Eve Online: Question of the Month: November 2012

With another great Eve Online expansion at out doorstep, I figure that a fitting question would regard the release of Retribution. Newer players are already overwhelmed with trying to get the basics down…let alone having to worry about the intricacies and details of what a new expansion brings. One of the most important, but possibly most already covered advice is “make sure you have a long skill in your skill queue”. That’s absolutely true, but what this post is really looking for are maybe some of the lesser-known things that may be in the works before an expansion.

“What are your routines in the days/weeks leading up to an Eve Online expansion?”

I read a post last night from Ardent Defender about one of the ways he uses the market, and other pilot’s speculation to his advantage…and profit. This is the post that compelled this question.

My routines are…well, really not much. I don’t pay much attention to the market trends as it is, so if I tried to pinpoint some fluctuation in the shadow of an expansion, it’d probably be even more Greek to me. I do have a couple friends in-game who do pay attention, and are always happy to give me some advice. I’ve stocked up on certain blueprint copies for certain ships and modules in the past because there was speculation that those ships/mods would be worth a lot more in the weeks leading up to and after an expansion. One thing I do enjoy most about the winter expansion is that CCP will usually give all pilots with an active account a gift, so look out for that.

Fly safe and remember, make sure you have a long skill in your skill queue!

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Weekend Wrap-up

Quick post on the end of my weekend. My wormhole had only Grav sites and a Ladar site to choose from, and I didn’t feel like doing any of that. I decided instead to see what my static C2 had going on, specifically where it’s static lead to. I was surprised and elated to see that it had a static Hisec exit! I scanned it down and jumped through to see that it was a system three jumps from Rens. I checked Wormnav to see that there hadn’t been any activity as far as killing ships or Sleepers for the better part of 24 hours, so I figured I’d make a market run or ten. I used my cloaky hauler to get the most expensive stuff out first, then my Iteron Mark 5 to get the excess PI goods out. All in all I made about ten or so trips, plus a few trips to get some ships out that we don’t really use just taking up space in the Ship Maintenance Array, selling off the goods that had decent buy orders netted us about 650 million ISK. There’s another 150 million ISK worth of Fullerines that are on the market as sell orders. So all in all a decent return for a couple weeks of solo work. I hope to get some POS fuel in soon.

I’ve been enjoying another W-space themed blog that I’d recommend for anyone looking for some great C5 wormhole action. IT’s really a great read and a frequent poster. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: (Almost) My first solo kill


Last night I logged out while I waited for my static Lowsec to collapse so I could scan down the new one and have it hopefully closer to a trade hub.

When I logged back in later on, I was greeted on D-scan by a Buzzard Covert Ops frigate…and a whole bunch of sleeper wrecks. Hmm. So I hop into my Nemesis Stealth Bomber and start narrowing down which of my Cosmic Anomalies our intruder is in. However, a system scan resolves zero Anomalies from the nine or so there were earlier that day. Obviously our temporary neighbors from a K162 decided to tidy up my home, since I was too lazy to do it myself. So next I use D-scan to try to figure out which of the three Radar sites they may be running. Ah ha! I warp cloaked over to the Radar site he’s in and see him decoding the sleeper cans and taking all the precious loot. I’ve decided at this point that I’m gonna wait cloaked and see what his tactics are before I make an aggressive move and possibly get jumped in an ambush (I do read a lot of blogs about W-space ya know…I’m on to you wormhole gankers). 

My intruder finishes the last can and warps off into a direction that I have no bookmarks for, so there is a new site that materialized in my absence. The frigate disappears from D-scan. I warp to a few points around my system and confirm that he’s either not here or is cloaked. He wouldn’t leave all those yummy Sleeper wrecks to waste would he? Just then a Noctis shows up on D-scan. I warp back to my perch in the Radar site I found him in, and he’s there in the Noctis salvaging. At least he’s not wasteful. I watch him finish up and warp off in the same direction he did before, and disappear from D-scan just like before. 

A few minutes go by while I warp to the location of my static Lowsec only to see that it’s gone, so that’s good. When I’m finished with this intruder I’ll scan down the new static and hope it’s somewhere closer to a trade hub. Just then, a Drake Battlecruiser appears on D-scan. I pinpoint his position at one of the other two Radar sites still in system. I warp to a previously-created perch to try to get an idea if he’s working solo. It’s the same toon, and now I know what he’s using to kill the Sleepers. He had to warp out a couple times due to the multitude of Sleepers on the field. I was really impressed of how durable the Drake is, I’ve not familiarized myself with one. When all the waves were finished, close to an hour later, he warped away in that same direction presumably to reship to the Buzzard to hack the sites, which was what I was counting on. 

Having not seen any other activity on D-scan, I began to formulate a plan. I would let him return and hack the cans, which he did, and warped out again. Now the stage is set for my first ever solo kill/gank. When he returns in his Noctis, I’ll wait until he has nearly all the wrecks salvaged, then I’ll lock him up and unleash the rage that has built up over three years on this poor, unsuspecting salvage vessel. Then I’ll scoop up all his hard-earned Sleeper loot and maybe even a frozen corpse for the trophy case. Yep…as soon as he comes back…should be anytime now…hmm…I shouldn’t have drank so much coffee…where is he?…These wrecks are starting to look lonely…Why did the Steelers break my heart again Sunday night?…

Yeah, he never did show up again. So my first ever solo kill is yet to be. I learned and put to use  some useful things about stalking that I’ve only ever read about on other blogs. That’s the name of the game in W-space hunting: sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you’re Red Neckromonger. After all the wrecks disappeared from the harsh environment that is space, I scanned down the new Lowsec exit and to my dismay it was even further from a trade hub than the last. At that point I logged off to carry out a promise to take my kids to the park.

A few hours later I logged on to find a Buzzard and seven Sisters Core Scanner Probes on D-scan. I logged out in a safe spot, and still in my Nemesis, so I warped around looking for the ship. I landed on the new Lowsec static to find him jumping out, It’s hard to catch a Covert Ops frigate, so I did not follow. I did, however. notice the “local” chat channel blinking, which is odd in W-space. I opened it and read:


“and you’re welcome!”

I imagine he’s talking about clearing out possibly hundreds of millions of ISK worth of sites in my home system. After all, he’s a different toon, but in the same Corp as the guy who was running my sites earlier. So it’s likely he did have some company. That’s why I tend to try to keep my home system clear of sites, so others don;t feel so welcome. I must say to that pilot thank you, and well played, sir. I got a lesson in wormhole cleaning. 

Thanks for reading. 

Eve Online: Killing Sleepers is my business, and business is…wait, where’d all my sites go?


Well this is what I’ve been doing until I logged in this morning. It’s been just me in the Wormhole since I came back to w-space, and I’ve been as productive as a…as…well, as something that’s really productive. I was running Cosmic Anomalies to try to clear our home of them so visitors will hopefully stay away. The problem is I am running dangerously low on ammo that I use for shooting Sleepers. No problem, I’ll just work on some other stuff until I get some help from a Corp mate or make an empire run. So I started mining some Arkonor out of one of our three grav sites.


What I really need to do is recruit a dedicated mining Corp who want a nice little grav site or five to mine to their heart’s content (maybe I’ll look into that).

So when I logged in today I found that there were 10 Cosmic Signatures instead of the 9 when I logged off. I had my home “locked down”, and I knew I was the only one who’d logged in at all in my Corp. So naturally there spawned an incoming K162 from another system and they helped themselves to my sites. I guess in a way that helps me, because I really need to make an empire run to sell off some stuff and get POS fuel. So today I plan to wait until my current Lowsec static pops since it’s close to dying, and it is far away from every trade hub.

So today will consist of making logistics runs and working PI. This is how it goes when the safety and security of your w-space home is compromised. I’ll scan down my neighbors and see what the deal is, hopefully those wormholes are close to dying, too. I’d like to get back to serious Sleeper business.

For the record, I think the Eve Blogosphere is fine and dandy. And what about those Ship Assembly Array workers? Those rascals have the best views, yet they still complain about their wages and benefits.


Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Back to Business

Wormhole business that is. I’ve had my vacation from wormhole life, mining and missioning in hisec, but now I’m back where I belong.

Orca inside the wormhole. Sloooooowly aligning to the POS.

Today is the last day of my 11-day vacation, and luckily for me I have great corp-mates who’ve held the fort down in our wormhole during my time off in hisec. Yesterday my corp-mate was awesome enough to put a rare hisec K162 in our Corp bookmarks, so when I logged in I saw that we had a relatively safe entrance through hisec and I could get the Orca back into the hole…which I did. I was just about as excited and motivated as I was when I first moved in this wormhole. The first thing I did was setup some gas cloud reactions from the huge amount my corp-mates have been stockpiling. Next I sorted out my PI and boy we have a ton of P2’s that I filled up my factory planets with to churn out POS fuel. We already have an over-abundance of PI POS fuel, so I’ll be selling off some excess and replenishing the Corp wallet.

I got gas

After getting the extractors and reactors fired up, I put some BPO’s in the lab for research. Then I started the grind that is clearing out our Cosmic Anomalies, which yielded a surprising amount of Melted Nanoribbons as compared to what I was used to. Good stuff. I proceeded to mine out a couple of Ladar sites we had to add to our already huge stock of raw gas. My Orca alt had trained up some very helpful level 5 skills for mining support (which includes Gas Harvester cycle reduction, since I don’t actually mine the grav sites in here all that often). All he needs now is the Mining Foreman Mindlink to be pretty much perfect as far as bonuses go. Only problem with that is ISK…I need a lot of it to afford that Mindlink. There’s a couple Radar sites that will have to wait until next weekend if my corpmates don’t get to it. Good ISK in those ya know.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about opening the doors to my Corp to some newer players who are industry and PVE focused. Reason being is I want to get some ISK flow through mission tax, and minerals to expand our production of ships and mods, and possibly even T3 products. As of now, we only really harvest wormhole goods and sell them for quick ISK. I’ve been inspired in other blogs I’ve read to make this Corp more business oriented. I have began to miss the teamwork I had in an old Corp with friends that I still keep in touch with in-game, but we’ve kind of drifted apart in the sense of what we want to do in this game.

So, I’m re-inspired and excited about wormhole living. I’m optimistic about the future of my Corp. I’m looking forward to building my Corp and expanding my member-base, also expanding my Corp’s portfolio and ways of generating ISK. If anyone has any sites they use that are helpful in calculating things like buying harvested materials from Corp members at Jita market price +/- a percentage, I’d be very interested. Also, if your Corp is interested in wormhole living, and you’d be interested in joining an alliance who are supportive and professional, let me know in-game or in a comment on this post. I’ll put you in touch with our alliance leaders and we’ll find you a wormhole to call your own. We’ll also help you destroy the customs offices and put up our own POCO’s. Also, if you’re a single player who doesn’t have a Corp, but is interested in mission running and paying less tax, I’d offer a 5% tax rate for you. You’d normally pay 11% in an NPC Corp. If you’d like to try out wormhole living, I’d consider letting you join us after we get to know you.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Mining Fool


So as I was mindlessly afk ice mining again today, my buddy Chris put a pretty good idea into my head: “Red, you should do some mission mining”. Wow, I haven’t mission mined since my old Corp lived in Solitude, and there was a pretty decent level 4 mining agent there. So I open up the agent finder and track down a nice lady about 8 jumps away from where I ice mine. So I packed up my Hulk, some Ice Harvester II’s, a hauler incase I get a storyline distribution agent, and I was able to fit out a Thorax with 5 Gas Harvester II’s. Alright, now I am prepared for anything this agent can throw at me. I get to the system, then dock at the station only to be pleasantly surprised by what I’m seeing…FOUR level 4 mining agents…all in the SAME STATION…all available to me. I inquire what each agent has to offer, and it’s equally as pleasing…one ore mining mission, two ice mining missions and all three missions within this solar system, very convenient. I proceeded to accept all three missions and vowed to my agents that I wouldn’t return until I’ve gathered all of their requested ore/ice. I hop into the Hulk, which is fitted for ore mining, and take to the mission location. My Orca alt soon follows. I mine away until the asteroid is depleted, load it all into the Orca and warp off to the ice mission location. Repeat for the third and I’m back at the station turning in three missions at once. Pure awesome (but not really).

I was able to get another three missions in after my wife was finished making me her yard slave. I mean really, do houses really need winterizing? Anyway, I received a few gas mining missions to shake things up a bit, and discovered the Thorax isn’t a bad hisec gas mining ship. It doesn’t have much for cargo space, but that’s not bad when you have an Orca parked next to you. 



When it comes to ISK making, afk ice mining beats out mining missions any day. This was a fun sort of thing for me. I enjoyed my alt’s standings with Astral Mining rise pretty significantly. I also had Exhumers 5 complete while I was mining away, so that’s special. Now I’m working on Mining Upgrades 5 (another two weeks), then it’ll be back on the science skills until January when I can remap to something different than science…like gunnery. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am in the great void that is New Eden. 


Eve Online: Free stuff? Don’t mind if I do!

Well, mostly free. I was doing some afk ice mining like always while I was doing some honey-do’s for the wife in real life. When I was finished I actually had some time to sit at my computer and do something other than mine ice. Run missions? Nah. Manage PI? okay! So I logged my other toons on this account one at a time (obviously) and reset extractors and such. These two toons are still in the wormhole. Red Neckromonger pretty much does all his PI remotely, and when there’s a decent entrance I’ll jump into the wormhole and take care of the logistics.

After PI was finished I got a nice little idea from some friends of mine who are currently having a blast war deccing other corps and getting some nice fights. If they don’t get fights, they kill off their enemy’s POS and make ISK off the mods. That’s where I got this idea: I started warping cloaked around the system I hang out in to the moons to look specifically for abandoned POS mods. I happened to stumble across about 10 incapacitated guns and ewar mods, and there was no control tower! So since I sold my Oneiros a long time ago, I decide to be cheap and buy and fit an Exequror. I start happily repping the mods with four remote armor repairers and four T2 armor maintenance bots, only it’s taking FOREVER!

Repping done wrong.

So I decide to use some minerals I’ve been stockpiling for a while to build a Hyperion and buy some large remote armor reppers. BOY what a difference!

Repping done right!

So after that it got a little faster and easier. I had the help of my Orca alt for hauling away the mods. This action certainly did not make me any richer, probably a lot poorer since I had to buy all those new mods and rigs for the Hyperion. It was fun for me because it was a change. I’ll probably do some more of this stuff around hisec when I get some time to play. I’ve even thought of getting back into war-deccing inactive corps who’ve left their POS full of goodies like SMA’s, CHA’s and yummy labs. I made a pretty good living off of that for a while back before the revamp to war-dec mechanics. The only problem was that it took hours and hours orbiting a tower to destroy it. My first “Defenceless POS Killer” was a Megathron, but it got old having to press “F1” when the guns ran out of ammo. So my ship of choice for Defenceless POS killing is an Oracle. I don’t have great laser skills, but it’s not too hard to press F1 and walk away for a few hours. It’s a boring living, but it can be extremely lucrative when you’re selling Advanced Labs, random ships and other POS mods for upwards of a billion ISK per POS if you get a good one. I do some major recon before declaring war so I know for (almost) sure that people won’t be logging on to find me orbiting their tower while being afk in real life. That hasn’t happened yet, but I am that magnate to bad luck your parents warned you about when you were young.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy my work please tell a friend. Stay classy Leremblompes!