Weekend not as expected :-(

I get a 4-day weekend every other week. So naturally I have a list of things I’d like to get done in Eve, as well and in real life. However this weekend was filled with “honey-do’s” (that’s when you have a honey, and she makes you do things, mostly things you don’t want to do). So the couple times I have been able to log on saw almost zero productivity in Eve. My big plan will still happen in about three hours from now, which is  when my third toon will be able to harvest six planets. So by day’s end I will have a total of 18 planets in hisec working for me, includimg a P4 factory planet. If all goes right, I’ll have a Gallente Control Tower in the cooker before I leave for work tomorrow Evening.

I really can’t wait to get my main training again, as my other two toons have been training Interplanetary Consolidation for the last 26+ days. I’m so close to having my solo w-space venture underway that it’s enough for me to push on with the alts for another week or so for basic scan and cloak skills. I might go for a Tengu depending on how a couple ships perform in w-space. I’m fairly proficient at the Gallente racial ships, so I’d like to make those work, but we’ll see. I’ve heard so many great things about the Tengu though. 

My weekend was to be filled with mostly mission running to compensate for the ISK I spent last weekend on Proteus subsystems, but that was before real life stepped in the way. Real life should always come first, but I need my fun too. I don’t have the energy to stay up late on my weekends because I try to switch from a graveyard schedule during my work week, to a normal schedule on my weekends for the family. All yard work things aside, I’m getting very close to being ready to dive into w-space (likely only to be podded right back out again, lol), and hopefully make a boatload of ISK in the process. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’ve been reading tons of blogs and guides to help me along the way, as I’m not a pioneer here. I also saw that the Eve forums have a dedicated “Wormhole” thread now! That has already given me a wealth of information. Check it out if you haven’t already. 

Another update to come soon. Fly safe.

Another update

Just an update as to what’s been progressing since my last post.
-There is an awesome site that is dedicated to helping aspiring bloggers like myself. It’s called Newbie Blogger Initiative, and you can find it here. I looked at my daily activity today to see 48 looks at my blog, which is far more than ever before. So thank you N.B.I., I really appreciate the exposure and will help to get the message out there.

-I still have about seven days for my third toon to be able to harvest six planets. Once that’s complete I’ll be able to set up a final factory planet to convert the stockpile of P3’s to P4’s. And then I’ll purchase a Gallente Control Tower BPC to make my first POS structure from scratch. Although I think it’s really a wash at best (isk wise). At least in hisec with all the friggin’ Interbus taxes. When I’m ready to set up in w-space it may be worth making POS structures again if the planets are right, and if I have my own POCO’s set up.

-After the training for PI is complete I’ve got another 6 days for each toon to get basic scan and cloak skills, then I plan to search the sell order forums for a suitable wormhole to buy.

-I did break down and fly to Dodixie today to buy some subsystems for my Proteus so I can run missions to pass the time and make some isk while I wait for my Alts to train. I also purchased a Noctis to maximize my mission income. I set myself back about 400 million with everything I bought today, but I can make that back plus some pretty quickly with mission grinding. I haven’t really run missions since before I went to nullsec. I was reminded quickly how boring it is, but also the easy isk, which is important right now.

Well, I start my long work week tonight, so likely no Eve until Sunday (except resetting planetary extractors). Fly safe.

Diversifying My Income Portfolio

Well today I did something I’ve read about a lot, and always wanted to try…and it went swimmingly. I scanned my local hisec system today like I always do, and there was a new wormhole or two (like there always is). I jumped into the first one with my trusty cloaky Proteus and found that it was a C2. Nothing special, no bonuses, PI couldn’t produce all the POS fuels, there was one derelict POS that was offlined and seemingly abandoned with just a one-member Corp. But there was one thing that really stood out as something nearly every wormhole dweller would love to have: a static exit to C5 W-space and a static exit to nulsec! What this means to me if I’m the one setting up shop in that wormhole is that if I keep it properly secured (i.e. scan down signatures, but don’t initiate warp to them, thus keeping the exit from spawning on the other side), then I should have very little concern for invaders or random peepers coming in and ruining my day. This particular exit to hisec was a K162, so it was a random spawn, and those aren’t very common. If you have a static hisec exit from your wormhole, you’re looking at a lot of visitors (like I was today \o/). I decided I wanted to put up the wormhole for sale on the Eve Online forums for the highest offer I could get. You can see my ad here. I got a few views over a few hours, but no replys or convo’s. So I went and had dinner with the family. When I got back to my PC, I had a convo invite from a gentleman who was willing to offer me 350 million ISK for the wormhole location. He wanted to go through a third party broker, which I was fine with, but he could get ahold of no one in game. So he asked me if I’d be willing to take half up front, then half when he verifies the information I was advertising was correct. I thought “well, if I get 175 million ISK and he burns me for the other half, that’s still 175 million ISK for almost no effort!”. So I said “Sure. Let’s meet in Dodixie”. 

In Dodixie, we met up at the Fed Navy Assembly Plant and I put up a contract for four bookmarks: 1. the wormhole entrance; 2. the inside of the wormhole; 3. a safe spot I created inside out of D-scan range of anything; and 4. 187km off the derelict POS. In exchange I’d get 175 Million ISK. He accepted and went to check it out. I did warn him of a Proteus, Tengu and Noctis who decided to run some sites while I was heading out, but that didn’t stop him from accepting the contract. He verified that all was as advertised and promptly transferred the other half of the agreed amount, and we were all happy. Kudos to you sir, you are a gentleman of your word, and now you know that I am, too. 

That’s just the way I play. That’s the way I am in real life too. I don’t get enjoyment out of scamming people and being a poop-cicle. Maybe in the future I’ll come across another wormhole that is not for me, but someone else may be looking for just that. They’ll see that I’m an honest man and maybe, just maybe, do business with me. 

In other news, literally as I am writing this post, I am ice mining in my Hulk, and a wonderful local ganker tries his luck on me. Fortunately for me, I’m still mining ice and his Catalyst is a bundle of scrapmetal. LOL! That’s TWO survived gank attempts for me this weekend. Ah good fun, good times. 

Still 13 days, 10 hours for my third toon to get his PI skills up for the wormhole adventure. Ugh.

Quick Update

Not too much to report as of right now. I did have a procedure done at the doctor’s office…the kind you do when you don’t want anymore children. Because of this, I have a doctor’s note to stay sitting or lying down, so I have been sitting…in front of my computer, playing Eve. I managed to survive a gank attempt by a group of Thrashers in a .5 system. You can see the report here if you’re interested. It’s my first survived gank attempt, so I’m happy about that.

Things are progressing with my other toons on this account. Interplanetary Consolidation for one finishes today! After that it’s another 13 days for the third toon to train up. Plus a few for basic scan and cloak skills.

Tough Decision = Fatter Wallet

Well last night was interesting. First, I was updating my PI on all three toons. I also delivered some manufacturing jobs that earn me a bit of extra ISK, and put them up on the market. As I auto pilot around I generally look at the Eve forums at whatever catches my interest. Lately I’ve been looking in the “Sell Orders” section for wormhole systems for sale. I’ve come across some great prospects and I can’t wait to get it going for myself. That’s still a skittle ways away though.

I did, however, come across this thread and became a bit excited. This gentleman is in the business of either couriering or buying your trapped assets from nullsec stations that you can’t get to, are afraid to try to get to, or are locked out of. About a month ago I joined a nullsec corp/alliance, and two days after I was able to get all my most prized and loved assets out there, we were invaded and swiftly kicked out of our space. So I’ve since left that corp when I decided to pursue my solo wormhole project, but I left behind easily a billion and a half worth of ships and mods in a station I can’t access. I did train up whatever skill it is that allows you to place remote sell orders. Luckily for me I did have my covert, anti-bubble Proteus with me in a nearby region, so I was able to get within a few jumps of the station system and place some of my stuff on the market.

So after living without my most expensive and prized assets for the last few weeks, I decided that I really CAN do the things I like to do without the extra “bling”. It was then that I decided to Eve mail Mister Klendaxor. Klendaxor got back to me within a couple hours and we eventually hooked up in a private conversation. He was very polite, and within a few minutes (after checking Jita prices with an alt) he made me a reasonable offer to purchase my trapped assets. Now in any other circumstance I would be very reluctant to let my faction mods and Proteus subsystems go for less than market value, but the reality was that I did not want to wait until all that stuff sold or just let it sit there rotting. I received a nice lump of ISK and Klendaxor received a bunch of expensive goodies at a greatly reduced rate that he now has to figure out how to get or resell himself. It was a compromise that allowed me to get a quick payout that I can use toward my solo wormhole project. Everyone’s happy.
So if anyone has a similar situation as I did and needs some possible relief, I strongly recommend Klendaxor. He was very helpful and very nice to work with.
On to the next topic. Well, it’s still in the works. At the time of this post, I am logged off in a 0.0 system somewhere in the middle of where I started (Esoteria) and where I’m headed (Sinq Laison). I mentioned my covert, anti-bubble Proteus…that’s what I’m flying. I made about half of the 50+ 0.0 jumps last night until about 2 am local time. When I could no longer keep my eyes open I decided to find a safe spot that was not within D-scan of any celestial and log off. I did notice Combat Probes out as I was flying around the system creating my safe spot, so I figured they were trying to find me. There were about 9 others in local at the time. I figured there will be questions like “why didn’t you look for a wormhole shortcut?”…well, I will address all that and the rest of the story when the story is complete.
Until then, fly safe.

Addicted to gambling

I was happily browsing the market of Dodixie for a would-be wormhole ship today when one of the many links climbing the local chat channel cought my eye. I clicked on it and my entire day suddenly became a gambling spree. But here’s the thing…It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It’s an Eve raffle site for ISK, ships, mods and PLEX. If you’re interested in checking it out the site is http://www.evealopalous.com/?ref=1010649507 . You get 7 million ISK for registering which you can spend on the raffle you see fit. I put mine directly toward the 5x PLEX raffle. Anyway, if you register using the link I just gave you, I will get some extra credits for referring someone. You will get the same for people you refer to register.

I was very excited about the ISk raffles….so excited that I thought it’d be a good idea to put 70 million of my own ISK into my raffle account. I have won ISK and lost ISK and just been having a merry time. It’s a pretty nifty site as it keeps track of the amount of ISK you’ve put in and won. I admit that I’ve yet to make back my initial 70 million ISK investment, but I’ve not run out of that initial investment, not by a long shot. So check it out if you feel so inclined. If nothing else spend the free 7 million ISK they give you as a registration gift.

It’s best to do it from your in-game browser. Makes the registration process a breeze. Ok, enough about my newly aquired gambling addiction. Tomorrow will hopefully result in some wormhole finding and exploiting of the sleeper sites. Until next time, stay classy San Diego.

…In the mean time

So, as I’m waiting for my alts to train up, I’m sitting in hisec mining :(. I did find a large Omber deposit though, so a little better than the regular belts. When I get home from work in the morning, I’ll probably try to get my wormhole ship put together and go diving into some c1’s or c2’s and practice my technique. Get myself some Melted Nanoribbons and brush off the rust. More to come on my 3-day weekend coming up. I expect some more interesting stories than just mining Omber in hisec lol. So please bare with me.