Damn Expensive PLEX’s

It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s also been about the same amount of time since anything different has happened…anything at all.

As the title suggests, PLEX’s are still ridiculously expensive. So much so that my alt account was inactive for the better part of a month. I had to sell my precious Rattlesnake battleship to get my main account PLEXed. I went on a selling spree of assets of mine that had been collecting dust over the past couple years so I could PLEX my alt’s account. The reason I needed the account active again is because I finally found a Corp, who is inactive, with an offline control tower and 92 weapons/eWar anchored to it. There were no juicy labs or assembly arrays, but the price of the weapons far outweighed the 50 million ISK to declare war. So, I initiated the wardec after a week of scouting the known players of the target Corp. Luckily, no one logged on to refuel their tower during the 24 hour stasis period (this had happened two times before).
As soon as the war went live (about 8:53 am my time), I started shooting with my main in his Armageddon and my alt in his Oracle. I didn’t realize that with the Odyssey expansion, the Armageddon went from being able to fit either 7 or 8 turrets, to only 5 (!!!). So there went a bunch of my DPS. Luckily the drone bay and bandwidth remained as so that I could still field 5 heavy drones. My alt, with his Oracle, added some DPS, but nothing to write home about. The tower went BOOM about 01:12 am my time…yeah, it took a bit longer than I expected. Nearly 17 hours of orbiting and shooting. I didn’t sit at the keyboard the whole time. My kids had some things going on around town, as well as some misc errands to run. You know…a day in the life of a family man/capsuleer. Unfortunately, I only got about 4 hours of sleep that night after I un-anchored and scooped up all 92 POS mods. I had to wake up at 06:30 am to undergo physical and written testing for Nevada Highway Patrol. My wife thinks I’m an idiot (which may be true). I tried explaining to her that control towers have a natural shield recharge rate, but she still didn’t care, and still thinks I’m an idiot. I managed to rake in over 4 times what I paid for the wardec, so not bad.

What did I learn? Never wardec a Corp with a large tower unless there are billions of ISK worth of spoils.

I’ve set up my 18 PI colonies in hisec…meh. I’ve gone from producing every P1 from P0, to only producing P1’s that yield a decent amount. I then sell the excess and buy the stuff I need to produce P2’s. I haven’t setup my advanced factory planet yet until I stockpile enough P2’s to run my advanced factory planet non-stop. My goal is to produce POS modules again like I used to.

I mentioned that I sold my poor Rattlesnake, among other stuff, for a PLEX. I still have my awesome Proteus and Tengu, which are both better and faster at completing missions. The Rattlesnake was more of a novelty ship. My alt has completed training of salvaging 5. He’s now on to Ore Industrial 5. I may or may not see about joining Pro Synergy with my alt once training has completed. They are a very awesome Corp with awesome people…and an even more awesome business plan in which their members make lots of ISK.

Also, TurAmarth ElRandir over at A Carbon Based Life gave me some great pointers and advice on making great ISK in Eve, and having more fun, with half the effort that I’m putting fourth now. I am probably more of a hermit in Eve than Evehermit himself. And I can’t seem to pry myself from my boring Corp full of my own alts. I have big aspirations for my Corp, but I lack the know-how to build numbers. I keep trying though. I may join up with a high-class wormhole Corp now that I can effectively fly a Tengu. I’ve never done anything in a wormhole class 4, 5 or 6. I hear of riches that are beyond my wildest e-dreams. Plus, flying with a fellow Eve blogger sounds enticing. I’ve also been interested in Splatus’ wormhole academy. I’ve lived in w-space before, but these guys take w-space residency to another level, so there’s always more to learn for me. I know Splatus is recruiting aspiring wormholers, so if you’re interested, go check out his blog here.

The near future for me has probably more missions to fund my never-ending PLEX need. Also, I’ll be harvesting planet’s resources. My Corp may be just a skeleton Corp if I can find my main in a high-class wormhole Corp. I think I could use a change of pace at this point. I’m sure there will be some more interesting posts to come…hopefully sooner than later. Whatever the case, I’ll be wandering around in New Eden doing something productive. Drop me a line (private chat) if you pass me by and say hello.

Thanks for reading.

When “Inactive” Corps Fight Back

Since my last post in early February, not much has been going on…hence the long pause in posts.

I’ve been running level 4 missions in various parts of the universe with my alt to help increase his standings and install jump clones. At some point I became very excited about a particular ship which has been my “dream ship” for a very long time. However, since I lost my Navy Dominix to the pesky Angel Cartel way back when, I vowed never to buy an expensive mission boat ever again. I caved like a chocolate shell…


My shiny new Rattlesnake, in all its glory, is the pride of my mission-running fleet. Also, it’s the only battleship class vessel in my PVE fleet. I’ve imagined owning this ship for a long time, and it’s been everything I’d hoped. My timing could have been a little more planned out though. I was able to locate a small Caldari control tower in a system close by the system in which I was running missions. The tower was offline, and it had six Corporate Hangar Arrays and two Ship Maintenance Arrays anchored to it. As well as some misc. guns and electronic warfare batteries. I quickly did some recon on the members of the Corp, and added them to my watchlist. After a whole week of neither myself or my Corp mates seeing any of the future war targets log on even once, I declared war at a time where it’d be convenient for all of us to hit the tower 24 hours later. Of course a few hours after I declared war, two of the characters decide it’d be a good idea to log on and ruin all my plans. First thing I do is take a look at their tower and yes, it’s got a blue bubble around it…perfect. At this point I’ve already purchased my Rattlesnake from Jita, but I still have around two days left until I can actually fly it, as I didn’t have Caldari Cruiser trained. Because I’m not a “griefer” in Eve, I sent the CEO of the target Corp an Eve mail to let him know what my intentions were, and that I wasn’t targeting them for anything other than to destroy their tower since I thought they were inactive. As a token of his appreciation of my honesty, the target Corp hired some mercs to join then in this war, lol. So now I have a 10-person PVP merc Corp looking for me to do bad things to my ships and myself. This, of course, was not how I planned this whole operation to transpire. This is now the second time a Corp decided to suddenly become active again after a week or two of recon during the 24-hour stasis period before the war starts. However, this is the first time the target Corp acquired hired help. I’m not a trash talker, and I tend to talk respectfully and without vulgar language in Eve. It’s just my personality. So far there has been zero correspondence between the three parties involved in this war (other than my original eve mail telling them of my intentions), so that’s good…no talk is better than trash talk.

Long story short, I am in a war with real PVPers, and I am reluctant to fly my shiny new Rattlesnake for obvious reasons. I did, however, go against my better judgement and took her for a spin. I have all the characters, from both war target Corps, on my watchlist and the watchlist is open on my screen. So I have my booster alt go first to the mission system and fly to a safe spot and turn on the boosts. Then I take the wonderful Rattler to the system, then the mission area, and begin. Boy that thing deals large amounts of damage between my awesome drone skills and me good missile skills. Also the tank is like a…well…like a tank with my awesome shield skills, along with the boosts from my alt. I take precautions to keep safe, but I’m not going to push my luck. I respect good PVPers (I don’t know if they’re good, but I’ll treat them like they are), and I’m not going to give up any dumb kills. I’m not sure how the new war mechanics work when another Corp gets involved in the war, but I’m hoping this war will end a week from when it started…we’ll see.

I’ve spent some time creating some forums that I found for free! I’ve been doing some research into recruitment. I’m really optimistic for when I officially open my Corp up for new members. I’m getting all the eggs in order (forums, links, security matters, mission statement, plan of action, future plans, strengths and general info that will hopefully attract like-minded pilots) before I officially open the doors. Growing my Corp was one of my goals for 2013, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully later in March I can start.

I’m really impressed with the Rattlesnake. I wonder if anyone who may read this post has a “dream car” of a ship in Eve that they’ve always wanted. What is it? Have you gotten it yet? If not, why? If so, how does it do? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Thanks for reading.

Moar Wars, Moar Dead Towers

I’ve been spending most of my time in Eve lately scouting my local space for offline control towers with juicy modules to make my own. There was this tower:


…which belonged to a seemingly inactive Corp, whom I scouted for the better part of a week before I declared war on them. We were happily shooting away at this tower when suddenly, a war target decided to log on. I told my Corp mates to keep an eye out in local for him to show up. No doubt he received warning notifications that his tower was being shot at. After about 20 minutes logged on, the war target logged off again without incident. We finished our mission and turned the tower into a beautiful explosion:



Kill link here


That very same weekend I was feeling ambitious, so I declared war on a second Corp that I’d been scouting for a while. I had done the same in adding all the known characters in the Corp to my contacts, and to my watch list. The next morning, when the war went live, I logged on and flew my cloaky frigate to the tower to make sure all was still good to shoot at and…there was a nice blue force field surrounding the 6 Mobile Labs that I was eyeballing. So someone decided to log on and ruin my plans of making a few hundred million ISK. 

Not deterred, I waited and scouted yet another Corp who seemed inactive, and owned a medium faction tower with a couple Mobile Labs and some misc. guns and ewar modules. The war went live this morning.



When I woke up to get the kids ready for school. there was already one of my Corp mates shooting at the tower. In about an hour, he said he went through about 10% of the shield, which was very encouraging knowing that the war targets were not logging in to disrupt our plans.

After only a few hours of shooting, the tower went BOOM in a brilliant supernova. 


We scooped the Mobile Labs and other various modules, which will be taked to the market and sold. As of the time of writing this post, the kill mail is still not showing on Eve-Kill. 

At this point I have one other prospect Corp to declare war on. It’s a real haul with labs, guns and a Corporate Hangar Array! My only hesitation is that it’s a Gallente Large Control Tower…That’s gonna take a while, so I’m waiting for my alt, and the alt of one of my Corp mates  to be trained into the Armageddon fit according to the Corp doctrine. 

That’s all for now. Lots of lasers, lots of labs. Good times.

Thanks for reading.

Back to Some Old Tactics

Last weekend I was doing some reconnaissance on a seemingly inactive Corp who just happened to have a derelict medium control tower with three Advanced Mobile Labs anchored to it. I checked out Eve Who to try to account for every member in the Corp. I found five out of seven and added the pilots to my watch list. After a couple days of zero activity from any of the known pilots, I decided to declare war on the Corp. 

I comprised an evemail containing the intel I’d gathered so far, some tactical bookmarks, as well as the info on the tower in question and it’s weaknesses. Explosive and EM damage are the order of the day. 

I gathered my trusty Oracle (no ammo so I can press F1 and walk away \o/) and my Ishtar for when I’m sitting at my computer and watch for war targets to finally come online (Berserker II’s FTW). My two Corpmates and one of their alts brought a compilation of Dominix, Tengu and Myrmidon. 

We started shooting…and shooting…and shooting…Image

…and shooting…and shooting…

We started shooting at 17:52 Eve time, and the tower didn’t blow up until 08:08…you do the math, it was a long time. That’s why I jumped into an empty clone the day of the war, so I could shoot and walk away. There’s no reloading in my “Tower Killing Oracle”. So after much shooting, and zero log-ins by the enemy, their control tower looked like this:



It was a glorious, hard-fought victory. We were obviously better fighters than that pesky offline control tower. It tried to stare at us to break our will for more than 14 hours, but we’re a persistent bunch of warriors. There were also two stations to choose from to hide in if the plan were to be spoiled by an inconsiderate war target logging on. Luckily for us, that was not the case. We netter three Advanced Mobile Labs, and an assortment of guns and Ewar modules that brought a healthy 400+ million ISK to the Corp wallet…more than enough to declare war on our next seemingly inactive victim. The hard-fought battle report can be found here

I understand this is not real PVP, but it’s a semi-fun way to make some ISK while using ammo instead of mining lasers. If you look in my Corp’s history on the Eve-Kill wabsite, you’ll see that about a year ago, this is what me and a few of my Eve buddies did. The only difference now is that I have less guns shooting at the towers, so they take longer to go boom. 

My friend Epigene over at A Journey Through the Mind was telling me today in a private chat about his new and exciting Factional Warfare adventures. It certainly sounds like more action and entertainment than shooting derelict control towers. Go give him a read. 

More dead towers hopefully soon. Until then, fly safe.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Weekend Wrap-up

Quick post on the end of my weekend. My wormhole had only Grav sites and a Ladar site to choose from, and I didn’t feel like doing any of that. I decided instead to see what my static C2 had going on, specifically where it’s static lead to. I was surprised and elated to see that it had a static Hisec exit! I scanned it down and jumped through to see that it was a system three jumps from Rens. I checked Wormnav to see that there hadn’t been any activity as far as killing ships or Sleepers for the better part of 24 hours, so I figured I’d make a market run or ten. I used my cloaky hauler to get the most expensive stuff out first, then my Iteron Mark 5 to get the excess PI goods out. All in all I made about ten or so trips, plus a few trips to get some ships out that we don’t really use just taking up space in the Ship Maintenance Array, selling off the goods that had decent buy orders netted us about 650 million ISK. There’s another 150 million ISK worth of Fullerines that are on the market as sell orders. So all in all a decent return for a couple weeks of solo work. I hope to get some POS fuel in soon.

I’ve been enjoying another W-space themed blog that I’d recommend for anyone looking for some great C5 wormhole action. IT’s really a great read and a frequent poster. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: Free stuff? Don’t mind if I do!

Well, mostly free. I was doing some afk ice mining like always while I was doing some honey-do’s for the wife in real life. When I was finished I actually had some time to sit at my computer and do something other than mine ice. Run missions? Nah. Manage PI? okay! So I logged my other toons on this account one at a time (obviously) and reset extractors and such. These two toons are still in the wormhole. Red Neckromonger pretty much does all his PI remotely, and when there’s a decent entrance I’ll jump into the wormhole and take care of the logistics.

After PI was finished I got a nice little idea from some friends of mine who are currently having a blast war deccing other corps and getting some nice fights. If they don’t get fights, they kill off their enemy’s POS and make ISK off the mods. That’s where I got this idea: I started warping cloaked around the system I hang out in to the moons to look specifically for abandoned POS mods. I happened to stumble across about 10 incapacitated guns and ewar mods, and there was no control tower! So since I sold my Oneiros a long time ago, I decide to be cheap and buy and fit an Exequror. I start happily repping the mods with four remote armor repairers and four T2 armor maintenance bots, only it’s taking FOREVER!

Repping done wrong.

So I decide to use some minerals I’ve been stockpiling for a while to build a Hyperion and buy some large remote armor reppers. BOY what a difference!

Repping done right!

So after that it got a little faster and easier. I had the help of my Orca alt for hauling away the mods. This action certainly did not make me any richer, probably a lot poorer since I had to buy all those new mods and rigs for the Hyperion. It was fun for me because it was a change. I’ll probably do some more of this stuff around hisec when I get some time to play. I’ve even thought of getting back into war-deccing inactive corps who’ve left their POS full of goodies like SMA’s, CHA’s and yummy labs. I made a pretty good living off of that for a while back before the revamp to war-dec mechanics. The only problem was that it took hours and hours orbiting a tower to destroy it. My first “Defenceless POS Killer” was a Megathron, but it got old having to press “F1” when the guns ran out of ammo. So my ship of choice for Defenceless POS killing is an Oracle. I don’t have great laser skills, but it’s not too hard to press F1 and walk away for a few hours. It’s a boring living, but it can be extremely lucrative when you’re selling Advanced Labs, random ships and other POS mods for upwards of a billion ISK per POS if you get a good one. I do some major recon before declaring war so I know for (almost) sure that people won’t be logging on to find me orbiting their tower while being afk in real life. That hasn’t happened yet, but I am that magnate to bad luck your parents warned you about when you were young.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy my work please tell a friend. Stay classy Leremblompes!

The beginning is near

It never seizes to amaze me the draw Eve Online has on me. Even in the state of “burnout” I was in for more than a month up until about two weeks ago, I kept my eye on the forums for anything interesting. I checked my “Eve Universe” app on my iPhone at least every hour of the day to see if the wallet balance changed for some reason. There’s always something that draws me back. I can never seem to pinpoint what it is, but here’s my theory:

(a quick back story) I used to have two accounts. One being this one (Red Neckromonger), and one being Fred Neckromonger. Fred was my pure miner, and boy was he good at it. Red flew all the nice shiny ships and often played a support role for Fred in the form of Orca boosts and hauling. Fred would seldom leave the helm of his Hulk. But back in the fall of 2010, I became a bit tired of dual boxing and paying a lot of ISK every month for two plex. So I had this great idea of putting Fred on the market for a quick influx of ISK. Sure enough, perfect miners were in demand enough that Fred earned me 3.4 billion ISK…….I’ve regretted it ever since.

While its easier playing and paying with only one account, there are more things left to be desired. For me and my current casual play style, the biggest difference is having to make trips to the station after every full cargo hold of ore, or three full cycles of the strip miners. Since, as a miner, it’s pretty much a thing of the past to jetcan or even fit your Hulk for cargo as opposed to tank. The point is, I really would love to have a dedicated miner/hauler combo like I did before.

So since I can’t seem to convince my wife (family budgeteer) that paying $30/month for two accounts on a video game is a really important thing for me, I’m forced to make the best of what I have. One account, three toons, time to do some thinking:

I’m trying a couple drastic ideas to keep myself both interested in the game and able to afford plex comfortably every month with ISK to spare. My current drastic venture is to harvest every P0 from the planets and make them into POS structures. Red (my main) has Interplanetary Consolidation (IC) and Command Center Upgrades (CCU) to level 5, so six planets can be harvested. Both my other toons have IC and CCU to level 4 currently, so five planets each. That’s 16 planets at my disposal, and there are only 15 P0 commodities that can be harvested from planets. I’m a simple man, so to me that means I can currently harvest one of each commodity and still have one planet left over for whatever (factory?). I currently have one of my Alts training IC to level 5, and the other alt will follow suit. That will give me 18 planets to play with. So my current venture is to save up all of the PI material that I harvest for the entire month (27 days) that my two Alts will be training IC level 5. Then I will probably dedicate three of those as factory planets to turn the stockpile of P1’s I will have accumulated eventually into P4’s, and ultimately POS structures. It’s a glorious plan that could easily end in utter failure due to lack of recourses on hisec planets. This is where plan ‘B’ comes in:

The ultimate goal of all this PI mumbo jumbo is to occupy a wormhole as a solo account with three toons. Just me, me and me. I will have my two Alts in basic cloak/scan T1 frigates and Iteron Mark 3’s so they can service their planets in the wormhole and scan an entrance when Red gets podded out. It’s my understanding as a forum warrior that a C1 and C2 wormhole are really enough to keep just one or two people busy and productive. Red can mine, kill rats/sleepers, salvage, harvest gas, refine, scan, haul and control POS guns. Red can stay plenty busy and still have the two Alts in there for added support.

So, I will post my progress as it….progresses. This is my current adventure within Eve. I stand to gain billions, or lose billions trying. This is what makes Eve fun for me right now. This is my story. This is red’s Roid Rage.

Always remember, live life like you forgot to update your medical clone.