The W-Space Itch is Calling me


I’ve been doing a lot of scanning down of wormholes lately; I’ve fitted up a nice Tengu and Nemesis for potential ganks of poor, unsuspecting souls traveling through the great void, oblivious to my presence.


I had my Nemesis orbiting the inside of a w-space system after I witnessed a Retriever jumping in. I tried to follow it in, literally jumping through when I heard his hole fire. Unfortunately he was just entering warp when I loaded on grid, so my cover was already blown. I figured I’d wait around while I dabbled in homework at my desk, hoping he would think I had left. After a short time, I heard hole fire, and when I looked up I saw a hauler jumping out of the hole. “What goes out must come back in”, or so they say (actually they don’t say that at all). I hoped he might be making a supply run, and would be on his way back through with expensive stuff. My cloaky alt orbiting on the outside saw the hauler coming back; we were all set for an ambush. Just as my heart rate was elevating, I get a private chat request…from someone I do not recognize. It turns out to be an alt of the hauler pilot. He politely states that he saw my Nemesis, and was wondering if he could get safe passage through the hole and beyond. I told him that I am a man of my word, and that if I granted him safe passage that I’d be guaranteed no kill, and that was exactly opposite of what I was trying to achieve. After a bit of chatting (no ransom request, I’m not a pirate), I agreed to jump out of the hole with my Stealth Bomber and let him get through, hauler intact. 


This is how I know I cannot be a pirate in Eve; once dialogue begins with a mature, polite human being, the bloodlust subsides. I would be the worst pirate EVAR! When he opened chat with me and asked politely for safe passage, he became human. He even offered to let me test my good Torpedo skills on an expendable ship, which I respectfully declined. I wanted to make my first real kill…real, and he respected that. 


After a lengthily chat while I scanned for more wormholes, we added each other as good standing and agreed that we’d have to pursue a wormhole endeavor sometime in the future.


A couple things learned: 

1. I am not a pirate. I am not in it just for the kill. That’s not to say that I would spare anyone who opens a chat with me. If there’s a punk flying that hauler, demanding safe passage or he will kill my ship, kill my family and rape my dogs, then I’d be less inclined to spare his ship. E-honor is my “pirate code”. 

2. I will not generally ransom people. However, if they offer ISK for safe passage, I would probably not turn it down. Also, I would keep my word and allow safe passage. 

3. Getting podded in w-space is a HUGE inconvenience. Therefore, I would not pod anyone in w-space, even if given the opportunity. There is the exception for dirt bags though. Otherwise, I don’t want to make my fights personal. 

4. Did I mention that I would make a terrible pirate?


Thanks for reading.