Happenings in July

There has been a lot going on in July and since we moved into our C2 wormhole. The problem is that it’s a LOT of the same thing. I log in on my days off of work and scan our system down. If there are any cosmic anomalies I run them (to make our system less desirable to day trippers), then I’ll take care of any Ladar/Radar/Mag sites we may have (there have been a ton of Ladar sites lately, so as you can imagine, I have gas), then I’ll take care of PI. When my corp mates are online we will run the sites together to speed things up. When we have our system cleared of every signature other than our static C2 and Lowsec, I pop out the lowsec and take all our hard-earned loot to market to sell off. I have a wallet division for POS fuel, so when I sell PI products the proceeds go directly into that wallet division. I then buy Amarr fuel blocks with it to keep our star base going. Recently I’ve learned how to react all those fullerines into…..well, other stuff that’s worth more. I take the finished product to market to sell off. I think eventually I may turn them into the T3 stuff they eventually become anyways, but that’s for a later date.
I finished training Astrometrics Rangefinding 5 and Astrometrics Pinpointing 5. I’m currently on Astrometrics Acquisition 5 which will take another two weeks to finish. I figure since I plan on living in w-space for the foreseeable future, I better max out my scanning ability to save time over the long run. We’ve lost a Viator and a Covetor to sneaky gankers since we’ve been here, but that’s it so far. I take extreme precautions for even the simplest of deeds. My goal is to never lose a ship to a surprise attack. We’ll see how that goes lol. I finally got both my alts in the system for PI. So I’m hoping to increase our PI profit, and therefore fuel fund. Anyways, that’s about it for July…a lot of the same. I’ll keep ya updated.