Podded Out

Today I was podded out of my w-space home. I woke up extra early (5:30 am) because my sleep schedule is all messed up, and thought it’d be a good idea to kill some sleepers while the family is still asleep before the aggro starts. I’ve been getting a lot of family aggro lately, and it’s starting to affect my Eve playing again 😦 . 

I log in and do a quick scan of the system with a Deep Space Probe. I find eleven signatures and five anomalies. A quick check on Wormnav shows zero activity in the last several days…since the last time I was running sites actually. So I hop into my Drake battle cruiser and warp to the first Perimeter Checkpoint. Over the last week or so I’ve had a few skills finish that should help increase the DPS for my missiles and help me kill sleepers faster. The frigates still took forever to kill, but the cruisers, battleships and sentries died a lot faster, so that’s good. After all the sleepers are dead, I warp back to the POS to pick up the Noctis. When I return I align to my POS and start tractoring in wrecks. I salvage about four when I suddenly see a bubble go up around me…uh oh. It’s a Flycatcher, which until today, I never even knew existed lol. I start the afterburner to try to get to the edge of the bubble as quickly as I can, I think I was still tractoring in wrecks too. I was pretty sure the Noctis was toast, it was my pod I really wanted to save. It looked as though I was pretty close to the edge of the bubble when the Noctis went POOF. It really did look like I could get the pod out as I was spamming warp and getting ever-so-close to the edge when another bubble went up…POOF! Ouch. 

I wake up in station in Sinq Laison and upgrade my clone. Then I sent my assassin a congratulatory mail since I didn’t think to strike up conversation in local as I was trying to save my pod. I haven’t received a mail in return. He’s gotta be happy with the price of the pod kill. I’d probably be a bit upset had I paid for it recently, but I’ve had that clone for well over a year, and have paid for it many times over in my Proteus mission-running days. The pod was long overdue for a killing. This was the first pod I’ve lost in w-space, and only my second pod loss in my Eve career. Does that make me good? No. Does it make me careful and paranoid? Maybe. I’ve lost two ships in w-space now in a three year period, one a Covetor, and now a Noctis. Congrats to my assassin for relieving me of a 50 million ISK bounty and much more lol. He was certainly a better stalker than I was in a previous post.

So now I’m faced with the question “what now?”. My answer is that I’m going to leave w-space and setup camp in hisec for a while. I’ve been getting a lot of wife aggro again lately, and it’s been affecting my Eve playing. Today’s pod loss was not a result of wife aggro. It was purely my bad. However, I think the cost of operating out of a wormhole is outweighing the income. I had to sell two ships recently to pay for a PLEX, plus POS fuel is just stretching things too far. I think some more fantastic AFK ice mining will be in order. My friends Evehermit and Splatus have taken steps to get over their wormhole addiction. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. We shall work through this together. Oh, and check out their blogs if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for reading.


11 responses to “Podded Out

  1. Is that the direct “are you playing that game again?” rage, or the more insidious interruptions demanding chores be done any time you log in? Take a deep breath and good luck. I might write a blog post on the different sorts of EVE related wife agro… pretty sure I have suffered from most of them at one time or the other.

    • This was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. There are other things that are draining my motivation and my ability to play Eve and be productive in Eve. Namely family aggro. This pod loss helped me to realize that I AM flying stuff that I can’t afford to lose. If I needed to replace those implants I’d be screwed. The bottom line is I am not able to really enjoy w-space like I should because things like family aggro, PLEX prices and pos fuel are a huge drain on me. So some time in hisec doing non-committing things is a welcomed plan.

    • DOH!!! I didn’t read your question correctly. The wife basically only has a problem when she sees me playing Eve. Then, miraculously, stuff needs to get done right now and I’m a lazy bastard. I will admit I am lazy, and I am a bastard, but never at the same time. That’s how I know she’s being malicious.

      • I sometimes find when my wife is doing that she is resentful of my downtime – because she is feeling desperate for some downtime herself. When she is relaxed and happy, she likes EVE as it keeps me out of her hair. I don’t know your circumstance – but I do know trying to play EVE when RL isn’t supportive of it can get very frustrating.

  2. I recently left our WH for RL reasons as well – and am camping in HS. Before you do that, let me warn you. There is nothing to do in HS that is actually worthwhile. LvL 4 missions are much harder now and take longer (especially when you are Gallente and rely on drones). The ISK is pitiful compared to WH ISK. Industry promises some ISK and interest but the skill curve is literally months before your output is market competitive and the spreadsheets you need to run literally are another job.

    I am now running LvL1 with an Ishkur getting my standing up in Amarr space and it is unreal just quickly that gets boring and how minuscule the progress is. At my rate, it will take me 2 weeks or more to get access to LvL2 agents. Again, salvage, looting is not worth it. PI? Not worth it in empire. My one char can max out <50mil ISK / month in PI (lowsec, mechanical parts) but I probably will get ~ 20 mil. Mining? I am actually now ice mining since I can do that while doing chores at the same time.

    Overall, I dont think EVE caters for those of us with real life. If you have only 10-30minutes and run the risk of getting disrupted even in those, I think Skyrim-like games are better.

    • I hear ya friend. My home base of operations in hisec is Gallente space, so that’s where I’ll be hanging out when I am out of w-space. I certainly will miss it, from the quiet times to the PI. From the anomalies to the Ladar sites. I have 775k m3 of P2’s sitting in my CHA as I type this. That’s gonna be a pain to get out and sell.
      I’ve made P4’s exclusively in hisec before. Using my three toons on my main’s account, each with 6 planets. I never did keep track of the ISK that was going to taxes, but even after building and selling POS structures I wouldn’t be surprised if I took a loss.
      I ran some lvl 4’s after I was podded out of my home, waiting for a corpmate to log in and scan me back in. I enjoyed it, and it was pretty profitable. I really need to run them anyway to get my corp standings with Gallente up above 5.0 again.
      Anyway, maybe we can make things fun for each other when we’re both living in hisec. I started tearing down the POS today, and can hopefully get everything out next weekend.

  3. Sorry to hear about getting Podded Out of your WH and the lack of quality time in EVE. EVE really does require focused time at times to do things that require your undivided attention. As well you just have to take care of RL family concerns and demands as thats important stuff that does affect quality of family life. The Wife may just hate that EVE is your Mistress and just can’t get over that. It may or could be important somewhat to convey that playing EVE is just how you relax or unwind away from the family in your time. Wife aggro is just a funny thing to resolve.

    I really don’t know how to properly tell you how to unwind or pickup and start things in High Sec, i guess you just start somewhere doing something to relax somewhat. However it should allow you to play amid some life interruptions. Yeah Missions are harder these days due to the AI upgrade and Missions Rats seem to have gone a bit nuts. But I haven’t done missions in a long time so don’t know much about that first hand. Compared to the thrills of WH Space and the riches that exist there, High Sec will seem like a big step back.

    • The funny thing about wife aggro over the last three years is that it comes in spurts. I think with the holidays here, she’s feeling the pressure, which is understandable. I’ve always been kind of a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays, and maybe Eve is more than my mistress, but also my diversion.
      I’m looking forward to hisec for a while. It’ll be nice to be able to walk away from the computer at a moments notice. It’s not the first time I’ve had to put w-space or nullsec on the shelf and retreat to hisec for a while. I’ll find something fun to do and interesting to blog about.

  4. I guess it will be like vacationing in High Sec then. Some time you need a long one to recharge your batteries. If you have a partner doing missions then it can be a bit more social in feel and a bit less of a pain to endure doing 3’s and above. I know my Corp has a presence in both High Sec and WH Space and members do a mix of stuff, from WH Ops to High Sec Missions and Mining. Every now and then they do Roam Ops as an Alliance thru Low Sec and Null Sec roams in whatever the Ship Fit of the Ops fancy them. It’s usually not my thing, but they make it available to everyone. Though it’s not my thing usually, I can exercise the option knowing I can go or I don’t really care to.

    Often I just keep doing my own thing for my own reasons. Trade and Industry which is my full time effort is much a solitary thing. I’m pretty much engaged in my Corp, but its still a solitary thing being involved in Industry and Trade. I know they do Fleet Ops for Mining as a Fleet which crosses the Alliance and quite a few participate for the fun and enjoyment of it. It can be hard to say how one should spend their time or whats best to do. Whats usually fun for one person can be boring to the next and so forth. I guess you do what you enjoy or find some enjoyment in doing if your vacationing in High Sec. I’m sure you’ll find a way to spend the time something.

    • Afk ice mining is a good semi passive income while in hisec. If I can actually sit at my computer and pay attention, I’ll do some level 4’s and possibly day tripping into wormholes for gas and anomalies. I’ll keep busy. My idea of fun is different from others’ most of the time. Like you, I’m more of a solitary player by nature.

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