Eve Online: Another happy customer

Last weekend I scanned down our home system and found a C1 exit. I pop in there to find that the C1 is vacant! There was one derelict Caldari small tower which was off-lined. I promptly hop on the “sell orders” thread of the Eve forums and list the vacant system. I started the bid at 100m isk with a buyout of 500m. I had one bid that very day for 100m, and a bid the next day of 120m. Of course when the bid comes to an end, neither of the bidders seem to be interested anymore….very good. The sell orders are turning out more and more like Craigslist…if they don’t flake out on you, they will probably kill you and rob you instead…not to mention perform necrophilia on your frozen corpse.

It’s fine though, because I received a private message from a gentleman interested in this wormhole. At this point I really wanted my alt back in my home system because he was way behind on his PI duties. I told him “100m isk and it’s yours”, and he accepted. Naturally he was skeptical of giving me his hard-earned isk for a lousy bookmark or four that could lead to 150km off the station for all he knows. Or they could lead to my house where I might proceed to kill, rob and perform necrophilia on his frozen corpse.
Sympathetic to his concerns, I proposed he give me 50m for the bookmarks, then the other 50m I would trust him to give me after he verifies that I’m an honest merchant.
After all was verified, he transferred the 50m, and there was much rejoicing (yay!).

The moral of this story is that there are pilots in New Eden who have e-honor. Our morals and values from life carry over to the world of pixels, and suddenly New Eden is a better place. Speaking of honor and morals, I found another C1 that is occupied. I scanned down all the signatures and plan to try to ambush some unsuspecting, defenseless miners and PI runners…..stay tuned….