Eve Online: Free stuff? Don’t mind if I do!

Well, mostly free. I was doing some afk ice mining like always while I was doing some honey-do’s for the wife in real life. When I was finished I actually had some time to sit at my computer and do something other than mine ice. Run missions? Nah. Manage PI? okay! So I logged my other toons on this account one at a time (obviously) and reset extractors and such. These two toons are still in the wormhole. Red Neckromonger pretty much does all his PI remotely, and when there’s a decent entrance I’ll jump into the wormhole and take care of the logistics.

After PI was finished I got a nice little idea from some friends of mine who are currently having a blast war deccing other corps and getting some nice fights. If they don’t get fights, they kill off their enemy’s POS and make ISK off the mods. That’s where I got this idea: I started warping cloaked around the system I hang out in to the moons to look specifically for abandoned POS mods. I happened to stumble across about 10 incapacitated guns and ewar mods, and there was no control tower! So since I sold my Oneiros a long time ago, I decide to be cheap and buy and fit an Exequror. I start happily repping the mods with four remote armor repairers and four T2 armor maintenance bots, only it’s taking FOREVER!

Repping done wrong.

So I decide to use some minerals I’ve been stockpiling for a while to build a Hyperion and buy some large remote armor reppers. BOY what a difference!

Repping done right!

So after that it got a little faster and easier. I had the help of my Orca alt for hauling away the mods. This action certainly did not make me any richer, probably a lot poorer since I had to buy all those new mods and rigs for the Hyperion. It was fun for me because it was a change. I’ll probably do some more of this stuff around hisec when I get some time to play. I’ve even thought of getting back into war-deccing inactive corps who’ve left their POS full of goodies like SMA’s, CHA’s and yummy labs. I made a pretty good living off of that for a while back before the revamp to war-dec mechanics. The only problem was that it took hours and hours orbiting a tower to destroy it. My first “Defenceless POS Killer” was a Megathron, but it got old having to press “F1” when the guns ran out of ammo. So my ship of choice for Defenceless POS killing is an Oracle. I don’t have great laser skills, but it’s not too hard to press F1 and walk away for a few hours. It’s a boring living, but it can be extremely lucrative when you’re selling Advanced Labs, random ships and other POS mods for upwards of a billion ISK per POS if you get a good one. I do some major recon before declaring war so I know for (almost) sure that people won’t be logging on to find me orbiting their tower while being afk in real life. That hasn’t happened yet, but I am that magnate to bad luck your parents warned you about when you were young.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy my work please tell a friend. Stay classy Leremblompes!

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