Slow Goings

The last couple of weeks since my last post have been un eventful to say the least. My PI colonies were able to produce enough P4’s to build 2x X-large ship assembly arrays and 1x Amarr Control Tower. After that I decided that in hisec it’s far too expensive to do serious planetary production. With customs office tax of 10-17%, it seemed like I was losing isk. So this last weekend I set up all 18 planets for full POS fuel production. That will be the case until the wormhole project starts.

About the wormhole project: still looking. I am rapidly running out of isk (I believe due to buying plex and PI tax mostly), so purchasing a wormhole from the sell order section of the forums is off the table for now. My normal routine when I log on is to restart my extractor control units, then undock and scan my home system. If I find a wormhole I’ll take a look inside. I am yet to find a vacant wormhole since the one I sold a while back. Generally I’ll scan some adjacent systems until I get bored or side tracked.

I do have a friend who very recently came back to Eve from burnout mode. He kinda knows my plans from checking out this blog, and is interested in w-space living with me. So technically that would make it no longer a “solo” wormhole adventure, which is okay. My friend Dyno is one of about five people I’d trust with any adventure in Eve. He’s a really stand up guy both in Eve and in real life. I’ve never met him in person, but through Teamspeak, Facebook and other social networking means, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. Dyno and myself are pretty similar in terms of how we conduct ourselves in-game. It’s a lot like in real life. I am honest, respectful to others and mostly mind my own business. I tend to surround myself, or am drawn to like-minded people. I have a very small circle of influence both in-game and out, and that’s the way I like it. I’ve never scammed anyone, but I’ve been the target of scams before. Thankfully I read enough “Crime and Punishment” threads on the Eve forums to stay pretty up to date, and have not been scammed.
About two years ago my Corp lived in a wormhole. We had some invaders come in through the hisec static and we had a nice little fight on the wormhole. About 4 of them and 6 of us. They had superior talent and sent us all running back to our POS in pods, but that wasn’t enough. They talked all sorts of smack in local. If I were the one doing the killing, I’d leave it at a simple “gf” in local. I pictured a bunch of 12-year olds behind those pilots, but you can never be sure.

Anyways. The new plan is to find a wormhole, up to a c3, with my friend Dyno. Family aggro has been strong the last couple weeks too, so that has an impact on in-game productivity. But I suppose it’s good to be a husband and father in between resetting extractors ;-).

I rented Skyrim. It’s pretty awesome. That might or might not have it into Eve time.

Shout Outs

Last night while mining I received an Eve mail from a gentleman named Thrakkar. I was not terribly involved in my mining so I opened up a convo with him. Turns out he runs the blog over at EVE RAEG. A great read by the way. He mentioned he ran across my blog, so I wanted to say thank you for reading. We chatted for a while about w-space and my upcoming adventure. He offered me some great advice and well wishes. Then this morning when I logged on I got an Eve mail from another fine gentleman named Pluripotent, who also has a fantastic blog over at Splatus. Their alliance seems to really have their stuff together, and makes me even more excited about my w-space ambitions. Although they brought up a good point as far as logistics goes, it’s not gonna be easy getting setup initially. Thank you again guys for the nice chat, and if we ever cross paths in w-space, PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!!! Oh and New Eden Notes is another great blog.

If anyone who reads my blog wishes to open up a convo with me please feel free. I don’t have a CSPA charge by the way :-). If you wish to offer advice, experience, or even to just have a chat, please don’t hesitate. I should warn you that I have been getting wife aggro a lot lately. In fact I think that might become a thorn in my side when in w-space. I remember from my previous wormhole residency that you can’t just go afk for a few minutes randomly without having to drop everything and safe up. I don’t know for sure, but I believe wives can smell fun…much like animals can smell fear. When my wife smells that I’m having even a hint of a good time, she must pounce on it immediately and kill it. I know Klandaxor (the guy who bought my stuff that was trapped in 0.0) had some family aggro during our transaction. Anyone else ever get that from the family? I don’t think my wife knows I do a blog (she would really give me a hard time about being a super nerd), but if she ever comes across it…Honey I love you and think you are so beautiful and I’m such a lucky guy… one could argue that I’m an overachiever if you look at me then look at you, and I meant that fun killer thing in a nice way.

I finally finished the training for my alts in PI, scan and cloaking. It felt really good to get back to training on my main for the first time in over a month. I could’ve finished some nice level 5 skills in that time…oh well. I think I have decided what my PVE ship of choice will be in the wormhole. I really wanted to stick to T1 hulls because I have a really hard time with the idea of losing my Proteus, and we all know ships will be lost. I want to be able to replace them without having to leave the hole. I bought a 15 run BPC of my preferred battlecruiser, and I will be anchoring a ship assembly array. I do plan to do some mining when everything else dries up (providing there are grav sites at that time), so I also will be bringing in a refining array. I’m not terribly bothered by the wastage factor of the mobile refining arrays. My main concern is keeping my home system secure and “locked down” for as long as possible. If I don’t see another player on d-scan or on grid for a year, than I did a good job. I can’t control the k162’s from other w-space systems coming into my system, but I can do my part to keep my system secured. I have to buy a PLEX this week, so I might be delaying the purchase of a wormhole from the sell orders. Or I might find one scanning around, which is how I intend to spend some time over the next week.

The important thing for me is that I’m at the point where I’m pretty much ready. I have to buy a few more POS mods, and get everything packed up into as few ships as possible, but I’ve reached the skill plan goals for my alts to get me through the threshold of solo w-space living. Stay tuned for more progress probably next Sunday, as I start my long week at work tomorrow :-(. Only 19 more years to retirement!

Weekend wrap up…

As stated in my post a couple days ago, my Eve time was limited due to honey-do’s and family aggro. However, all was not lost. My account (with three toons) can harvest 18 planets, and I have a network within 3 jumps of each other producing P4’s from scratch. I did in fact setup my P4 factory planet and throw in some P3’s to start what was to be the final phase of more than 26 days of training. It was magical and all that, but isk-wise? Not worth it in hisec, that’s for sure. I didn’t keep a log of how much isk I spent in taxes and planetary construction (I might go back in the wallet history and add it all up), and I don’t know how to use a spreadsheet, but I’m positive I’ve spent more in taxes alone than I could make in the sale of any single POS module. If I were to be so lucky to find a wormhole that had all the planets to produce all 8 P4’s, then I’d likely continue POS module production. We will see.

If you have a Gallente large tower bpc you want to sell hit me up in game. As of May 10th there were exactly ZERO Gallente control tower (large) bpc’s on contracts. I don’t know what the issue is here, but it seems someone could make a small fortune making copies of their bpo and putting it up on contracts. So with a small stack of P4’s in my hangar, and no tower bpc to build from, I began searching for some other POS module that I could profit from. After a little while I decided to buy two X-Large Ship Assembly Array bpc’s. One of which is in the cooker as I type, the other I will need some more capital construction parts for. I plan to sell one off on the market to see some results from my long training, the second I will put up in my wormhole to store raw ore waiting to be refined. I believe even when they’re offline they can store vast amounts of ore, at least that was the case when I lived in The Spire.

I played around with Evemon and narrowed down my two alt’s training for basic cloak and scan to about 4 days each. So hopefully by this time next week I’ll be in the “searching/shopping” phase of my wormhole project. Thanks for reading and fly safe.

Weekend not as expected :-(

I get a 4-day weekend every other week. So naturally I have a list of things I’d like to get done in Eve, as well and in real life. However this weekend was filled with “honey-do’s” (that’s when you have a honey, and she makes you do things, mostly things you don’t want to do). So the couple times I have been able to log on saw almost zero productivity in Eve. My big plan will still happen in about three hours from now, which is  when my third toon will be able to harvest six planets. So by day’s end I will have a total of 18 planets in hisec working for me, includimg a P4 factory planet. If all goes right, I’ll have a Gallente Control Tower in the cooker before I leave for work tomorrow Evening.

I really can’t wait to get my main training again, as my other two toons have been training Interplanetary Consolidation for the last 26+ days. I’m so close to having my solo w-space venture underway that it’s enough for me to push on with the alts for another week or so for basic scan and cloak skills. I might go for a Tengu depending on how a couple ships perform in w-space. I’m fairly proficient at the Gallente racial ships, so I’d like to make those work, but we’ll see. I’ve heard so many great things about the Tengu though. 

My weekend was to be filled with mostly mission running to compensate for the ISK I spent last weekend on Proteus subsystems, but that was before real life stepped in the way. Real life should always come first, but I need my fun too. I don’t have the energy to stay up late on my weekends because I try to switch from a graveyard schedule during my work week, to a normal schedule on my weekends for the family. All yard work things aside, I’m getting very close to being ready to dive into w-space (likely only to be podded right back out again, lol), and hopefully make a boatload of ISK in the process. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’ve been reading tons of blogs and guides to help me along the way, as I’m not a pioneer here. I also saw that the Eve forums have a dedicated “Wormhole” thread now! That has already given me a wealth of information. Check it out if you haven’t already. 

Another update to come soon. Fly safe.

Another update

Just an update as to what’s been progressing since my last post.
-There is an awesome site that is dedicated to helping aspiring bloggers like myself. It’s called Newbie Blogger Initiative, and you can find it here. I looked at my daily activity today to see 48 looks at my blog, which is far more than ever before. So thank you N.B.I., I really appreciate the exposure and will help to get the message out there.

-I still have about seven days for my third toon to be able to harvest six planets. Once that’s complete I’ll be able to set up a final factory planet to convert the stockpile of P3’s to P4’s. And then I’ll purchase a Gallente Control Tower BPC to make my first POS structure from scratch. Although I think it’s really a wash at best (isk wise). At least in hisec with all the friggin’ Interbus taxes. When I’m ready to set up in w-space it may be worth making POS structures again if the planets are right, and if I have my own POCO’s set up.

-After the training for PI is complete I’ve got another 6 days for each toon to get basic scan and cloak skills, then I plan to search the sell order forums for a suitable wormhole to buy.

-I did break down and fly to Dodixie today to buy some subsystems for my Proteus so I can run missions to pass the time and make some isk while I wait for my Alts to train. I also purchased a Noctis to maximize my mission income. I set myself back about 400 million with everything I bought today, but I can make that back plus some pretty quickly with mission grinding. I haven’t really run missions since before I went to nullsec. I was reminded quickly how boring it is, but also the easy isk, which is important right now.

Well, I start my long work week tonight, so likely no Eve until Sunday (except resetting planetary extractors). Fly safe.