Twice Baked: Graphics Card

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees;

Remove fan assembly and cover all plastic parts on the circuit board with a damp paper towel;

Roll four balls of aluminum foil, and place under corners of graphics card;

Let bake for 10 minutes;

Clean fan assembly while graphics card is baking;

When 10 minutes is up, remove graphics card from oven and let sit for 10-15 minutes to cool;

Re-assemble graphics card with the fan assembly. Make sure to use Thermal Compound on the little processor thingy;

Serve and enjoy!

I had to do it again, and again it worked! Now I can enjoy the new and improved graphics that came out with the Odyssey expansion. For me, the scenery constitutes at least 1/3 of my game experience. When I can enjoy graphics on “high” settings, AND be able to run two clients seamlessly, it makes for a great experience.

I’ve been moving my assets to a more centralized location in hisec lately. I am in talks with a w-space Corp to possibly join their wormhole academy. After flying solo for the better part of a year, I’m ready to make my Eve Online experience a social one again. It was a goal of mine to make my Corp a successful one this year. I haven’t given up on that goal, but I’m putting it on hold. It’s a huge pain to try to build up a Corp from nothing to something, especially when you consider the career paths of Corp Infiltration and AWOXing. Not that I have mush in assets at this point, but I want to create a Corp where people can trust their Corpmates and build wealth and assets. I guess it’s better to be picky about who you recruit than let everyone in and risk being touched in bad ways.

Anyway, if/when things start to materialize with my new endeavor, I will certainly have some more interesting posts. I am super excited about the prospect of logging on to find other people in my Corp chat channel. As for my Orca alt, I don’t know if I am gonna move him or not. It’s always handy to have an out-of-Corp-alt for various reasons…especially during war times, so they may haul stuff safe(ish)ly around empire. Although, my alt is extremely useful with his leadership skills and salvaging skills. Depending on the situation, I might see if he can come along, too.

Thanks for reading.


5 responses to “Twice Baked: Graphics Card

  1. Niiiice! Hey man, what do you think about playing EVE on Oculus Rift? (First 360° VR goggles)? I think it would be SO EPIC. Also, I moved my blog to – covering my personal life, games, music, movies, etc. Trying to get a Twitch channel going too.

    • What’s Oculus Rift? I followed your blog. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve played WoW, but fear not, you can redeem your honor by getting back into Eve, and posting about your adventures. We in the Eve community don’t oust WoW players, we simply try to show them the light.

  2. I know your pain. My corp is trying to recruit as well, but it turns out were a big group of distrustful pilots haha. Hope to run into in w-space!

  3. Building up a corp from scratch is pretty hard. Been there, done it (a couple of times). Building up a WH corp with all its trust issues is even worse.

    But I do hope that you find a solid WH corp and that we run into each other soon 🙂

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