Wormhole Day Trip…Unsuccessful

So today I logged on my two characters and decided it’d be a good idea to scan the one signature that was available in the system I was in. I jumped into my Helios and got to work. With my crazy good scanning skills I was able to pinpoint the signature and resolve a wormhole. I jumped through to discover an active POS, but no sign of any players. I moved around a bit making sure to survey the whole system, and nobody seemed to be awake. I quickly jumped out of the wormhole, back into the hisec system. I docked up and traded the Helios to my alt (who’s Helios of his own in 23 jumps away). I jumped my alt into the wormhole and set an orbit to keep an eye on things. At that point my main arrived with his dusty Drake that hadn’t seen wormhole action in nearly a year. I jump in and head to the first Perimeter Checkpoint (class 2). I start shooting at the sleepers, not remembering it taking this long to kill them… I am able to clear the first wave of sleepers, then when I start on the second, about two of the four cruisers remain, I see a Rapier on D-scan. I’m already aligned to my wormhole exit, so I just press warp-to and I’m out. The last time I was running sites in a wormhole, my Noctis and pod were destroyed, so I didn’t feel like losing anything today. Sucks that sleepers don’t give bounties, because all that time spent killing the sleepers I had time to kill was wasted. I was even thinking about the next step, which was bringing a cheap Catalyst salvager ship to clean up, but the Rapier spoiled my plans. Oh well…such is wormhole life. 

Hopefully soon I’ll be living up the good wormhole lifestyle with a Corp and academy where we can watch each others backs while we rake in the riches of wormhole life. 

Thanks for reading.

5 responses to “Wormhole Day Trip…Unsuccessful

  1. I wouldn’t call that a failure, more along the lines of a “strategic withdrawal” while you reconsider your options. Better to run away and live to fight another day.

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