Project Fortizar

It has been over three years since my last post, but that does not necessarily mean that I have not been playing Eve. There was a solid year that I put Eve on the shelf due to other cool games and such, but thanks to Evehermit, A Journey Through The Mind, and other awesome blogs, I managed to keep somewhat up to date and interested. There has been nothing of interest to blog about in my little corner of space, and that is the main reason for not blogging. When I log in, it is normally to run missions or mine while I do homework. A lot of the last three years has seen me running around space in an Alpha Clone, as I cannot always justify spending $15 to play casually. Now that the end of the semester is upon me, I can put some of my recent ambitions to work. I understand that many solo pilots with a few alts have built big stuff as a project, but have they blogged about it? Maybe.

I had been stockpiling PI materials for some time now, and now I have a plan to build a Fortizar from scratch. I bought the BPCs for all the required components and shipped them to my little corner of space. I have a series of factory planets that I have set up to dump in all the P1 materials, and at the end of the line, between five factory planets, I get all eight advanced PI materials.

I have 18 planets across my three toons on Red’s account; 13 of those were churning out P1 material that was in abundance in the surrounding systems. I would then buy the missing materials from Dodixie. This whole process was relatively smooth, but it started becoming very expensive to purchase the P1 material and pay all the Customs Office tax. I took a page out of my old book of shooting mindlessly at structures belonging to inactive Corporations. Only this time, the structures were Customs Offices.


Now you see it


Now you don’t

A total of six POCOs were replaced with my own, and taxes still exist, but they are lower for all to enjoy. The one thing I failed to research prior to shooting at these things was the reinforcement timer (face palm). After planning the start of the war with the inactive Corp, the reinforcement timer threw all my plans off. A thing or two were learned. Ultimately this was a success, and now I am importing and exporting planet goo in vast amounts. Here is what my five factory planets resemble:


From P1 to Advanced

I have some new planets for my other toons’ networks in an effort to have to buy less P1 off the market. I have completed only three of the required components for the Fortizar BP, but it is a work in progress, and it is a goal, which I have not had a solid one in a long time. I suppose my motivation for this project is the 11 billion ISK they are currently listed for. I have thought about moving into a wormhole again for the sole purpose of increasing PI output.

This is a very slow process, but it seems blog-worthy for my standards. Is anyone else undertaking any daunting projects? Let me know about them.

As always, thank you for reading. Fly safe!

Damn Expensive PLEX’s

It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s also been about the same amount of time since anything different has happened…anything at all.

As the title suggests, PLEX’s are still ridiculously expensive. So much so that my alt account was inactive for the better part of a month. I had to sell my precious Rattlesnake battleship to get my main account PLEXed. I went on a selling spree of assets of mine that had been collecting dust over the past couple years so I could PLEX my alt’s account. The reason I needed the account active again is because I finally found a Corp, who is inactive, with an offline control tower and 92 weapons/eWar anchored to it. There were no juicy labs or assembly arrays, but the price of the weapons far outweighed the 50 million ISK to declare war. So, I initiated the wardec after a week of scouting the known players of the target Corp. Luckily, no one logged on to refuel their tower during the 24 hour stasis period (this had happened two times before).
As soon as the war went live (about 8:53 am my time), I started shooting with my main in his Armageddon and my alt in his Oracle. I didn’t realize that with the Odyssey expansion, the Armageddon went from being able to fit either 7 or 8 turrets, to only 5 (!!!). So there went a bunch of my DPS. Luckily the drone bay and bandwidth remained as so that I could still field 5 heavy drones. My alt, with his Oracle, added some DPS, but nothing to write home about. The tower went BOOM about 01:12 am my time…yeah, it took a bit longer than I expected. Nearly 17 hours of orbiting and shooting. I didn’t sit at the keyboard the whole time. My kids had some things going on around town, as well as some misc errands to run. You know…a day in the life of a family man/capsuleer. Unfortunately, I only got about 4 hours of sleep that night after I un-anchored and scooped up all 92 POS mods. I had to wake up at 06:30 am to undergo physical and written testing for Nevada Highway Patrol. My wife thinks I’m an idiot (which may be true). I tried explaining to her that control towers have a natural shield recharge rate, but she still didn’t care, and still thinks I’m an idiot. I managed to rake in over 4 times what I paid for the wardec, so not bad.

What did I learn? Never wardec a Corp with a large tower unless there are billions of ISK worth of spoils.

I’ve set up my 18 PI colonies in hisec…meh. I’ve gone from producing every P1 from P0, to only producing P1’s that yield a decent amount. I then sell the excess and buy the stuff I need to produce P2’s. I haven’t setup my advanced factory planet yet until I stockpile enough P2’s to run my advanced factory planet non-stop. My goal is to produce POS modules again like I used to.

I mentioned that I sold my poor Rattlesnake, among other stuff, for a PLEX. I still have my awesome Proteus and Tengu, which are both better and faster at completing missions. The Rattlesnake was more of a novelty ship. My alt has completed training of salvaging 5. He’s now on to Ore Industrial 5. I may or may not see about joining Pro Synergy with my alt once training has completed. They are a very awesome Corp with awesome people…and an even more awesome business plan in which their members make lots of ISK.

Also, TurAmarth ElRandir over at A Carbon Based Life¬†gave me some great pointers and advice on making great ISK in Eve, and having more fun, with half the effort that I’m putting fourth now. I am probably more of a hermit in Eve than Evehermit himself. And I can’t seem to pry myself from my boring Corp full of my own alts. I have big aspirations for my Corp, but I lack the know-how to build numbers. I keep trying though. I may join up with a high-class wormhole Corp now that I can effectively fly a Tengu. I’ve never done anything in a wormhole class 4, 5 or 6. I hear of riches that are beyond my wildest e-dreams. Plus, flying with a fellow Eve blogger sounds enticing. I’ve also been interested in Splatus’ wormhole academy. I’ve lived in w-space before, but these guys take w-space residency to another level, so there’s always more to learn for me. I know Splatus is recruiting aspiring wormholers, so if you’re interested, go check out his blog here.

The near future for me has probably more missions to fund my never-ending PLEX need. Also, I’ll be harvesting planet’s resources. My Corp may be just a skeleton Corp if I can find my main in a high-class wormhole Corp. I think I could use a change of pace at this point. I’m sure there will be some more interesting posts to come…hopefully sooner than later. Whatever the case, I’ll be wandering around in New Eden doing something productive. Drop me a line (private chat) if you pass me by and say hello.

Thanks for reading.