Eve Hiatus 2012

Greetings to the few of you who read my posts, both in-game and out. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been well and everything’s great…outside of Eve. It was probably sometime early September that I logged on and ran the few sites in our w-space home, then I warped to our static C2 to see what the situation was. I saw instantly on d-scan a bunch of mobile warp disrupters, but thankfully they were not on grid. So I flew around and made a few safe spots so I could take some time to get this large system scanned down. There were four towers, POCOs and an unusually large number of cosmic anomalies…something like 28! At that point I deployed a sisters deep space scanner probe to get a snapshot of the entire system… Oh. My. Gittygod! There were around 30 (!!!) cosmic signatures! A closer look at d-scan settings and I confirmed that all four towers were without a force field. I was able to locate each one using d-scan and see that each tower still had some incapacitated defenses still anchored, but each were clear of any CHA’s, SMA’s, labs etc. so I took a look on a few kill board sites and found there was something of a massacre in this system. I scanned down those mobile warp disrupters I mentioned earlier and found them just in a random part of space, probably put there by the aggressors around a wormhole exit/entrance to keep the system owners from escaping.
At this point I’m getting pretty excited. I scanned down all the cosmic signatures to find a whole lot of ladars, a few gravs, radars, mags and the lot. What was most exciting about this whole thing was that there were only three wormholes…the static low, the static C2 and the K162 I came in from my system. Wormnav showed no NPC or player kills for at least a week.

Could it be? Could this wormhole system really be stockpiling all these sites for me? Just waiting for me to find it amongst the 2500 w-space systems in Eve?

Yes. Yes that is the case.

So I happily head back to our home system to gather belongings for a prolonged stay. I had my other two toons on my account who could maintain our POS. my other corpmates were on burnout at that point and I was basically the only one logging on anymore. I re-activated my Orca pilot alt and packed it full of mods and ammo, as well as my Proteus for running sites, Helios for scanning and scouting, Catalyst for salvaging and Viator for making quick hauling runs. So with my two toons I headed into the neighboring w-space system where I’d live the nomad life for a short, and hopefully profitable time.

A few days later when my weekend arrived, I scanned the system to find all those juicy sites were still waiting for me, also the two static exits were dead and two new ones must be scanned down. Still no activity of any kind on Wormnav, so that’s a good thing. I swap out for my Proteus and start on an anomaly when, almost like clockwork, I start receiving aggro. Not aggro from sleepers or other players, but aggro from my family. I finish the site and salvage and then re-ship into my Helios so I can cloak up and deal with family matters. I’d come back and do that same thing again for my whole 4-day weekend (I get a three-day weekend every week, and a four-day weekend every other week FYI). I might have been able to clear four or five anomalies that entire weekend, which is not very efficient.
My nomadic wormhole existence repeated this for about four weeks. Melted Nanoribbons were not being dropped like I had hoped. For risking an Orca, Proteus and a few other ships I only had about 10 million ISK to show for all the trouble. I decided to pull out. Everyday I’d scan and warp to the lowsec exit and hope it’d be a convenient one-jump away from hisec space. The first week or so I got some really busy Factional Warfare systems that were three and four jumps out of hisec. So I’d jump back in and log out for the day. Finally one day I was able to scan a lowsec exit that was just one jump from hisec. With only about three others in local, I logged in my Orca alt and warped that slow, fat ship to the hole and jumped through. Still clear on d-scan and I hit warp to zero at the hisec gate. Boy it takes a long time for an Orca to align with no navigation skills and other players who would love to have an Industrial Command Ship kill under their belt. Finally! We are in warp and virtually home free. All is clear at the gate, we jump through and set course to my home away from home in Gallente space where I remain to this date.

I’ve been logging in often on my weekends lately because, with the recent changes to mining barges, I can basically go afk and be a family man (which really is my calling right now) while my Mackinaw’s ore hold fills with wonderful, low-valued Blue Ice chunks. So this is what it is for me right now. I hang out with my wife and kids, watch NFL, do yard work, help kids with homework…and maybe play a bit of Skyrim. All the while I have my two toons happily grinding away on that ice field. I come check on them every half hour or so, move ice around in the Orca, make necessary trips to the station to unload, and hope it’ll be enough to buy two PLEX at the end of the month.

With the prices of PLEX what they are, I probably won’t be sad to watch my accounts lapse. I am having a hard time justifying to myself why I should stress over Eve when prices of PLEX are over 600 million ISK. I am a PLEX player, that is how I play. I cannot spend real money on games. So CCP, or the player-driven economy or whatever it is that is driving prices of PLEX through the roof are also driving me out of the game.

Is anyone else who may be reading this post in my position? Where you’re at a crossroads where your preferred gameplay style cannot fund your PLEX anymore? What will you do? I just passed my three year anniversary of being a Capsuleer on September 30th, and with just over 56 million skill points under my belt, have I reached the end? Are the troubles of inflation that are plaguing the real world creeping over into the virtual world? My escape from the real world seems no longer an escape at all, so I may soon be putting Eve on the shelf. I am still subscribed to a LOT of Eve-related blogs, so I’ll still be in the loop. Until next time, lets hope PLEX cools off.


6 responses to “Eve Hiatus 2012

  1. Hi mate, I’m in the same position as you family & time-wise and have found Guild Wars 2 to be a total joy to play casually. I don’t know if fantasy is your thing, but if its not a turn off have a look into it – you’ll find you can pick it up and put it down easy.enough to avoid family aggro šŸ˜‰

    • Fantasy has never been my thing, but games have come a long way since I last tried a fantasy game. I will look it up. I really appreciate the advice, especially from someone who is in the same boat.
      Another thing i was thinking was to play The Sims 3 with the wife because she loves that game. Although eventually that game gets more redundant than hisec ice mining lol.
      Thank you, friend.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the update. We missed you šŸ˜‰ Wrt plexing, we talked a little about that in-game, I think hope that helped. Any questions, mail me. On activity, I agree, its tough doing RL and EVE when RL picks up. I had the same situation and tried Skyrim. You can log in and mess around of a few minutes and then get back to work. But I could not get into it. For me, I have crossed the threshold from computer games being a solitary thing to a social gathering. I’d rather go on jabber and chat to my friends for 5 minutes that start another game. But thats just me.

    Glad you are doing ok and hope to see you online.


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