Quick 2012 Review

I rang in 2012 initially by using my current Corp as a means to wardec inactive hisec Corps to kill their tower and steal the anchored POS modules. I had about 8 dedicated Corpmates who agreed to do this with me. It was a success for the most part. We killed quite a few towers and confiscated a couple billion ISK worth of modules. As you can imagine, shooting derelict control towers became boooooooring. 

After most my Corpmates left to shoot at actual moving targets, I set a goal to do a solo wormhole project. If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, I chronicled the adventure from start to now. I never did inhabit w-space solo, but it was better and funner the way things actually played out. Three good Eve friends of mine, Dyno, Talith and Amaretto (a REAL girl), liked the idea of moving back into w-space after vacating a C3 we had some time back. So my “solo” wormhole adventure became…not solo. 

I’ve since came under heavy family aggro again, and have decided to leave w-space again to have a vacation in hisec. My Corpmates are largely on burnout again, so it’s not really practical to continue even if I had the time. I will be doing carebear stuff for the foreseeable  future, basically just trying to get enough ISK for two PLEX per month to fund both my accounts. That’s been hard to do even in w-space, so I’m not too optimistic…

My plans for 2013 were to actually build up some numbers in my Corp, and make it a living, breathing, fluid, productive ISK making machine. It sounds like a lot of hands-on work from what I’ve read in other blogs. We’ll see how that goes. I may just change my 2013 resolution to “mining record breaking chunks of blue ice”, as that seems more doable at this point. 

As far as skills go…I just passed the 60 million skill point mark \o/ . most of 2012 was dedicated to science skills, namely astrometrics, astrometric pinpointing, astrometrics rangefinding and astrometrics acquisition. I maxed all those out to help my scanning ability in w-space. I also spent some science skill points on research slots. I spent some time skilling into a Drake and some missile skills. over 12 million skill points are dedicated to science. 7 million to drones and 7 million to engineering (shield). 2013 will be dedicated to mostly gunnery and missiles. I will remap on January 2nd. 

On an unrelated note. I logged in the other day in a station in a hisec island where I evacuated some of my POS stuff from the wormhole. I completely forgot that I was surrounded by at least two jumps of lowsec when I put my Gallente Shuttle on autopilot. I was on a different screen when I heard the shields and armor evaporate. Luckily I was able to get my pod out, as it is another expensive one. 

Thanks to all the new friends I’ve made in the Eve Blogosphere for all the advice, motivation and general good info. Not to mention the countless hours of great reading of your blogs you’ve provided me. Aggro comes and goes, and I’m sure I’ll have a great 2013 in my Eve career. Everyone be safe in real life, and maybe not so much in Eve.

Thanks for reading and happy new year.


4 responses to “Quick 2012 Review

  1. I can just imagine the christmas present opening look on the face of the pirates as you land 15km from the gate and slow boat towards it! It doesn’t matter how long you have been playing EVE, it is still easy to make a newbie mistake.

    • HAHA! I know right? It would’ve been better if they were contemplating the possibility that it may be a trap, and ultimately decided to not engage. No such luck, but it would’ve been epic. Happy new year my friend.

  2. Interesting year it seemed it was for you.

    On moving your stuff out of the WH to the High Sec Island. Hmm. Is your stuff is in a High Sec Island that’s isolated enough from the rest of High Sec even with Low Sec around that could maybe be of some use… maybe i’m guessing here. But chances Manufacturing and Research in those systems are at a low usage. That could be strategically useful or to supply the area around it or something like that.

    If its in a really isolated High Sec island system or group of a few systems as i think i seen a few on the map, then if you pop out in such a system it could be a good place to maybe install a jump clone assuming there was a NPC Corp in one those systems you had decent high standing with. That i guess would usually be unlikely. But having a Jump Clone in such an isolated area could be useful for some things.

    • You’re right. I didn’t think of that, and instill have some stuff there. Only problem is that it’s in Amarr space, and my standings with Amarr is not so good. I may look into grinding standings with them though. Thanks for the pointer.

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