Eve Online: Mining Fool


So as I was mindlessly afk ice mining again today, my buddy Chris put a pretty good idea into my head: “Red, you should do some mission mining”. Wow, I haven’t mission mined since my old Corp lived in Solitude, and there was a pretty decent level 4 mining agent there. So I open up the agent finder and track down a nice lady about 8 jumps away from where I ice mine. So I packed up my Hulk, some Ice Harvester II’s, a hauler incase I get a storyline distribution agent, and I was able to fit out a Thorax with 5 Gas Harvester II’s. Alright, now I am prepared for anything this agent can throw at me. I get to the system, then dock at the station only to be pleasantly surprised by what I’m seeing…FOUR level 4 mining agents…all in the SAME STATION…all available to me. I inquire what each agent has to offer, and it’s equally as pleasing…one ore mining mission, two ice mining missions and all three missions within this solar system, very convenient. I proceeded to accept all three missions and vowed to my agents that I wouldn’t return until I’ve gathered all of their requested ore/ice. I hop into the Hulk, which is fitted for ore mining, and take to the mission location. My Orca alt soon follows. I mine away until the asteroid is depleted, load it all into the Orca and warp off to the ice mission location. Repeat for the third and I’m back at the station turning in three missions at once. Pure awesome (but not really).

I was able to get another three missions in after my wife was finished making me her yard slave. I mean really, do houses really need winterizing? Anyway, I received a few gas mining missions to shake things up a bit, and discovered the Thorax isn’t a bad hisec gas mining ship. It doesn’t have much for cargo space, but that’s not bad when you have an Orca parked next to you. 



When it comes to ISK making, afk ice mining beats out mining missions any day. This was a fun sort of thing for me. I enjoyed my alt’s standings with Astral Mining rise pretty significantly. I also had Exhumers 5 complete while I was mining away, so that’s special. Now I’m working on Mining Upgrades 5 (another two weeks), then it’ll be back on the science skills until January when I can remap to something different than science…like gunnery. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am in the great void that is New Eden. 


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