Question of the month: December 2012

This month’s question is holiday-oriented. Most people have New Years resolutions they set for themselves going into the new year. A fresh start, if you will. Interestingly, my main character in Eve Online, Red Neckromonger, has a skill points remap available on January 2nd. That’s kind of a New Years resolution in itself in the sense that I’ll be switching my attributes from Science to Gunnery. Oh I really hope CCP gives us a free remap. On to the question:

“Does your Eve Online character have a New Years resolution? Do you specifically use the beginning of the new year as a clean slate for a new direction, adventure or skill plan for your character or Corp? Or do you begin new goals around another kind of interval such as having a remap available?”

I’ve always had my remap available to me around the beginning of the year, so naturally that’s when I take my character in a new direction. 2012 was dedicated to Science…at least it was supposed to be. I spent the first couple months of 2012 maximizing my scanning skills for the upcoming w-space adventure. It was time well spent. After that I went into all different directions with my skill training.
To answer the question, I tend to plan big changes around my remap…which happens to be at the very beginning of the year. Although I do have a resolution for my Corp in 2013: I’d like to get all professional and open up some serious recruitment and actually have a solid direction. 2012 saw a w-space adventure that was fun while it lasted. Life got busy for me, so I had to pack it up. I’d like something a bit more sustainable for 2013 and beyond.


10 responses to “Question of the month: December 2012

  1. New Years resolutions. Had not thought about it in EVE terms. I think RL will determine much of my game time and hence I will set my goals accordingly. Means, I will not manage a corp, I will not lead anything but a small band of brothers into inevitable destruction, I will write more fiction, I will learn Industry and research. I will look out for people to teach me rather than try to teach others. In other words, I aim to have fun!
    And wrt remaps, I think I still have 2 available. I never use them. Maybe I should learn how?

    • Using your remaps will save you a ton of time in your skill planning. For example, you say you want want to increase your skill in research (which is in the “science” skill tree, you could use your remap to change your attributes to full ” intelligence”, and the rest into “memory”. Combine that with +5 implants in those same two attributes and see how much less time it takes to train skills in the science category. I believe the “engineering” category has the same skills (intelligence being the primary skill, and memory being secondary). If you ever need to find out which skill tree has which primary and secondary attributes, simply go to your skill queue, press the “show info” button for the skill and go to the “attributes” tab. You only get one remap per year, so make sure you’re dedicated to a skill plan before you commit to your last remap.

  2. I didn’t set any Goals or had any New Years Resolution in EVE for 2011. I have no idea how I made it all year without single goal.

    That might have been the real goal itself, surviving in EVE a whole year without any goals.

  3. The guys that replied on here:

    I can say from a semi-noob perspective, that downloading EVEMon and planning out your skills helps IMMENSELY. WIth EVEMon, you can make tons of skill plans AND you can also calculate your attribute remaps so they are optimized for your skill plan. Very cool stuff!

    As far as 2013 goes, I am planning on getting all of my Gunnery skills finished for my pilot, and working on crafting/planetary management skills for my secondary account.

    • Thanks for the reply Silverspark! I’m gonna be doing gunnery as well. Luckily for me, gunnery and missile launcher operation have the same attributes (perception/willpower), so I can spend the next year polishing off a lot of those precious shoot ’em up skills.

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