New Corp, New Ships, New Motivation

It’s been a while. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day, Nevada Day (if you live in Nevada like me), Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Family Day, Christmas and a happy New Year. There, I think I covered all the holidays since my last post. A lot has been happening; both in real life, and in Eve. First off, I am still a full-time husband and father. I still have a full-time job (thankful for that). I also started college back in August. That’s not a big deal to most people, but it is to me since it is my first time back in school since high school back in 1999. I’m happy to report that I did very well in the two classes I took, which also contributed to my lack of Eve playtime, and therefore my lack of posts. I never realized how much time and effort it would take to do well in school. I have gained a new found respect for anyone who takes on college and gives it their all.

Since my last post, I had to leave my new friends in Z3RO Return Mining Corp because school was taking up too much of my Eve time, and when you’re in a wormhole Corp, the only way you make ISK is run sites. So I said my goodbyes to my friends and moved back into empire. I was able to juggle homework with ice mining in my Mackinaw for a while. There came a point when Eve was becoming a distraction to my schoolwork, at that time I decided that when I have time for Eve, I’m going to do something that I enjoy, like run a mission or go exploring. However, the ISK wasn’t rolling in like I needed it to so that I may buy PLEX on a regular basis as needed. I went to have another look at Pro Synergy, the Corp that takes salvaging and makes it cool. After giving it some thought, I joined up and now I’m rolling in my 5.0:


These guys have done an amazing job at harnessing hard-core mission runners. I feel like kind of a leach just making ISK off of what they have built, but I have a clean conscience knowing that I do my part to throw up some of our recruitment ads in local channels wherever I go. I can also use this blog as a means of recruitment. See?

It may sound a bit boring, but when the contracts start to pile up like they always do in some of our busiest mission areas, it becomes pretty fun knocking out those contracts and watching the ISK value for my weekly paycheck skyrocket. There’s also a very lively Pro Synergy public chat where missioneers, salvagers and others chat it up.

I’m also excited about my new shiny:


A Golem! that’s right. between my hard work with Pro Synergy, and a couple unexpected (but very appreciated) Christmas gifts in the form of ISK from a couple of my longest-known Eve buddies, I’ve been able to buy this awesome Marauder and fit it out with some sexy mods. I never know how powerful these ships could be.

I’ve been actively training missile and spaceship command skills for the entire year. I’ve made a lot of progress in both areas, and have become quite proficient in a few Caldari ships. Namely the Tengu and Golem. I have Marauders 4 nearly complete, then it’ll be right on to level 5. I remapped to Perception/Willpower last January, and I don’t really see any reason to remap to anything different anytime soon. I’m considering maxing all missile and turret skills over 2014. Also, I’d like to be able to have all four race’s battleships to level 5 so I may fly different Marauders. I’d also like to fly all four T3’s. Currently I can fly Proteus and Tengu.

I haven’t delved into any wormholes since leaving Z3RO. I haven’t even taken down my PI out of Z3RO’s wormhole yet. Hisec PI just isn’t worth the effort. I have also not destroyed any control towers, which would make Epi proud. 

School will start up again in late January, but for now I’ll keep at the salvaging and running missions. Then it’ll be back to stimulating my brain and trying to better myself. I hope everyone has a great year ahead.

Thanks for reading.

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