Question of the Month: October 2012

Well I think I’ll make a new feature (well, new to this blog anyway) called “Question of the Month” or “QotM”. I’m sure this is being done on other blogs, namely the Blog Banter. However, this will generally be a less complicated question which will require a less complicated answer. Also, the questions will be of issues that affect me personally and/or the pilots I fly with or have maintained a friendship with in New Eden. Readers are encouraged to answer to the best of their ability, and in as much detail as possible to help current and future pilots to overcome issues they may be having, or will likely experience during their career as a Pod Pilot. 


As you know if you read my last post, I’ve been a bit on the decline in Eve. I feel like a bit of a whiner really after letting that post ferment for a few days. Instead of raging about my personal problems with PLEX, I should’ve put that rage into more of a constructive question, like this:


Have you experienced Eve “burnout”? How do you motivate yourself to keep playing and being productive in-game? Or do you simply put Eve on the shelf and play other games or do other things during this time? Is there anything you’d recommend to pilots who are struggling to log into Eve due to being burnt out?


I have spent the last several months in a C2 Wormhole with three other members of my Corp. It was great until recently when a combination of redundancy and family aggro began to get the best of me. Around the time of my last post I decided to try afk ice mining. The idea was to take advantage of the new mining barge and exhumers upgrades. So far it’s been working great! I simply fit a Mackinaw for pure tank, get my Orca alt for some bonuses, PROFIT! (???). This works well for me because I can take a few minutes to get my accounts online and set up in the ice field, turn on the ice harvesters and literally walk away for a half hour. I come back every so often to dump ice into the Orca, rinse and repeat. I’m not making a killing ISK-wise, but it’s been enough so far to fund my PLEX, which is the goal. 



That’s my answer to my question. This weekend I’ve actually had some inspiration to get into my Proteus and run some missions, collect datacores and other various care bearish stuff. So that’s all it takes sometimes to get the love back…just switch it up a bit. Also a nice chat with my friend Epigene over at A Journey Through the Mind helped me to keep things in perspective. What a great read his blog is. Thanks buddy.


You’ll be happy to know that I’m currently back in the wormhole to sort PI and put in some gas reactions. My corp mate has been staying active and productive lately keeping things running nicely in my absence, and I thank him for that. Hopefully I can get into some sort of rhythm between my hisec care bearing and my wormhole duties. I’ve got a plan, so please stay tuned. 


Thanks for reading, and hopefully participating in what I hope will be a regular monthly feature on this blog. 



2 responses to “Question of the Month: October 2012

  1. Hi boss and thanks for the accolades. Its good to connect in-game occasionally, blog-comment-tennis is fun but direct contact is always preferred.

    Wrt burnout – yes and Oreamnos over at his blog set me straight. It takes a friend to snap you out of the rut.

    My problem was / is that I take the people way more seriously than my game. When I don’t play, I think of the guys in game and whether they are doing ok. At work, I watch the killboard and wince when we lose ships and get a fat grin when Gerandor ( dropped again on someone’s Noctis. The people behind the spaceships matter. Therefore, I dont think I burn out from the game, I burn out from the intensity of social interaction, real or perceived.

    What fixed it for me was that we have really good guys leading the corp now. Skip ( for example has really worked hard to get the academy going again and Evenstar ( is running a ton of the background logistics and recruitment. Its been awesome, so when I am not in the game, I know that my corp and my hole (yes, I know all smutty jokes) are in very capable hands.

    RL will slow down in December and I am looking forward to get back in the game, maybe as some “emeritus”…. I am still looking forward to fly with you on some ethanol-fueled crazy suicide rifter roams….

    • The accolades are much deserved my friend. That’s a very good point about having someone to help coach you along. Reading others’ situations on issues like mine and their ways to deal with them have already proven very useful for me.

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