Eve Online: Question of the Month: November 2012

With another great Eve Online expansion at out doorstep, I figure that a fitting question would regard the release of Retribution. Newer players are already overwhelmed with trying to get the basics down…let alone having to worry about the intricacies and details of what a new expansion brings. One of the most important, but possibly most already covered advice is “make sure you have a long skill in your skill queue”. That’s absolutely true, but what this post is really looking for are maybe some of the lesser-known things that may be in the works before an expansion.

“What are your routines in the days/weeks leading up to an Eve Online expansion?”

I read a post last night from Ardent Defender about one of the ways he uses the market, and other pilot’s speculation to his advantage…and profit. This is the post that compelled this question.

My routines are…well, really not much. I don’t pay much attention to the market trends as it is, so if I tried to pinpoint some fluctuation in the shadow of an expansion, it’d probably be even more Greek to me. I do have a couple friends in-game who do pay attention, and are always happy to give me some advice. I’ve stocked up on certain blueprint copies for certain ships and modules in the past because there was speculation that those ships/mods would be worth a lot more in the weeks leading up to and after an expansion. One thing I do enjoy most about the winter expansion is that CCP will usually give all pilots with an active account a gift, so look out for that.

Fly safe and remember, make sure you have a long skill in your skill queue!

Thanks for reading.

3 responses to “Eve Online: Question of the Month: November 2012

  1. EVE is allot of what i call Experience and Feedback from lessons learned thru past experience. Having said that allot of things I learned over time are from just that.

    If you like market stuff. You can try and be a Fly on the wall in the Traders Channel for “SCC-Lounge” or “Signatures” though signatures is much more casual talk on market stuff and not usually much activity daily. But SCC-Lounge is and even if you have no clue whats really happening just being a fly on the wall all the time helps much to have some idea whats going on and possibly take advantage of it if even in a small way. If anything guaranteed someone there knows what’s happening in the market.

    I find I make vast majority of my Profits at Patch time… these days. It took me a while in the past to understand why some Traders kinda live for Patches. Because the market goes nuts at and around that time especially when there is allot of changes to stuff Industrially. Just find some way to capitalize on it. Sometimes if you just give some things some thought you can likely find a way to profit given enough experience or perspective on something. Preparing for Expansion activity does take a bit more effort though also.

    There is a rumor that Cruisers will be going up in Mineral Cost as likely Extra Material Requirements to build. Kinda like Mining Barges all over again as it was in Inferno when they had their Mineral Requirements rebalanced and Increased. This is a Speculation Rumor that I can’t really back up with proof exactly pointing to it anywhere is some specific post anywhere. But it’s a heavily speculated rumor and one thats also likely helping to drive mineral prices up as a underlying factor. Again it’s a rumor, but if you guess correct it’s likely to make a nice source of some profits. Cruisers have been bought in huge amounts over the last 2 weeks on the market and word is that they will go up in price due to higher mineral cost to build after Tuesday Dec 4th. Again this is Speculation. But you can make your on determination as to what to do possibly.

    • Thanks for the in-depth reply! It’s great to have insight from someone with working knowledge of the market. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of being an “Eve Marketeer”, but like I mentioned, I’m way too lazy to do the leg work and research.

      • You don’t have to try to be a EVE Marketeer necessarily or to try to take on the market.

        You can start very small and just take a simple step at a time slowly. Everything you learn helps you to take the next step and another. Eventually in time you realized, you’ve easily walked a mile.

        You can just find your own niche to work easily and keep track of working it.

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