Question of the month: December 2012

This month’s question is holiday-oriented. Most people have New Years resolutions they set for themselves going into the new year. A fresh start, if you will. Interestingly, my main character in Eve Online, Red Neckromonger, has a skill points remap available on January 2nd. That’s kind of a New Years resolution in itself in the sense that I’ll be switching my attributes from Science to Gunnery. Oh I really hope CCP gives us a free remap. On to the question:

“Does your Eve Online character have a New Years resolution? Do you specifically use the beginning of the new year as a clean slate for a new direction, adventure or skill plan for your character or Corp? Or do you begin new goals around another kind of interval such as having a remap available?”

I’ve always had my remap available to me around the beginning of the year, so naturally that’s when I take my character in a new direction. 2012 was dedicated to Science…at least it was supposed to be. I spent the first couple months of 2012 maximizing my scanning skills for the upcoming w-space adventure. It was time well spent. After that I went into all different directions with my skill training.
To answer the question, I tend to plan big changes around my remap…which happens to be at the very beginning of the year. Although I do have a resolution for my Corp in 2013: I’d like to get all professional and open up some serious recruitment and actually have a solid direction. 2012 saw a w-space adventure that was fun while it lasted. Life got busy for me, so I had to pack it up. I’d like something a bit more sustainable for 2013 and beyond.

Podded Out

Today I was podded out of my w-space home. I woke up extra early (5:30 am) because my sleep schedule is all messed up, and thought it’d be a good idea to kill some sleepers while the family is still asleep before the aggro starts. I’ve been getting a lot of family aggro lately, and it’s starting to affect my Eve playing again 😦 . 

I log in and do a quick scan of the system with a Deep Space Probe. I find eleven signatures and five anomalies. A quick check on Wormnav shows zero activity in the last several days…since the last time I was running sites actually. So I hop into my Drake battle cruiser and warp to the first Perimeter Checkpoint. Over the last week or so I’ve had a few skills finish that should help increase the DPS for my missiles and help me kill sleepers faster. The frigates still took forever to kill, but the cruisers, battleships and sentries died a lot faster, so that’s good. After all the sleepers are dead, I warp back to the POS to pick up the Noctis. When I return I align to my POS and start tractoring in wrecks. I salvage about four when I suddenly see a bubble go up around me…uh oh. It’s a Flycatcher, which until today, I never even knew existed lol. I start the afterburner to try to get to the edge of the bubble as quickly as I can, I think I was still tractoring in wrecks too. I was pretty sure the Noctis was toast, it was my pod I really wanted to save. It looked as though I was pretty close to the edge of the bubble when the Noctis went POOF. It really did look like I could get the pod out as I was spamming warp and getting ever-so-close to the edge when another bubble went up…POOF! Ouch. 

I wake up in station in Sinq Laison and upgrade my clone. Then I sent my assassin a congratulatory mail since I didn’t think to strike up conversation in local as I was trying to save my pod. I haven’t received a mail in return. He’s gotta be happy with the price of the pod kill. I’d probably be a bit upset had I paid for it recently, but I’ve had that clone for well over a year, and have paid for it many times over in my Proteus mission-running days. The pod was long overdue for a killing. This was the first pod I’ve lost in w-space, and only my second pod loss in my Eve career. Does that make me good? No. Does it make me careful and paranoid? Maybe. I’ve lost two ships in w-space now in a three year period, one a Covetor, and now a Noctis. Congrats to my assassin for relieving me of a 50 million ISK bounty and much more lol. He was certainly a better stalker than I was in a previous post.

So now I’m faced with the question “what now?”. My answer is that I’m going to leave w-space and setup camp in hisec for a while. I’ve been getting a lot of wife aggro again lately, and it’s been affecting my Eve playing. Today’s pod loss was not a result of wife aggro. It was purely my bad. However, I think the cost of operating out of a wormhole is outweighing the income. I had to sell two ships recently to pay for a PLEX, plus POS fuel is just stretching things too far. I think some more fantastic AFK ice mining will be in order. My friends Evehermit and Splatus have taken steps to get over their wormhole addiction. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. We shall work through this together. Oh, and check out their blogs if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Retribution ‘n Stuff

I had some interesting experiences in the days leading up to the Retribution release. For starters my PC decided to give me the blue screen of death a few times before Tuesday’s patch. Every time it happened I just happened to be in w-space doing stuff of a covert nature…like peeking into our neighbor’s c2 and looking around, when suddenly BLUE SCREEN and who knows if anyone saw my ship. Extremely frustrated, I bust out my wife’s laptop, which is by no means a “gaming” laptop, but its better than nothing. I log on to my account to see that my toon is still in his ship and in one piece. I get back to my home system and the safety of my POS so I can begin to mess with getting the windows set up on this considerably smaller screen. I’ve been spoiled with a 23″ monitor, so I have plenty of room to have all my essential windows up plus some and still be able to look at what’s going on in space. So I get the laptop set up as best I can, but the screen is so cluttered and small that I really don’t feel comfortable operating in w-space with this kind of setup. I begin to look over all the stuff I have at my POS and consider what it’d take to evacuate. I conclude that the best way to do it would be to hope that I get a K162 from hisec before long and just make trips out with Iteron V’s, and then one or two Orca loads to finish it off. At this point it’s almost 3am my time, and therefore almost downtime for Eve. I decide not to make any decisions in haste for the night, but rather in the morning I will try to put my redneck touch on my PC to see if it’s something obvious. So the next day, which was Tuesday and the release of Retribution, I unplug my PC, and start pushing on stuff to make sure everything is seated correctly into place. Then something caught my eye…one of the sticks of RAM was literally halfway out on the top side. Somehow the lever that holds the RAM into place was caught under my video card. Long story short: I dun pushed it in and it dun works. I downloaded the new patch and was able to play the game all day long with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Yay!

So on to Retribution. Awesome! I started my Retribution adventure with a lowsec static that was two jumps away from Jita. I took out some stuff for the market and put over 400 million ISK in the Corp coffers. While I was at it I bought the Ore Frigate skill book and the Venture itself to take back to the home system where I had conveniently waiting a nice Ladar site. I even had level one trained by the time I got the Venture all fitted up. I was pleased to be able to get all 3500 units of C-50 and 1500 units of C-60 into the ore hold without jet-canning or making trips. It took a little while to do, but I suspect with the skill trained to level 5 and some decent boosts, it’ll be more efficient than the battle cruiser setup.

In other notes, the new sleeper explosions are very nice looking. I believe that’s a new feature anyway, as I didn’t read all the patch notes because I’m lazy and generally dislike reading. I also lost a Drake to some sleepers, which was an extremely idiotic error on my part, and totally avoidable. I was testing out active shield tanking fits (reinventing the wheel I know), and cut it a little too close. I’m new to most ships that are not Gallente, not that it’s an excuse, but I was curious to see the Drake’s capabilities with my maxed shield skills. Didn’t work out so well.

One more piece of news, more of a coincidence really: I was bored toward the end of my playtime on Tuesday with nothing but Grav sites in my home system, so I decided to scan and explore my statics. I was hoping my lowsec static was close to fuel, but was 20 jumps away from the nearest fuel seller, and deep within a lowsec pocket. Moving on to my static C2, I jump through to see nothing on d-scan. I fly to the outermost planet and find a tower, so this wormhole is occupied. I fly to the sun and scan again to find another tower. Rather than using d-scan to find the exact location of a POS, when I’m feeling lazy I will just check the info on the POCO’s. “Wow that Corp looks familiar.” I thought to myself. I happened to stumble into the home system of the executor Corp in my alliance. We are a small alliance, but we have our good chats in alliance chat…except tonight. “Anyone awake???”, I asked. No response. Of course the one time I stumble across people I know in w-space, no one’s home. I thought about leaving a Giant Secure Container at a safe and naming something like “Red was here! MWAHAHA!”. But I didn’t.

Other than what I just wrote about, I didn’t experiment with any other new features of Retribution. So far I’m very pleased with the patch with what I’ve seen. I even received a 10 million ISK bounty from a complete stranger, so I guess that’s good? Maybe I’m getting popular.
I’ve also read that running multiple clients is a bit more of a load on your PC. When I have ISK enough to re-sub my Orca alt’s account I’ll find out how two clients run on my PC. Until then fly safe.

Thanks for reading.