Mixing It Up a Bit

I’ve discovered first-hand that four days at Disneyland is way too much with 5 kids. All in all I had 10 days off work. One day spend driving to Southern California (approximately 9 hours), four days spent at the Disney resort, another two days in San Diego visiting my Father, one day driving back home to Reno, Nevada, and two more days of relaxation and getting my Eve fix before I went back to work. 


Right. Back to real internet spaceship business. I’ve been continuing my long, boring streak of missioning in highsec. I’ve been switching between my trusty Proteus, Rattlesnake and even a shiney new Gila. 

I have probed down some wormholes as of late, but there always seems to be someone active in them. All I want to do is run their sites for them and maybe harvest some gas. So I haven’t actually taken anything other than a Helios into w-space to see what’s going on. That’s what I’d like to do for some quick ISK.

I let my Orca alt’s account lapse as I was short on ISK (I blame ten days on vacation). I have also started training for a Tengu, five days left on Caldari Cruiser 5…then on to the sub systems to 5 before I even buy the hull. I did the same when I trained for the Proteus. 

I’ve also kicked out all the inactive members of my Corp. There were only two actual people with three characters, and they’re gonna be away from spaceships for a while they said. Speaking of Corp members, I have not been able to recruit any new blood since I opened up recruitment in March. I could probably be a bit more proactive and advertise in every local system I cross. I did get one person asking questions that way a couple weeks ago. Hopefully I can get recruitment going eventually. It’d be nice to fly with some active pilots again. I’m already missing w-space. My friend Epigne knows my pain and heartache regarding w-space. 

I bought the new SimCity recently and love it. It has taken away some of my time in the spaceships, but not to a critical degree yet (Doh! There’s that w-space jargon again). If anyone plays SimCity and would like to friend up in a region together let me know. Aonoma is my Origin name. 

Until next time, fly safe and thanks for reading.

9 responses to “Mixing It Up a Bit

  1. Recruiting is always really, really tough. I found out the hard way too – getting a corp off the ground is a serious challenge. Epi deserves a huge amount of credit for the energy (and skill) he applied to the task.

    If you can fly an armor tanked T3 then why not consider coming to C6 space for some fun and pew?

    • As far as wormhole pew goes, I’m going by the golden rule of don’t fly what you can’t afford to replace. A T3 loss would be just that. Since I pay with PLEX, ISK is always in short supply, especially with PLEX still over 500 mil.

      • I find it interesting… you PLEX your accounts but are wary of one of the few places, hell mebbe the only place in EvE where you don’t have to be Borged up (IE a Goon or some such other small cog in an impersonal cold machine) where you CAN make a bISK a month EASY… and PLEX several accounts or one account and AFFORD ship losses… IE Anoikis, specifically C6 holes. Setup PI and run 7, 8 nights of sites with the fleet and Et voilà… there is your PLEX. I am pulling in 300 to 500mISK a month off PI alone (300 moar often as I am not as anal as I should be about it…) and probably that much off sites if not moar… and again I am not on for every site fleetup.

        The only reason I don’t PLEX (yet) is cause I am building 2 personal fleets, one in Bastion and on in Hisec so I dunt have to move ships back n forth… I can just POD or shuttle down the pipe for Empire Ops. But if I wasn’t (and once I have both fleets where I want em) I would (will) be PLEXing a 2nd account… but still CC my main so I will still have enough ISK to cover losses and maintain fleet growth.

        And, if I might incentivise you, SYJ has ship repl IF lost in fleet action to not stoopid shit… If I were you I’d take Thrakkar up on his offer or… HBHI & SYJ (the largest Alliance in Anoikis) could always use another good pilot. (nudge, nudge wink, wink) =]

        • That is a great point. I do realize that my favorite aspect of Eve (w-space) is also the key to PLEXing my accounts with little worry. The only issue I’ve had in w-space is being able to dedicate the time to fully exploiting all the riches. Granted I only had a C2 to play around with, and most the time it was just me because the rest of my Corp were on Eve hiatus. I suppose I never have REALLY considered joining a high-class wormhole Corp. One with efficient fleets to put them sleepers back to sleep quickly. I could avoid family aggro if we are quick and efficient. i could build rapport with the Corp by joining a couple of fleet ops a day. Sounds pretty fun. Thank you for the encouragement!

          • Well…. not to bang our own drum as ’twere but HBHI, my corp is a small tight corp within ‘Surely You’re Joking’ [HAHA] Alliance… If, I say “if” you were to consider it, you would find autonomy, the freedom and support to play your game your way. The three Directors, myself, my son (CEO) and HBHI’s FC are real life friends and family and protecting HBHI, and our members, is the first and most important thing we do, the second is finding out what YOU want to DO and doing all we can to make opportunities for you to do just that.

            SYJ Alliance recently broke 750 members in 20 corps… and we are not spread across Anoikis (or Empire) we base out of ‘Bastion’ our C6 homehole. We work together, I feel, extremely well because the Alliance Leadership is ACTIVE and focused on having fun, thereby filling the memberships desire and needs for same.

            We have several very good FCs… and by very good I mean FC’s who’s main objective is getting us all into as much action and ISK Ops etc., as possible DAILY when possible. IE if the leaders are focused on fun then they are fun to fly with… win, lose or draw. Check out my, Mabrick and Sai Talos’s (http://shockwaveinnovations.org/) videos if ya wanna peek at us in action… =]

            No one is ‘expected’ to do anything other than ‘be involved’ when you’re online. They firmly understand RL>EVE and wave a fond farewell when you have to log no matter what is going on and welcome you back just as easily. They understand each corp has needs, PI, fueling ops, etc., they just don’t want corps or members who play solo is all. Once PI is done, fuel has been brought in, then fleet up and ask “What’s the Op Pop?” is all they really want.

            And the efficiency of our Site Fleets is simply something you gotta see to believe. I usually fly Subcap Dread Support, IE A dual paint & web armor Loki… I web & paint the current primary until it pops then work my way up the Tag ladder… and my friend, I have trouble keeping up… I am NOT kidding.

            Site running w/ SYJ is a thing of beauty and not a grind as it is (1) fun, we enjoy each others company and the camaraderie that comes from professional competition… and (2) it does not last for hours and hours… we simply go through them to fast and (3) lucrative is not the word… even with large fleets, the ISk per hr is well worth the time spent…

            Just, you know… just sayin is all.. =]

            • It sounds like a really fun Corp to be apart of. I’d have to do some serious brushing up on how to kill anything in a C6, C5 or C4. I have some mad shield skills and some good missile skills for my Tengu training. I may seriously consider my options for the future. I have been wanting my own Corp to grow into something special, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve got some thinking to do.

    • Thanks Thrakkar – I actually enjoy recruitment, gets me to meet new and interesting people. Long time no see, how is your C6 going?

      And with respect to recruiting Red Neckro – hands off, I saw him first… 🙂

  2. Hello again!

    I checked out your corp website. The E-honor part really caught my attention. I know recruiting is tough, so I’d like to extend you an offer to join our internal channel of friendly corporations. Most if not all Pro Synergy members are in there, and Pro Synergy is like a revolving door. A lot of our members join PS with alts to avoid wars or are looking to join another corp when get they get tired of salvaging. Part of the reason I created that channel is to broaden new players horizons and opportunities in EVE beyond salvaging.
    Contact my ingame char if you’re interested: Nikolai Vodkov

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