New Odor of Highsec

There’s a movement in Sinq Laison spearheaded by James 315 and his group of minions who love to blow up miners at ice belts in the name of The Code. In my corner of hisec, The New Order inquisition have been showing up abruptly and quickly in droves only to show up, blow up a miner and his pod, dock at station for their shiny new Velators and leave as quickly as they came. They haven’t talked much trash in local, which I find nice. They link their new kill and tell everyone to read the Code and pay up. They were doing that as my Orca alt was safely docked up in station, and my main was off running errands around the universe. I do pay attention and set all the Corps and the alliance “CODE.” to bad standing so I can see them all come into system.

After a while of doing a bit of nothing, I thought it’d be a good idea to fit some Festival Launchers to my Nemesis and go to the ice belt and scare the socks off of people. Not with missiles and antimatter, but with snowballs and fireworks. I prefer the nicer, kinder and gentler approach…I kill then with kindness.





After a couple minutes, a gentleman was a bit confused and freaked out…as he warped off to the station. I told him I was the New Odor, and he confused me with the New Order. 



Things will get a bit interesting while these New Order guys have some momentum. I’ve heard that they do not honor the Code all the time. If you pay the James 315 guy 10 million ISK, it’s supposed to buy you a year of mining in hisec without interference from these guys. I haven’t been attacked yet, but I haven’t been mining much lately either. So we’ll see how serious it gets. For now they just seem like a bunch of silly jokers looking for a good time…sort of a knock off of the Goons ice interdiction. On a good note I was able to get in on a kill mail (with a bit of help from Concord). I can stasis webify your ship like no one’s business. 

I was able to get my POS completely out of the wormhole, and sell off all of our assets that we accumulated while in there. I even sold off my POS structures (tower and all), and was able to divide it all up and split the ISK three ways between myself and the two other active Corpmates I had. I was able to purchase a PLEX for both my accounts, so I’m good for another month. You may see my running missions here and there in order to farm the LP store for +5 implants to sell at a profit. I also tried a couple of courier contracts from other players, just for giggles, and made a cool 1.1 million ISK (LOL). 

My buddy is gonna build me an Ishtar…I LOVE the Ishtar! I’ll probably use it for some plexing here and there. Last time I owned one it could fit a mean passive shield tank. Now that my shield skills are maxed I’m really interested in seeing how it works. More progress reports to come.

Thanks for reading.



5 responses to “New Odor of Highsec

  1. That’s hilarious…. The New ODOR given the current miner scare of The New Order.

    So similar quite a few miner’s likely wont even notice the difference. You may be able to get far with your new form of hilarious shenanigans of The New ODOR. You just have to stock up on them Snowballs. Likely to get a bit of Concord kills as a result of it over time.

  2. I have to laugh when i see these guys in local, i just facepalm. Once i was happily mining some ice when a guy in local asked if i was there. I replied and i was left alone. But other miners weren’t so lucky, they got bumped and even ganked.

    But yeah i don’t know much about them, and haven’t seen them in a while, which is a good thing.

    Also one of the rules i heard is that you had to ask James 315 if you could go to the toilet. I find that a bit much.

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