Eve Online: (Almost) My first solo kill


Last night I logged out while I waited for my static Lowsec to collapse so I could scan down the new one and have it hopefully closer to a trade hub.

When I logged back in later on, I was greeted on D-scan by a Buzzard Covert Ops frigate…and a whole bunch of sleeper wrecks. Hmm. So I hop into my Nemesis Stealth Bomber and start narrowing down which of my Cosmic Anomalies our intruder is in. However, a system scan resolves zero Anomalies from the nine or so there were earlier that day. Obviously our temporary neighbors from a K162 decided to tidy up my home, since I was too lazy to do it myself. So next I use D-scan to try to figure out which of the three Radar sites they may be running. Ah ha! I warp cloaked over to the Radar site he’s in and see him decoding the sleeper cans and taking all the precious loot. I’ve decided at this point that I’m gonna wait cloaked and see what his tactics are before I make an aggressive move and possibly get jumped in an ambush (I do read a lot of blogs about W-space ya know…I’m on to you wormhole gankers). 

My intruder finishes the last can and warps off into a direction that I have no bookmarks for, so there is a new site that materialized in my absence. The frigate disappears from D-scan. I warp to a few points around my system and confirm that he’s either not here or is cloaked. He wouldn’t leave all those yummy Sleeper wrecks to waste would he? Just then a Noctis shows up on D-scan. I warp back to my perch in the Radar site I found him in, and he’s there in the Noctis salvaging. At least he’s not wasteful. I watch him finish up and warp off in the same direction he did before, and disappear from D-scan just like before. 

A few minutes go by while I warp to the location of my static Lowsec only to see that it’s gone, so that’s good. When I’m finished with this intruder I’ll scan down the new static and hope it’s somewhere closer to a trade hub. Just then, a Drake Battlecruiser appears on D-scan. I pinpoint his position at one of the other two Radar sites still in system. I warp to a previously-created perch to try to get an idea if he’s working solo. It’s the same toon, and now I know what he’s using to kill the Sleepers. He had to warp out a couple times due to the multitude of Sleepers on the field. I was really impressed of how durable the Drake is, I’ve not familiarized myself with one. When all the waves were finished, close to an hour later, he warped away in that same direction presumably to reship to the Buzzard to hack the sites, which was what I was counting on. 

Having not seen any other activity on D-scan, I began to formulate a plan. I would let him return and hack the cans, which he did, and warped out again. Now the stage is set for my first ever solo kill/gank. When he returns in his Noctis, I’ll wait until he has nearly all the wrecks salvaged, then I’ll lock him up and unleash the rage that has built up over three years on this poor, unsuspecting salvage vessel. Then I’ll scoop up all his hard-earned Sleeper loot and maybe even a frozen corpse for the trophy case. Yep…as soon as he comes back…should be anytime now…hmm…I shouldn’t have drank so much coffee…where is he?…These wrecks are starting to look lonely…Why did the Steelers break my heart again Sunday night?…

Yeah, he never did show up again. So my first ever solo kill is yet to be. I learned and put to use  some useful things about stalking that I’ve only ever read about on other blogs. That’s the name of the game in W-space hunting: sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you’re Red Neckromonger. After all the wrecks disappeared from the harsh environment that is space, I scanned down the new Lowsec exit and to my dismay it was even further from a trade hub than the last. At that point I logged off to carry out a promise to take my kids to the park.

A few hours later I logged on to find a Buzzard and seven Sisters Core Scanner Probes on D-scan. I logged out in a safe spot, and still in my Nemesis, so I warped around looking for the ship. I landed on the new Lowsec static to find him jumping out, It’s hard to catch a Covert Ops frigate, so I did not follow. I did, however. notice the “local” chat channel blinking, which is odd in W-space. I opened it and read:


“and you’re welcome!”

I imagine he’s talking about clearing out possibly hundreds of millions of ISK worth of sites in my home system. After all, he’s a different toon, but in the same Corp as the guy who was running my sites earlier. So it’s likely he did have some company. That’s why I tend to try to keep my home system clear of sites, so others don;t feel so welcome. I must say to that pilot thank you, and well played, sir. I got a lesson in wormhole cleaning. 

Thanks for reading. 


5 responses to “Eve Online: (Almost) My first solo kill

  1. An frustrating! Its quite likely that it was just one guy with a salvaging drake and a can-hacking buzzard… But epyeH, catching a covops is hard and the bomber does also very little damage to them – unless they run their MWD…

      • My first solo kill was a Thrasher. I was “guarding” our static to lowsec im my bomber and this guy jumps in, motors away from the WH then drops core probes. A scanning thrasher? So, I align, decloak, launch bomb and wait for him to lock me. A thrasher could pretty much alpha me away but no targeting. So I take him and his pod out with torpedoes. Later I found out that it was a 1 day (!) old character. He told me he had no idea what killed him and that he thought it was some kind of “space monster”. Only when I mailed him a letter of advice and 1mil ISK, did he realize that he had been shot a player…. So, yes, opportunities come in all sorts of weird ways 😉

        • I’ve really got to stop being so paranoid of losing ships to a trap. If I lose a Nemesis or five, so what right? They’re not that expensive to replace. Then maybe I’ll get some kills, or at least some valuable experience.

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