The W-Space Itch is Calling me


I’ve been doing a lot of scanning down of wormholes lately; I’ve fitted up a nice Tengu and Nemesis for potential ganks of poor, unsuspecting souls traveling through the great void, oblivious to my presence.


I had my Nemesis orbiting the inside of a w-space system after I witnessed a Retriever jumping in. I tried to follow it in, literally jumping through when I heard his hole fire. Unfortunately he was just entering warp when I loaded on grid, so my cover was already blown. I figured I’d wait around while I dabbled in homework at my desk, hoping he would think I had left. After a short time, I heard hole fire, and when I looked up I saw a hauler jumping out of the hole. “What goes out must come back in”, or so they say (actually they don’t say that at all). I hoped he might be making a supply run, and would be on his way back through with expensive stuff. My cloaky alt orbiting on the outside saw the hauler coming back; we were all set for an ambush. Just as my heart rate was elevating, I get a private chat request…from someone I do not recognize. It turns out to be an alt of the hauler pilot. He politely states that he saw my Nemesis, and was wondering if he could get safe passage through the hole and beyond. I told him that I am a man of my word, and that if I granted him safe passage that I’d be guaranteed no kill, and that was exactly opposite of what I was trying to achieve. After a bit of chatting (no ransom request, I’m not a pirate), I agreed to jump out of the hole with my Stealth Bomber and let him get through, hauler intact. 


This is how I know I cannot be a pirate in Eve; once dialogue begins with a mature, polite human being, the bloodlust subsides. I would be the worst pirate EVAR! When he opened chat with me and asked politely for safe passage, he became human. He even offered to let me test my good Torpedo skills on an expendable ship, which I respectfully declined. I wanted to make my first real kill…real, and he respected that. 


After a lengthily chat while I scanned for more wormholes, we added each other as good standing and agreed that we’d have to pursue a wormhole endeavor sometime in the future.


A couple things learned: 

1. I am not a pirate. I am not in it just for the kill. That’s not to say that I would spare anyone who opens a chat with me. If there’s a punk flying that hauler, demanding safe passage or he will kill my ship, kill my family and rape my dogs, then I’d be less inclined to spare his ship. E-honor is my “pirate code”. 

2. I will not generally ransom people. However, if they offer ISK for safe passage, I would probably not turn it down. Also, I would keep my word and allow safe passage. 

3. Getting podded in w-space is a HUGE inconvenience. Therefore, I would not pod anyone in w-space, even if given the opportunity. There is the exception for dirt bags though. Otherwise, I don’t want to make my fights personal. 

4. Did I mention that I would make a terrible pirate?


Thanks for reading.


New Digs!

I after a long time of flying solo, trying to recruit and failing miserably, I’ve finally taken the plunge, sold out and joined an awesome new Corp. Z3ro Return Mining Inc. are my new family. On day one of me moving into our C4 wormhole, I was welcomed into a Tengu fleet killing Sleepless bastards in an adjacent C4 (aka C4b). It looked a little bit something like this:


In just a few days after joining, and only being able to participate in a few fleet ops, I’ve nearly made enough ISK to purchase a PLEX \o/. My new Corp mates are extremely helpful and patient with my noob questions on how to live and work in a C4. The highest class of w-space I’ve ever occupied previously was a C3. I knew C4 and up were pretty much fleet-type classes, and I’d read many blogs about it, but to experience it first-hand was completely unlike anything I’d expected. What a helpless feeling when Sleepers start to shoot at you and you have to rely on fleet members to rep your shields. 

Feeling pretty darn good about myself, I decided it was time to head to hisec to buy some stuff. Reading our intel reports for routes to our static C3 (aka C3a) which had a static hisec, I jumped into my trusty Nemesis Stealth Bomber to move harmlessly, quietly and undetected through C3a to the safety of hisec. I made it. Not quite the route I had planned, and I wouldn’t be bringing my poor Nemesis back. What happened is when I jumped to C3a, there was a Sabre on grid, right next to the wormhole…and then a bubble went up. I weighed my options during my session change cloak. I could try the afterburner/cloak method, or run back home and hope that he is just making a “show of force”. When I jumped back into our home system, and by the time my home system loaded up on my screen, he was already there waiting for me…a new bubble and all. Now my Nemesis is polarized (meaning I cannot jump through the same wormhole again until an absurdly long timer expires). I have no choice but to try the afterburner/cloak method as I align in a direction that’s closest to the edge of the bubble. I’m not sure if he targets me before my ship cloaks or if he burned in my direction and decloaked me, but he made short work of my Nemesis and pod. Like any good sport who sucks at PVP, I sent him a “good fight” evemail after I updated my medical clone. He responded in a good sport fashion as well. It’s nice to think that the pilot who podded me was probably not a snot-nosed, zit-faced kid sitting naked on a bean bag chair eating Cheetos with my floating corpse on one screen and alt-tabbing between WoW and porn on another screen. He was probably mid to late 20’s or early 30’s. At least that’s what I’d imagined from his evemail. 

The PI has been great in our home system as well. I can pretty much fill up a launchpad with P2’s in just a couple days. I have five P1>P2 planets and one P2>P3 factory planet in our home system. If I can be arsed to log in after I get home from work and before I go to sleep everyday, I can pretty much keep everything running seamlessly and without interruption. 

The only issue thus far has been Corp activity during my particular “sit at the PC without wife/kid aggro” time. I’ve only been able to participate in a handful of fleets. Without much for a single pilot to do in a C4, after about a week I developed a bad case of wormhole cabin fever. Since then I’ve been spending most of my time in hisec running missions and mining like I did before I joined. I keep the planetary extractors running, and when the launchpads get full I will get the route into our home system (if the route is not too hostile) and service all my PI, move materials around and sell the finished product to my Corp. My CEO made a fantastic website for selling and purchasing goods from the Corp. I’ve used a few in my Eve career, but this one is by far the best. Well done Oreamnos. I’m confident I will find a rhythm with my new Corp and their playing times, but until I do I still cannot afford to replace ships I lose. Not even my cheap-ish Nemesis. God forbid I lose my Tengu! That’d be really bad. It’s the curse of the PLEX, which are rising in price again. 

Thanks for reading. 

New Odor of Highsec

There’s a movement in Sinq Laison spearheaded by James 315 and his group of minions who love to blow up miners at ice belts in the name of The Code. In my corner of hisec, The New Order inquisition have been showing up abruptly and quickly in droves only to show up, blow up a miner and his pod, dock at station for their shiny new Velators and leave as quickly as they came. They haven’t talked much trash in local, which I find nice. They link their new kill and tell everyone to read the Code and pay up. They were doing that as my Orca alt was safely docked up in station, and my main was off running errands around the universe. I do pay attention and set all the Corps and the alliance “CODE.” to bad standing so I can see them all come into system.

After a while of doing a bit of nothing, I thought it’d be a good idea to fit some Festival Launchers to my Nemesis and go to the ice belt and scare the socks off of people. Not with missiles and antimatter, but with snowballs and fireworks. I prefer the nicer, kinder and gentler approach…I kill then with kindness.





After a couple minutes, a gentleman was a bit confused and freaked out…as he warped off to the station. I told him I was the New Odor, and he confused me with the New Order. 



Things will get a bit interesting while these New Order guys have some momentum. I’ve heard that they do not honor the Code all the time. If you pay the James 315 guy 10 million ISK, it’s supposed to buy you a year of mining in hisec without interference from these guys. I haven’t been attacked yet, but I haven’t been mining much lately either. So we’ll see how serious it gets. For now they just seem like a bunch of silly jokers looking for a good time…sort of a knock off of the Goons ice interdiction. On a good note I was able to get in on a kill mail (with a bit of help from Concord). I can stasis webify your ship like no one’s business. 

I was able to get my POS completely out of the wormhole, and sell off all of our assets that we accumulated while in there. I even sold off my POS structures (tower and all), and was able to divide it all up and split the ISK three ways between myself and the two other active Corpmates I had. I was able to purchase a PLEX for both my accounts, so I’m good for another month. You may see my running missions here and there in order to farm the LP store for +5 implants to sell at a profit. I also tried a couple of courier contracts from other players, just for giggles, and made a cool 1.1 million ISK (LOL). 

My buddy is gonna build me an Ishtar…I LOVE the Ishtar! I’ll probably use it for some plexing here and there. Last time I owned one it could fit a mean passive shield tank. Now that my shield skills are maxed I’m really interested in seeing how it works. More progress reports to come.

Thanks for reading.


Eve Online: Weekend Wrap-up

Quick post on the end of my weekend. My wormhole had only Grav sites and a Ladar site to choose from, and I didn’t feel like doing any of that. I decided instead to see what my static C2 had going on, specifically where it’s static lead to. I was surprised and elated to see that it had a static Hisec exit! I scanned it down and jumped through to see that it was a system three jumps from Rens. I checked Wormnav to see that there hadn’t been any activity as far as killing ships or Sleepers for the better part of 24 hours, so I figured I’d make a market run or ten. I used my cloaky hauler to get the most expensive stuff out first, then my Iteron Mark 5 to get the excess PI goods out. All in all I made about ten or so trips, plus a few trips to get some ships out that we don’t really use just taking up space in the Ship Maintenance Array, selling off the goods that had decent buy orders netted us about 650 million ISK. There’s another 150 million ISK worth of Fullerines that are on the market as sell orders. So all in all a decent return for a couple weeks of solo work. I hope to get some POS fuel in soon.

I’ve been enjoying another W-space themed blog that I’d recommend for anyone looking for some great C5 wormhole action. IT’s really a great read and a frequent poster. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

Eve Online: (Almost) My first solo kill


Last night I logged out while I waited for my static Lowsec to collapse so I could scan down the new one and have it hopefully closer to a trade hub.

When I logged back in later on, I was greeted on D-scan by a Buzzard Covert Ops frigate…and a whole bunch of sleeper wrecks. Hmm. So I hop into my Nemesis Stealth Bomber and start narrowing down which of my Cosmic Anomalies our intruder is in. However, a system scan resolves zero Anomalies from the nine or so there were earlier that day. Obviously our temporary neighbors from a K162 decided to tidy up my home, since I was too lazy to do it myself. So next I use D-scan to try to figure out which of the three Radar sites they may be running. Ah ha! I warp cloaked over to the Radar site he’s in and see him decoding the sleeper cans and taking all the precious loot. I’ve decided at this point that I’m gonna wait cloaked and see what his tactics are before I make an aggressive move and possibly get jumped in an ambush (I do read a lot of blogs about W-space ya know…I’m on to you wormhole gankers). 

My intruder finishes the last can and warps off into a direction that I have no bookmarks for, so there is a new site that materialized in my absence. The frigate disappears from D-scan. I warp to a few points around my system and confirm that he’s either not here or is cloaked. He wouldn’t leave all those yummy Sleeper wrecks to waste would he? Just then a Noctis shows up on D-scan. I warp back to my perch in the Radar site I found him in, and he’s there in the Noctis salvaging. At least he’s not wasteful. I watch him finish up and warp off in the same direction he did before, and disappear from D-scan just like before. 

A few minutes go by while I warp to the location of my static Lowsec only to see that it’s gone, so that’s good. When I’m finished with this intruder I’ll scan down the new static and hope it’s somewhere closer to a trade hub. Just then, a Drake Battlecruiser appears on D-scan. I pinpoint his position at one of the other two Radar sites still in system. I warp to a previously-created perch to try to get an idea if he’s working solo. It’s the same toon, and now I know what he’s using to kill the Sleepers. He had to warp out a couple times due to the multitude of Sleepers on the field. I was really impressed of how durable the Drake is, I’ve not familiarized myself with one. When all the waves were finished, close to an hour later, he warped away in that same direction presumably to reship to the Buzzard to hack the sites, which was what I was counting on. 

Having not seen any other activity on D-scan, I began to formulate a plan. I would let him return and hack the cans, which he did, and warped out again. Now the stage is set for my first ever solo kill/gank. When he returns in his Noctis, I’ll wait until he has nearly all the wrecks salvaged, then I’ll lock him up and unleash the rage that has built up over three years on this poor, unsuspecting salvage vessel. Then I’ll scoop up all his hard-earned Sleeper loot and maybe even a frozen corpse for the trophy case. Yep…as soon as he comes back…should be anytime now…hmm…I shouldn’t have drank so much coffee…where is he?…These wrecks are starting to look lonely…Why did the Steelers break my heart again Sunday night?…

Yeah, he never did show up again. So my first ever solo kill is yet to be. I learned and put to use  some useful things about stalking that I’ve only ever read about on other blogs. That’s the name of the game in W-space hunting: sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you’re Red Neckromonger. After all the wrecks disappeared from the harsh environment that is space, I scanned down the new Lowsec exit and to my dismay it was even further from a trade hub than the last. At that point I logged off to carry out a promise to take my kids to the park.

A few hours later I logged on to find a Buzzard and seven Sisters Core Scanner Probes on D-scan. I logged out in a safe spot, and still in my Nemesis, so I warped around looking for the ship. I landed on the new Lowsec static to find him jumping out, It’s hard to catch a Covert Ops frigate, so I did not follow. I did, however. notice the “local” chat channel blinking, which is odd in W-space. I opened it and read:


“and you’re welcome!”

I imagine he’s talking about clearing out possibly hundreds of millions of ISK worth of sites in my home system. After all, he’s a different toon, but in the same Corp as the guy who was running my sites earlier. So it’s likely he did have some company. That’s why I tend to try to keep my home system clear of sites, so others don;t feel so welcome. I must say to that pilot thank you, and well played, sir. I got a lesson in wormhole cleaning. 

Thanks for reading.