Back to Some Old Tactics

Last weekend I was doing some reconnaissance on a seemingly inactive Corp who just happened to have a derelict medium control tower with three Advanced Mobile Labs anchored to it. I checked out Eve Who to try to account for every member in the Corp. I found five out of seven and added the pilots to my watch list. After a couple days of zero activity from any of the known pilots, I decided to declare war on the Corp. 

I comprised an evemail containing the intel I’d gathered so far, some tactical bookmarks, as well as the info on the tower in question and it’s weaknesses. Explosive and EM damage are the order of the day. 

I gathered my trusty Oracle (no ammo so I can press F1 and walk away \o/) and my Ishtar for when I’m sitting at my computer and watch for war targets to finally come online (Berserker II’s FTW). My two Corpmates and one of their alts brought a compilation of Dominix, Tengu and Myrmidon. 

We started shooting…and shooting…and shooting…Image

…and shooting…and shooting…

We started shooting at 17:52 Eve time, and the tower didn’t blow up until 08:08…you do the math, it was a long time. That’s why I jumped into an empty clone the day of the war, so I could shoot and walk away. There’s no reloading in my “Tower Killing Oracle”. So after much shooting, and zero log-ins by the enemy, their control tower looked like this:



It was a glorious, hard-fought victory. We were obviously better fighters than that pesky offline control tower. It tried to stare at us to break our will for more than 14 hours, but we’re a persistent bunch of warriors. There were also two stations to choose from to hide in if the plan were to be spoiled by an inconsiderate war target logging on. Luckily for us, that was not the case. We netter three Advanced Mobile Labs, and an assortment of guns and Ewar modules that brought a healthy 400+ million ISK to the Corp wallet…more than enough to declare war on our next seemingly inactive victim. The hard-fought battle report can be found here

I understand this is not real PVP, but it’s a semi-fun way to make some ISK while using ammo instead of mining lasers. If you look in my Corp’s history on the Eve-Kill wabsite, you’ll see that about a year ago, this is what me and a few of my Eve buddies did. The only difference now is that I have less guns shooting at the towers, so they take longer to go boom. 

My friend Epigene over at A Journey Through the Mind was telling me today in a private chat about his new and exciting Factional Warfare adventures. It certainly sounds like more action and entertainment than shooting derelict control towers. Go give him a read. 

More dead towers hopefully soon. Until then, fly safe.

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Back to Some Old Tactics

    • Indeed it is. And I’m putting skills in the queue that will help speed up the process of removing derelict towers and other clutter from our precious moons. It’s time to make a stand against all the littering.

  1. Thanks for the post! Its a great tactic, I really think its creative and it frees up valuable space around moons 😉

    Dont get addicted to POS bashing though or the goons will recruit you. Rumor has it a war is brewing in nullsec and many structures need shootin’

    As for FW, had some great outings in frigate fleets, we even took two BCs down (with 16 of us), it felt like being gnat buzzing around dog or something 🙂

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