When “Inactive” Corps Fight Back

Since my last post in early February, not much has been going on…hence the long pause in posts.

I’ve been running level 4 missions in various parts of the universe with my alt to help increase his standings and install jump clones. At some point I became very excited about a particular ship which has been my “dream ship” for a very long time. However, since I lost my Navy Dominix to the pesky Angel Cartel way back when, I vowed never to buy an expensive mission boat ever again. I caved like a chocolate shell…


My shiny new Rattlesnake, in all its glory, is the pride of my mission-running fleet. Also, it’s the only battleship class vessel in my PVE fleet. I’ve imagined owning this ship for a long time, and it’s been everything I’d hoped. My timing could have been a little more planned out though. I was able to locate a small Caldari control tower in a system close by the system in which I was running missions. The tower was offline, and it had six Corporate Hangar Arrays and two Ship Maintenance Arrays anchored to it. As well as some misc. guns and electronic warfare batteries. I quickly did some recon on the members of the Corp, and added them to my watchlist. After a whole week of neither myself or my Corp mates seeing any of the future war targets log on even once, I declared war at a time where it’d be convenient for all of us to hit the tower 24 hours later. Of course a few hours after I declared war, two of the characters decide it’d be a good idea to log on and ruin all my plans. First thing I do is take a look at their tower and yes, it’s got a blue bubble around it…perfect. At this point I’ve already purchased my Rattlesnake from Jita, but I still have around two days left until I can actually fly it, as I didn’t have Caldari Cruiser trained. Because I’m not a “griefer” in Eve, I sent the CEO of the target Corp an Eve mail to let him know what my intentions were, and that I wasn’t targeting them for anything other than to destroy their tower since I thought they were inactive. As a token of his appreciation of my honesty, the target Corp hired some mercs to join then in this war, lol. So now I have a 10-person PVP merc Corp looking for me to do bad things to my ships and myself. This, of course, was not how I planned this whole operation to transpire. This is now the second time a Corp decided to suddenly become active again after a week or two of recon during the 24-hour stasis period before the war starts. However, this is the first time the target Corp acquired hired help. I’m not a trash talker, and I tend to talk respectfully and without vulgar language in Eve. It’s just my personality. So far there has been zero correspondence between the three parties involved in this war (other than my original eve mail telling them of my intentions), so that’s good…no talk is better than trash talk.

Long story short, I am in a war with real PVPers, and I am reluctant to fly my shiny new Rattlesnake for obvious reasons. I did, however, go against my better judgement and took her for a spin. I have all the characters, from both war target Corps, on my watchlist and the watchlist is open on my screen. So I have my booster alt go first to the mission system and fly to a safe spot and turn on the boosts. Then I take the wonderful Rattler to the system, then the mission area, and begin. Boy that thing deals large amounts of damage between my awesome drone skills and me good missile skills. Also the tank is like a…well…like a tank with my awesome shield skills, along with the boosts from my alt. I take precautions to keep safe, but I’m not going to push my luck. I respect good PVPers (I don’t know if they’re good, but I’ll treat them like they are), and I’m not going to give up any dumb kills. I’m not sure how the new war mechanics work when another Corp gets involved in the war, but I’m hoping this war will end a week from when it started…we’ll see.

I’ve spent some time creating some forums that I found for free! I’ve been doing some research into recruitment. I’m really optimistic for when I officially open my Corp up for new members. I’m getting all the eggs in order (forums, links, security matters, mission statement, plan of action, future plans, strengths and general info that will hopefully attract like-minded pilots) before I officially open the doors. Growing my Corp was one of my goals for 2013, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully later in March I can start.

I’m really impressed with the Rattlesnake. I wonder if anyone who may read this post has a “dream car” of a ship in Eve that they’ve always wanted. What is it? Have you gotten it yet? If not, why? If so, how does it do? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Thanks for reading.


11 responses to “When “Inactive” Corps Fight Back

    • Indeed. When I first started playing, I think they were upwards of a billion ISK. I got mine for about 470 mil I believe. It was a bit of an impulsive purchase but I’m glad I did it.

  1. I think both my characters can fly a Rattlesnake i’m sure, though I’ve never thought of getting one though.

    Don’t currently have a Dream Ship in EVE currently. I guess all the ones I dream’t about when I was a newbie I guess I already own. A Buzzard and a Crane used to be my dream at one time, i fine crafted them both with my own hands. Since then i’ve been without a Dream for a ship. I guess that’s been quite a while now.

  2. Nice response of the “offline” pilots. I am sure you checked their killboards etc but that they come out of hibernation may mean they are alts on long skill queues. Is its possible that their “mercs” are their mains? In that case, they would follow the same TZ.

    If the mercs are real PvP-ers, you probably shouldn’t fly the Rattlesnake but keep it mothballed until the war is over. It will add bling to their killboard. If they are not real PvP-ers, you maybe able to use it as a deterrent. But I’d be very careful, maybe a quick trip to Solitude / Aridia until the war is over? Or back to some WH diving? They can’t use locator agent, use out-of-corp haulers and make mucho ISK?

    • They may be their mains for all I know. I have been flying around my Ishtar and Proteus (neither of which are pimp-fit) so I can align and accelerate faster. Luckily for me I head back to work tonight, so the next time I’ll be able to log on to do anything more than fill up the skill queue the war should be over. It certainly has been a curveball, but being prepared for this situation in the future will be easier now.

  3. I’ve considered building a Rattlesnake from time to time just so I can semi-AFK L4s for better ISK/effort. Maybe one of these days, just of the heck of it, I’ll give it a shot.

    The ship I always wanted was a Niddhogur – not because it’s especially good at anything (it’s pretty terrible) but because it looked even better than a Thanatos the first time I actually saw a carrier on grid several years ago.

    Now I have one, and it’s mostly a logistics barge that keeps the shiny (and useful) ships safe inside when I’m not out putting them to use. It may not do much but it looks GREAT while it’s at it!

    • Is that the Gallente carrier? I am not familiar with capital ships obviously lol. The only issue I’ve had with the Rattlesnake is bonuses to the launchers…either cruise missiles or rockets. I wish there were bonuses to heavy assault missiles too. In any case, I’m currently training Caldari cruiser to level 5 so I can begin my Tengu training plan. I’ve decided to take the plunge.
      Thanks for the reply. Let me know if/when you build a Rattler and how it works for your mission/ratting style.

      • Thanatos is the Gallente carrier and the Nidhoggur is Minmatar.

        The Tengu is hands down the finest PVE ship in the game – and pretty good at PVP too if you fit it right. Strategic cruisers are a significant investment in both time and ISK but totally worth it in my opinion.

        Once I get a Rattlesnake I’ll hit you up for fitting advice.

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