Project Fortizar

It has been over three years since my last post, but that does not necessarily mean that I have not been playing Eve. There was a solid year that I put Eve on the shelf due to other cool games and such, but thanks to Evehermit, A Journey Through The Mind, and other awesome blogs, I managed to keep somewhat up to date and interested. There has been nothing of interest to blog about in my little corner of space, and that is the main reason for not blogging. When I log in, it is normally to run missions or mine while I do homework. A lot of the last three years has seen me running around space in an Alpha Clone, as I cannot always justify spending $15 to play casually. Now that the end of the semester is upon me, I can put some of my recent ambitions to work. I understand that many solo pilots with a few alts have built big stuff as a project, but have they blogged about it? Maybe.

I had been stockpiling PI materials for some time now, and now I have a plan to build a Fortizar from scratch. I bought the BPCs for all the required components and shipped them to my little corner of space. I have a series of factory planets that I have set up to dump in all the P1 materials, and at the end of the line, between five factory planets, I get all eight advanced PI materials.

I have 18 planets across my three toons on Red’s account; 13 of those were churning out P1 material that was in abundance in the surrounding systems. I would then buy the missing materials from Dodixie. This whole process was relatively smooth, but it started becoming very expensive to purchase the P1 material and pay all the Customs Office tax. I took a page out of my old book of shooting mindlessly at structures belonging to inactive Corporations. Only this time, the structures were Customs Offices.


Now you see it


Now you don’t

A total of six POCOs were replaced with my own, and taxes still exist, but they are lower for all to enjoy. The one thing I failed to research prior to shooting at these things was the reinforcement timer (face palm). After planning the start of the war with the inactive Corp, the reinforcement timer threw all my plans off. A thing or two were learned. Ultimately this was a success, and now I am importing and exporting planet goo in vast amounts. Here is what my five factory planets resemble:


From P1 to Advanced

I have some new planets for my other toons’ networks in an effort to have to buy less P1 off the market. I have completed only three of the required components for the Fortizar BP, but it is a work in progress, and it is a goal, which I have not had a solid one in a long time. I suppose my motivation for this project is the 11 billion ISK they are currently listed for. I have thought about moving into a wormhole again for the sole purpose of increasing PI output.

This is a very slow process, but it seems blog-worthy for my standards. Is anyone else undertaking any daunting projects? Let me know about them.

As always, thank you for reading. Fly safe!

Eve Online: Back to Business

Wormhole business that is. I’ve had my vacation from wormhole life, mining and missioning in hisec, but now I’m back where I belong.

Orca inside the wormhole. Sloooooowly aligning to the POS.

Today is the last day of my 11-day vacation, and luckily for me I have great corp-mates who’ve held the fort down in our wormhole during my time off in hisec. Yesterday my corp-mate was awesome enough to put a rare hisec K162 in our Corp bookmarks, so when I logged in I saw that we had a relatively safe entrance through hisec and I could get the Orca back into the hole…which I did. I was just about as excited and motivated as I was when I first moved in this wormhole. The first thing I did was setup some gas cloud reactions from the huge amount my corp-mates have been stockpiling. Next I sorted out my PI and boy we have a ton of P2’s that I filled up my factory planets with to churn out POS fuel. We already have an over-abundance of PI POS fuel, so I’ll be selling off some excess and replenishing the Corp wallet.

I got gas

After getting the extractors and reactors fired up, I put some BPO’s in the lab for research. Then I started the grind that is clearing out our Cosmic Anomalies, which yielded a surprising amount of Melted Nanoribbons as compared to what I was used to. Good stuff. I proceeded to mine out a couple of Ladar sites we had to add to our already huge stock of raw gas. My Orca alt had trained up some very helpful level 5 skills for mining support (which includes Gas Harvester cycle reduction, since I don’t actually mine the grav sites in here all that often). All he needs now is the Mining Foreman Mindlink to be pretty much perfect as far as bonuses go. Only problem with that is ISK…I need a lot of it to afford that Mindlink.┬áThere’s a couple Radar sites that will have to wait until next weekend if my corpmates don’t get to it. Good ISK in those ya know.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about opening the doors to my Corp to some newer players who are industry and PVE focused. Reason being is I want to get some ISK flow through mission tax, and minerals to expand our production of ships and mods, and possibly even T3 products. As of now, we only really harvest wormhole goods and sell them for quick ISK. I’ve been inspired in other blogs I’ve read to make this Corp more business oriented. I have began to miss the teamwork I had in an old Corp with friends that I still keep in touch with in-game, but we’ve kind of drifted apart in the sense of what we want to do in this game.

So, I’m re-inspired and excited about wormhole living. I’m optimistic about the future of my Corp. I’m looking forward to building my Corp and expanding my member-base, also expanding my Corp’s portfolio and ways of generating ISK. If anyone has any sites they use that are helpful in calculating things like buying harvested materials from Corp members at Jita market price +/- a percentage, I’d be very interested. Also, if your Corp is interested in wormhole living, and you’d be interested in joining an alliance who are supportive and professional, let me know in-game or in a comment on this post. I’ll put you in touch with our alliance leaders and we’ll find you a wormhole to call your own. We’ll also help you destroy the customs offices and put up our own POCO’s. Also, if you’re a single player who doesn’t have a Corp, but is interested in mission running and paying less tax, I’d offer a 5% tax rate for you. You’d normally pay 11% in an NPC Corp. If you’d like to try out wormhole living, I’d consider letting you join us after we get to know you.

Thanks for reading.

Weekend wrap up…

As stated in my post a couple days ago, my Eve time was limited due to honey-do’s and family aggro. However, all was not lost. My account (with three toons) can harvest 18 planets, and I have a network within 3 jumps of each other producing P4’s from scratch. I did in fact setup my P4 factory planet and throw in some P3’s to start what was to be the final phase of more than 26 days of training. It was magical and all that, but isk-wise? Not worth it in hisec, that’s for sure. I didn’t keep a log of how much isk I spent in taxes and planetary construction (I might go back in the wallet history and add it all up), and I don’t know how to use a spreadsheet, but I’m positive I’ve spent more in taxes alone than I could make in the sale of any single POS module. If I were to be so lucky to find a wormhole that had all the planets to produce all 8 P4’s, then I’d likely continue POS module production. We will see.

If you have a Gallente large tower bpc you want to sell hit me up in game. As of May 10th there were exactly ZERO Gallente control tower (large) bpc’s on contracts. I don’t know what the issue is here, but it seems someone could make a small fortune making copies of their bpo and putting it up on contracts. So with a small stack of P4’s in my hangar, and no tower bpc to build from, I began searching for some other POS module that I could profit from. After a little while I decided to buy two X-Large Ship Assembly Array bpc’s. One of which is in the cooker as I type, the other I will need some more capital construction parts for. I plan to sell one off on the market to see some results from my long training, the second I will put up in my wormhole to store raw ore waiting to be refined. I believe even when they’re offline they can store vast amounts of ore, at least that was the case when I lived in The Spire.

I played around with Evemon and narrowed down my two alt’s training for basic cloak and scan to about 4 days each. So hopefully by this time next week I’ll be in the “searching/shopping” phase of my wormhole project. Thanks for reading and fly safe.

The beginning is near

It never seizes to amaze me the draw Eve Online has on me. Even in the state of “burnout” I was in for more than a month up until about two weeks ago, I kept my eye on the forums for anything interesting. I checked my “Eve Universe” app on my iPhone at least every hour of the day to see if the wallet balance changed for some reason. There’s always something that draws me back. I can never seem to pinpoint what it is, but here’s my theory:

(a quick back story) I used to have two accounts. One being this one (Red Neckromonger), and one being Fred Neckromonger. Fred was my pure miner, and boy was he good at it. Red flew all the nice shiny ships and often played a support role for Fred in the form of Orca boosts and hauling. Fred would seldom leave the helm of his Hulk. But back in the fall of 2010, I became a bit tired of dual boxing and paying a lot of ISK every month for two plex. So I had this great idea of putting Fred on the market for a quick influx of ISK. Sure enough, perfect miners were in demand enough that Fred earned me 3.4 billion ISK…….I’ve regretted it ever since.

While its easier playing and paying with only one account, there are more things left to be desired. For me and my current casual play style, the biggest difference is having to make trips to the station after every full cargo hold of ore, or three full cycles of the strip miners. Since, as a miner, it’s pretty much a thing of the past to jetcan or even fit your Hulk for cargo as opposed to tank. The point is, I really would love to have a dedicated miner/hauler combo like I did before.

So since I can’t seem to convince my wife (family budgeteer) that paying $30/month for two accounts on a video game is a really important thing for me, I’m forced to make the best of what I have. One account, three toons, time to do some thinking:

I’m trying a couple drastic ideas to keep myself both interested in the game and able to afford plex comfortably every month with ISK to spare. My current drastic venture is to harvest every P0 from the planets and make them into POS structures. Red (my main) has Interplanetary Consolidation (IC) and Command Center Upgrades (CCU) to level 5, so six planets can be harvested. Both my other toons have IC and CCU to level 4 currently, so five planets each. That’s 16 planets at my disposal, and there are only 15 P0 commodities that can be harvested from planets. I’m a simple man, so to me that means I can currently harvest one of each commodity and still have one planet left over for whatever (factory?). I currently have one of my Alts training IC to level 5, and the other alt will follow suit. That will give me 18 planets to play with. So my current venture is to save up all of the PI material that I harvest for the entire month (27 days) that my two Alts will be training IC level 5. Then I will probably dedicate three of those as factory planets to turn the stockpile of P1’s I will have accumulated eventually into P4’s, and ultimately POS structures. It’s a glorious plan that could easily end in utter failure due to lack of recourses on hisec planets. This is where plan ‘B’ comes in:

The ultimate goal of all this PI mumbo jumbo is to occupy a wormhole as a solo account with three toons. Just me, me and me. I will have my two Alts in basic cloak/scan T1 frigates and Iteron Mark 3’s so they can service their planets in the wormhole and scan an entrance when Red gets podded out. It’s my understanding as a forum warrior that a C1 and C2 wormhole are really enough to keep just one or two people busy and productive. Red can mine, kill rats/sleepers, salvage, harvest gas, refine, scan, haul and control POS guns. Red can stay plenty busy and still have the two Alts in there for added support.

So, I will post my progress as it….progresses. This is my current adventure within Eve. I stand to gain billions, or lose billions trying. This is what makes Eve fun for me right now. This is my story. This is red’s Roid Rage.

Always remember, live life like you forgot to update your medical clone.