this post in my position? Where you’re at a crossroads where your preferred gameplay style cannot fund your PLEX anymore? What will you do? I just passed my three year anniversary of being a Capsuleer on September 30th, and with just over 56 million skill points under my belt, have I reached the end? Are the troubles of inflation that are plaguing the real world creeping over into the virtual world? My escape from the real world seems no longer an escape at all, so I may soon be putting Eve on the shelf. I am still subscribed to a LOT of Eve-related blogs, so I’ll still be in the loop. Until next time, lets hope PLEX cools off.

The beginning is near

It never seizes to amaze me the draw Eve Online has on me. Even in the state of “burnout” I was in for more than a month up until about two weeks ago, I kept my eye on the forums for anything interesting. I checked my “Eve Universe” app on my iPhone at least every hour of the day to see if the wallet balance changed for some reason. There’s always something that draws me back. I can never seem to pinpoint what it is, but here’s my theory:

(a quick back story) I used to have two accounts. One being this one (Red Neckromonger), and one being Fred Neckromonger. Fred was my pure miner, and boy was he good at it. Red flew all the nice shiny ships and often played a support role for Fred in the form of Orca boosts and hauling. Fred would seldom leave the helm of his Hulk. But back in the fall of 2010, I became a bit tired of dual boxing and paying a lot of ISK every month for two plex. So I had this great idea of putting Fred on the market for a quick influx of ISK. Sure enough, perfect miners were in demand enough that Fred earned me 3.4 billion ISK…….I’ve regretted it ever since.

While its easier playing and paying with only one account, there are more things left to be desired. For me and my current casual play style, the biggest difference is having to make trips to the station after every full cargo hold of ore, or three full cycles of the strip miners. Since, as a miner, it’s pretty much a thing of the past to jetcan or even fit your Hulk for cargo as opposed to tank. The point is, I really would love to have a dedicated miner/hauler combo like I did before.

So since I can’t seem to convince my wife (family budgeteer) that paying $30/month for two accounts on a video game is a really important thing for me, I’m forced to make the best of what I have. One account, three toons, time to do some thinking:

I’m trying a couple drastic ideas to keep myself both interested in the game and able to afford plex comfortably every month with ISK to spare. My current drastic venture is to harvest every P0 from the planets and make them into POS structures. Red (my main) has Interplanetary Consolidation (IC) and Command Center Upgrades (CCU) to level 5, so six planets can be harvested. Both my other toons have IC and CCU to level 4 currently, so five planets each. That’s 16 planets at my disposal, and there are only 15 P0 commodities that can be harvested from planets. I’m a simple man, so to me that means I can currently harvest one of each commodity and still have one planet left over for whatever (factory?). I currently have one of my Alts training IC to level 5, and the other alt will follow suit. That will give me 18 planets to play with. So my current venture is to save up all of the PI material that I harvest for the entire month (27 days) that my two Alts will be training IC level 5. Then I will probably dedicate three of those as factory planets to turn the stockpile of P1’s I will have accumulated eventually into P4’s, and ultimately POS structures. It’s a glorious plan that could easily end in utter failure due to lack of recourses on hisec planets. This is where plan ‘B’ comes in:

The ultimate goal of all this PI mumbo jumbo is to occupy a wormhole as a solo account with three toons. Just me, me and me. I will have my two Alts in basic cloak/scan T1 frigates and Iteron Mark 3’s so they can service their planets in the wormhole and scan an entrance when Red gets podded out. It’s my understanding as a forum warrior that a C1 and C2 wormhole are really enough to keep just one or two people busy and productive. Red can mine, kill rats/sleepers, salvage, harvest gas, refine, scan, haul and control POS guns. Red can stay plenty busy and still have the two Alts in there for added support.

So, I will post my progress as it….progresses. This is my current adventure within Eve. I stand to gain billions, or lose billions trying. This is what makes Eve fun for me right now. This is my story. This is red’s Roid Rage.

Always remember, live life like you forgot to update your medical clone.