Weekend wrap up…

As stated in my post a couple days ago, my Eve time was limited due to honey-do’s and family aggro. However, all was not lost. My account (with three toons) can harvest 18 planets, and I have a network within 3 jumps of each other producing P4’s from scratch. I did in fact setup my P4 factory planet and throw in some P3’s to start what was to be the final phase of more than 26 days of training. It was magical and all that, but isk-wise? Not worth it in hisec, that’s for sure. I didn’t keep a log of how much isk I spent in taxes and planetary construction (I might go back in the wallet history and add it all up), and I don’t know how to use a spreadsheet, but I’m positive I’ve spent more in taxes alone than I could make in the sale of any single POS module. If I were to be so lucky to find a wormhole that had all the planets to produce all 8 P4’s, then I’d likely continue POS module production. We will see.

If you have a Gallente large tower bpc you want to sell hit me up in game. As of May 10th there were exactly ZERO Gallente control tower (large) bpc’s on contracts. I don’t know what the issue is here, but it seems someone could make a small fortune making copies of their bpo and putting it up on contracts. So with a small stack of P4’s in my hangar, and no tower bpc to build from, I began searching for some other POS module that I could profit from. After a little while I decided to buy two X-Large Ship Assembly Array bpc’s. One of which is in the cooker as I type, the other I will need some more capital construction parts for. I plan to sell one off on the market to see some results from my long training, the second I will put up in my wormhole to store raw ore waiting to be refined. I believe even when they’re offline they can store vast amounts of ore, at least that was the case when I lived in The Spire.

I played around with Evemon and narrowed down my two alt’s training for basic cloak and scan to about 4 days each. So hopefully by this time next week I’ll be in the “searching/shopping” phase of my wormhole project. Thanks for reading and fly safe.

One response to “Weekend wrap up…

  1. An EVE player with no spreadsheet skills?!?! LIES! Seriously – you should try your setup in WH space. I’m no expert but apparently as a result of the -1 security status it’s the bomb.

    Also I’m pretty sure nobody uses Gallente towers because they’re terrible, but I may be wrong.

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