Eve Online-The w-space adventure begins!

Since my last post on the 31st of May, I’ve finally made it into a wormhole. My original goal of being a solo wormhole dweller has not happened, but I am now living in and enjoying w-space with three of my closest Eve friends. The funny thing is that all three of them were on Eve burnout. I was coming ever so close to the edge of burnout myself, even going for entire 4-day weekends without logging in. So when one of my friends logged in we had a chat. He had read my solo wormhole plans on my blog and expressed his interest to join up. We talked about all the ways of getting into a vacant wormhole, including finding one (never once came across a vacant one), buying one (we did get scammed out of 125m) and joining an established wormhole alliance. We made posts on the “buy order” forums and had almost zero replies. One day we received a mail from the CEO of a corp looking to invite my corp into the alliance. They were established in a c2, which they offered to give to us as they found another c2 to move into. We accepted.

While we were working out the details Nate and myself got ahold of a couple friends who’ve been on burnout for a while, and offered them a place in our wormhole adventure. Which they happily accepted and re-activated their accounts and alt’s accounts.
So just this last Sunday (the start of my 4-day weekend), we had a decent exit in lowsec and started operation move in. At the end of four days, we are mostly moved in. Still a bit of big stuff to move when we get a convenient exit, but we are fully active in there and cramming the CHA full of lovely sleeper loot. It’s just the four of us, with some Alts, so it’s not too crowded. And dividing up profits will net us a lot more than if we were a bigger corp.
So in short, my adventures in w-space will include three of my closest Eve friends. So all the ganks, assplosions, losses, victories and any and all other mishaps you shall read about. Since I’m actually logging in and playing on my weekends, there will hopefully be more posts with yummy content.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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