Slow Goings

The last couple of weeks since my last post have been un eventful to say the least. My PI colonies were able to produce enough P4’s to build 2x X-large ship assembly arrays and 1x Amarr Control Tower. After that I decided that in hisec it’s far too expensive to do serious planetary production. With customs office tax of 10-17%, it seemed like I was losing isk. So this last weekend I set up all 18 planets for full POS fuel production. That will be the case until the wormhole project starts.

About the wormhole project: still looking. I am rapidly running out of isk (I believe due to buying plex and PI tax mostly), so purchasing a wormhole from the sell order section of the forums is off the table for now. My normal routine when I log on is to restart my extractor control units, then undock and scan my home system. If I find a wormhole I’ll take a look inside. I am yet to find a vacant wormhole since the one I sold a while back. Generally I’ll scan some adjacent systems until I get bored or side tracked.

I do have a friend who very recently came back to Eve from burnout mode. He kinda knows my plans from checking out this blog, and is interested in w-space living with me. So technically that would make it no longer a “solo” wormhole adventure, which is okay. My friend Dyno is one of about five people I’d trust with any adventure in Eve. He’s a really stand up guy both in Eve and in real life. I’ve never met him in person, but through Teamspeak, Facebook and other social networking means, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. Dyno and myself are pretty similar in terms of how we conduct ourselves in-game. It’s a lot like in real life. I am honest, respectful to others and mostly mind my own business. I tend to surround myself, or am drawn to like-minded people. I have a very small circle of influence both in-game and out, and that’s the way I like it. I’ve never scammed anyone, but I’ve been the target of scams before. Thankfully I read enough “Crime and Punishment” threads on the Eve forums to stay pretty up to date, and have not been scammed.
About two years ago my Corp lived in a wormhole. We had some invaders come in through the hisec static and we had a nice little fight on the wormhole. About 4 of them and 6 of us. They had superior talent and sent us all running back to our POS in pods, but that wasn’t enough. They talked all sorts of smack in local. If I were the one doing the killing, I’d leave it at a simple “gf” in local. I pictured a bunch of 12-year olds behind those pilots, but you can never be sure.

Anyways. The new plan is to find a wormhole, up to a c3, with my friend Dyno. Family aggro has been strong the last couple weeks too, so that has an impact on in-game productivity. But I suppose it’s good to be a husband and father in between resetting extractors ;-).

I rented Skyrim. It’s pretty awesome. That might or might not have it into Eve time.

5 responses to “Slow Goings

  1. Good luck with your wormhole plans! Having lived in a hole for awhile now, I think a C3 is totally doable solo or duo. Getting started will be the hard part. Seems like a C2 would be harder – too much traffic.

    For reference, I can pull about 100m ISK per week per character of P1 products using 24 hr extractors in a C3 hole. No taxes is a great thing.

  2. Family aggro is the bane of all MMO players!

    I miss Eve. It seems to be one of those games better played with others. I keep checking back in from time to time. Good luck with the wormhole plan.

  3. Thanks for the update – looking forward how your adventures go. And if they go badly, you know where to find me…. Fly safe…

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