100 million! Welcome to the club.

Last weekend I noticed my skillpoints tick over the 100 million mark. Awesomeness. Just a few days earlier, on September 30th, Red Neckromonger turned 5 years old in Eve Online. The breakdown of my skills go like this:

Armor: 3,203,260
Corporation Management: 1,086,699
Drones: 7,618,552
Electronic Systems: 1,377,645
Engineering: 4,723,010
Gunnery: 14,508,159
Leadership: 2,060,486
Missiles: 12,230,936
Navigation: 1,608,310
Neural Enhancement: 1,040,750
Planet Management: 2,418,044
Production: 1,043,500
Resource Processing: 5,511,311
Rigging: 474,002
Scanning: 6,957,255
Science: 4,135,172
Shields: 5,210,510
Social: 350,535
Spaceship Command: 20,474,206
Subsystems: 2,560,000
Targeting: 1,410,040
Trade: 254,852

I’ve had my attributes geared toward Perception/Willpower for nearly two years because I decided I was dedicated to maximizing gunnery and missile skills, as well as get into some ships that are really cool; which led to Gallente and Caldari Battleship 5, Logistics 5, Heavy Assault Cruisers 5, Marauders 5, and a bunch of other prerequisites for other ships. I also maxed my shield and armor skills because I was thinking I’d get into wormhole operations again, but that still hasn’t come to fruition. I’ve enjoyed flying the Rattlesnake and Golem. I can’t afford a Kronos, but eventually I’ll splurge.

At least at this point, I will be an asset to just about any Corp that has my common interests in Eve. Since my last post, I have been in two different Corps. One was a nullsec Corp, which was part of a big alliance in Providence. I had some friends from a successful Corp I was in a few years ago talk me into joining by the riches in the anomalys and belt rats. Indeed there were riches to be had…providing the afk campers would ever go away. I spent more time in POSs and stations for hours on end waiting for the campers to go away so I could get to my content than I spent actually playing. I clone jumped back to hisec and pretty much stayed there doing things I like to do until I found my current Corp, Avalon Project. So far so good. I feel like I can be a part of this Corp, and be a part of its ling-term growth and goals. As of now I haven’t been able to play much because real life has been busy, but I plan to be a big part of this Corp.

I haven’t posted anything in a while, obviously, and I don’t know how regular I’ll be in the near future. A few things that have kept me up to date, interested and on the edge of my seat are some of my favorite Eve blogs. Epigene and Evehermit never seize to amaze.

GolemFeatured image

Thanks for reading.


Moar Wars, Moar Dead Towers

I’ve been spending most of my time in Eve lately scouting my local space for offline control towers with juicy modules to make my own. There was this tower:


…which belonged to a seemingly inactive Corp, whom I scouted for the better part of a week before I declared war on them. We were happily shooting away at this tower when suddenly, a war target decided to log on. I told my Corp mates to keep an eye out in local for him to show up. No doubt he received warning notifications that his tower was being shot at. After about 20 minutes logged on, the war target logged off again without incident. We finished our mission and turned the tower into a beautiful explosion:



Kill link here


That very same weekend I was feeling ambitious, so I declared war on a second Corp that I’d been scouting for a while. I had done the same in adding all the known characters in the Corp to my contacts, and to my watch list. The next morning, when the war went live, I logged on and flew my cloaky frigate to the tower to make sure all was still good to shoot at and…there was a nice blue force field surrounding the 6 Mobile Labs that I was eyeballing. So someone decided to log on and ruin my plans of making a few hundred million ISK. 

Not deterred, I waited and scouted yet another Corp who seemed inactive, and owned a medium faction tower with a couple Mobile Labs and some misc. guns and ewar modules. The war went live this morning.



When I woke up to get the kids ready for school. there was already one of my Corp mates shooting at the tower. In about an hour, he said he went through about 10% of the shield, which was very encouraging knowing that the war targets were not logging in to disrupt our plans.

After only a few hours of shooting, the tower went BOOM in a brilliant supernova. 


We scooped the Mobile Labs and other various modules, which will be taked to the market and sold. As of the time of writing this post, the kill mail is still not showing on Eve-Kill. 

At this point I have one other prospect Corp to declare war on. It’s a real haul with labs, guns and a Corporate Hangar Array! My only hesitation is that it’s a Gallente Large Control Tower…That’s gonna take a while, so I’m waiting for my alt, and the alt of one of my Corp mates  to be trained into the Armageddon fit according to the Corp doctrine. 

That’s all for now. Lots of lasers, lots of labs. Good times.

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Back to Some Old Tactics

Last weekend I was doing some reconnaissance on a seemingly inactive Corp who just happened to have a derelict medium control tower with three Advanced Mobile Labs anchored to it. I checked out Eve Who to try to account for every member in the Corp. I found five out of seven and added the pilots to my watch list. After a couple days of zero activity from any of the known pilots, I decided to declare war on the Corp. 

I comprised an evemail containing the intel I’d gathered so far, some tactical bookmarks, as well as the info on the tower in question and it’s weaknesses. Explosive and EM damage are the order of the day. 

I gathered my trusty Oracle (no ammo so I can press F1 and walk away \o/) and my Ishtar for when I’m sitting at my computer and watch for war targets to finally come online (Berserker II’s FTW). My two Corpmates and one of their alts brought a compilation of Dominix, Tengu and Myrmidon. 

We started shooting…and shooting…and shooting…Image

…and shooting…and shooting…

We started shooting at 17:52 Eve time, and the tower didn’t blow up until 08:08…you do the math, it was a long time. That’s why I jumped into an empty clone the day of the war, so I could shoot and walk away. There’s no reloading in my “Tower Killing Oracle”. So after much shooting, and zero log-ins by the enemy, their control tower looked like this:



It was a glorious, hard-fought victory. We were obviously better fighters than that pesky offline control tower. It tried to stare at us to break our will for more than 14 hours, but we’re a persistent bunch of warriors. There were also two stations to choose from to hide in if the plan were to be spoiled by an inconsiderate war target logging on. Luckily for us, that was not the case. We netter three Advanced Mobile Labs, and an assortment of guns and Ewar modules that brought a healthy 400+ million ISK to the Corp wallet…more than enough to declare war on our next seemingly inactive victim. The hard-fought battle report can be found here

I understand this is not real PVP, but it’s a semi-fun way to make some ISK while using ammo instead of mining lasers. If you look in my Corp’s history on the Eve-Kill wabsite, you’ll see that about a year ago, this is what me and a few of my Eve buddies did. The only difference now is that I have less guns shooting at the towers, so they take longer to go boom. 

My friend Epigene over at A Journey Through the Mind was telling me today in a private chat about his new and exciting Factional Warfare adventures. It certainly sounds like more action and entertainment than shooting derelict control towers. Go give him a read. 

More dead towers hopefully soon. Until then, fly safe.

Thanks for reading.

New Odor of Highsec

There’s a movement in Sinq Laison spearheaded by James 315 and his group of minions who love to blow up miners at ice belts in the name of The Code. In my corner of hisec, The New Order inquisition have been showing up abruptly and quickly in droves only to show up, blow up a miner and his pod, dock at station for their shiny new Velators and leave as quickly as they came. They haven’t talked much trash in local, which I find nice. They link their new kill and tell everyone to read the Code and pay up. They were doing that as my Orca alt was safely docked up in station, and my main was off running errands around the universe. I do pay attention and set all the Corps and the alliance “CODE.” to bad standing so I can see them all come into system.

After a while of doing a bit of nothing, I thought it’d be a good idea to fit some Festival Launchers to my Nemesis and go to the ice belt and scare the socks off of people. Not with missiles and antimatter, but with snowballs and fireworks. I prefer the nicer, kinder and gentler approach…I kill then with kindness.





After a couple minutes, a gentleman was a bit confused and freaked out…as he warped off to the station. I told him I was the New Odor, and he confused me with the New Order. 



Things will get a bit interesting while these New Order guys have some momentum. I’ve heard that they do not honor the Code all the time. If you pay the James 315 guy 10 million ISK, it’s supposed to buy you a year of mining in hisec without interference from these guys. I haven’t been attacked yet, but I haven’t been mining much lately either. So we’ll see how serious it gets. For now they just seem like a bunch of silly jokers looking for a good time…sort of a knock off of the Goons ice interdiction. On a good note I was able to get in on a kill mail (with a bit of help from Concord). I can stasis webify your ship like no one’s business. 

I was able to get my POS completely out of the wormhole, and sell off all of our assets that we accumulated while in there. I even sold off my POS structures (tower and all), and was able to divide it all up and split the ISK three ways between myself and the two other active Corpmates I had. I was able to purchase a PLEX for both my accounts, so I’m good for another month. You may see my running missions here and there in order to farm the LP store for +5 implants to sell at a profit. I also tried a couple of courier contracts from other players, just for giggles, and made a cool 1.1 million ISK (LOL). 

My buddy is gonna build me an Ishtar…I LOVE the Ishtar! I’ll probably use it for some plexing here and there. Last time I owned one it could fit a mean passive shield tank. Now that my shield skills are maxed I’m really interested in seeing how it works. More progress reports to come.

Thanks for reading.


Quick 2012 Review

I rang in 2012 initially by using my current Corp as a means to wardec inactive hisec Corps to kill their tower and steal the anchored POS modules. I had about 8 dedicated Corpmates who agreed to do this with me. It was a success for the most part. We killed quite a few towers and confiscated a couple billion ISK worth of modules. As you can imagine, shooting derelict control towers became boooooooring. 

After most my Corpmates left to shoot at actual moving targets, I set a goal to do a solo wormhole project. If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, I chronicled the adventure from start to now. I never did inhabit w-space solo, but it was better and funner the way things actually played out. Three good Eve friends of mine, Dyno, Talith and Amaretto (a REAL girl), liked the idea of moving back into w-space after vacating a C3 we had some time back. So my “solo” wormhole adventure became…not solo. 

I’ve since came under heavy family aggro again, and have decided to leave w-space again to have a vacation in hisec. My Corpmates are largely on burnout again, so it’s not really practical to continue even if I had the time. I will be doing carebear stuff for the foreseeable  future, basically just trying to get enough ISK for two PLEX per month to fund both my accounts. That’s been hard to do even in w-space, so I’m not too optimistic…

My plans for 2013 were to actually build up some numbers in my Corp, and make it a living, breathing, fluid, productive ISK making machine. It sounds like a lot of hands-on work from what I’ve read in other blogs. We’ll see how that goes. I may just change my 2013 resolution to “mining record breaking chunks of blue ice”, as that seems more doable at this point. 

As far as skills go…I just passed the 60 million skill point mark \o/ . most of 2012 was dedicated to science skills, namely astrometrics, astrometric pinpointing, astrometrics rangefinding and astrometrics acquisition. I maxed all those out to help my scanning ability in w-space. I also spent some science skill points on research slots. I spent some time skilling into a Drake and some missile skills. over 12 million skill points are dedicated to science. 7 million to drones and 7 million to engineering (shield). 2013 will be dedicated to mostly gunnery and missiles. I will remap on January 2nd. 

On an unrelated note. I logged in the other day in a station in a hisec island where I evacuated some of my POS stuff from the wormhole. I completely forgot that I was surrounded by at least two jumps of lowsec when I put my Gallente Shuttle on autopilot. I was on a different screen when I heard the shields and armor evaporate. Luckily I was able to get my pod out, as it is another expensive one. 

Thanks to all the new friends I’ve made in the Eve Blogosphere for all the advice, motivation and general good info. Not to mention the countless hours of great reading of your blogs you’ve provided me. Aggro comes and goes, and I’m sure I’ll have a great 2013 in my Eve career. Everyone be safe in real life, and maybe not so much in Eve.

Thanks for reading and happy new year.

Question of the month: December 2012

This month’s question is holiday-oriented. Most people have New Years resolutions they set for themselves going into the new year. A fresh start, if you will. Interestingly, my main character in Eve Online, Red Neckromonger, has a skill points remap available on January 2nd. That’s kind of a New Years resolution in itself in the sense that I’ll be switching my attributes from Science to Gunnery. Oh I really hope CCP gives us a free remap. On to the question:

“Does your Eve Online character have a New Years resolution? Do you specifically use the beginning of the new year as a clean slate for a new direction, adventure or skill plan for your character or Corp? Or do you begin new goals around another kind of interval such as having a remap available?”

I’ve always had my remap available to me around the beginning of the year, so naturally that’s when I take my character in a new direction. 2012 was dedicated to Science…at least it was supposed to be. I spent the first couple months of 2012 maximizing my scanning skills for the upcoming w-space adventure. It was time well spent. After that I went into all different directions with my skill training.
To answer the question, I tend to plan big changes around my remap…which happens to be at the very beginning of the year. Although I do have a resolution for my Corp in 2013: I’d like to get all professional and open up some serious recruitment and actually have a solid direction. 2012 saw a w-space adventure that was fun while it lasted. Life got busy for me, so I had to pack it up. I’d like something a bit more sustainable for 2013 and beyond.

Podded Out

Today I was podded out of my w-space home. I woke up extra early (5:30 am) because my sleep schedule is all messed up, and thought it’d be a good idea to kill some sleepers while the family is still asleep before the aggro starts. I’ve been getting a lot of family aggro lately, and it’s starting to affect my Eve playing again 😦 . 

I log in and do a quick scan of the system with a Deep Space Probe. I find eleven signatures and five anomalies. A quick check on Wormnav shows zero activity in the last several days…since the last time I was running sites actually. So I hop into my Drake battle cruiser and warp to the first Perimeter Checkpoint. Over the last week or so I’ve had a few skills finish that should help increase the DPS for my missiles and help me kill sleepers faster. The frigates still took forever to kill, but the cruisers, battleships and sentries died a lot faster, so that’s good. After all the sleepers are dead, I warp back to the POS to pick up the Noctis. When I return I align to my POS and start tractoring in wrecks. I salvage about four when I suddenly see a bubble go up around me…uh oh. It’s a Flycatcher, which until today, I never even knew existed lol. I start the afterburner to try to get to the edge of the bubble as quickly as I can, I think I was still tractoring in wrecks too. I was pretty sure the Noctis was toast, it was my pod I really wanted to save. It looked as though I was pretty close to the edge of the bubble when the Noctis went POOF. It really did look like I could get the pod out as I was spamming warp and getting ever-so-close to the edge when another bubble went up…POOF! Ouch. 

I wake up in station in Sinq Laison and upgrade my clone. Then I sent my assassin a congratulatory mail since I didn’t think to strike up conversation in local as I was trying to save my pod. I haven’t received a mail in return. He’s gotta be happy with the price of the pod kill. I’d probably be a bit upset had I paid for it recently, but I’ve had that clone for well over a year, and have paid for it many times over in my Proteus mission-running days. The pod was long overdue for a killing. This was the first pod I’ve lost in w-space, and only my second pod loss in my Eve career. Does that make me good? No. Does it make me careful and paranoid? Maybe. I’ve lost two ships in w-space now in a three year period, one a Covetor, and now a Noctis. Congrats to my assassin for relieving me of a 50 million ISK bounty and much more lol. He was certainly a better stalker than I was in a previous post.

So now I’m faced with the question “what now?”. My answer is that I’m going to leave w-space and setup camp in hisec for a while. I’ve been getting a lot of wife aggro again lately, and it’s been affecting my Eve playing. Today’s pod loss was not a result of wife aggro. It was purely my bad. However, I think the cost of operating out of a wormhole is outweighing the income. I had to sell two ships recently to pay for a PLEX, plus POS fuel is just stretching things too far. I think some more fantastic AFK ice mining will be in order. My friends Evehermit and Splatus have taken steps to get over their wormhole addiction. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. We shall work through this together. Oh, and check out their blogs if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for reading.