Eve Online: Killing Sleepers is my business, and business is…wait, where’d all my sites go?


Well this is what I’ve been doing until I logged in this morning. It’s been just me in the Wormhole since I came back to w-space, and I’ve been as productive as a…as…well, as something that’s really productive. I was running Cosmic Anomalies to try to clear our home of them so visitors will hopefully stay away. The problem is I am running dangerously low on ammo that I use for shooting Sleepers. No problem, I’ll just work on some other stuff until I get some help from a Corp mate or make an empire run. So I started mining some Arkonor out of one of our three grav sites.


What I really need to do is recruit a dedicated mining Corp who want a nice little grav site or five to mine to their heart’s content (maybe I’ll look into that).

So when I logged in today I found that there were 10 Cosmic Signatures instead of the 9 when I logged off. I had my home “locked down”, and I knew I was the only one who’d logged in at all in my Corp. So naturally there spawned an incoming K162 from another system and they helped themselves to my sites. I guess in a way that helps me, because I really need to make an empire run to sell off some stuff and get POS fuel. So today I plan to wait until my current Lowsec static pops since it’s close to dying, and it is far away from every trade hub.

So today will consist of making logistics runs and working PI. This is how it goes when the safety and security of your w-space home is compromised. I’ll scan down my neighbors and see what the deal is, hopefully those wormholes are close to dying, too. I’d like to get back to serious Sleeper business.

For the record, I think the Eve Blogosphere is fine and dandy. And what about those Ship Assembly Array workers? Those rascals have the best views, yet they still complain about their wages and benefits.


Thanks for reading.

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