Another update

Just an update as to what’s been progressing since my last post.
-There is an awesome site that is dedicated to helping aspiring bloggers like myself. It’s called Newbie Blogger Initiative, and you can find it here. I looked at my daily activity today to see 48 looks at my blog, which is far more than ever before. So thank you N.B.I., I really appreciate the exposure and will help to get the message out there.

-I still have about seven days for my third toon to be able to harvest six planets. Once that’s complete I’ll be able to set up a final factory planet to convert the stockpile of P3’s to P4’s. And then I’ll purchase a Gallente Control Tower BPC to make my first POS structure from scratch. Although I think it’s really a wash at best (isk wise). At least in hisec with all the friggin’ Interbus taxes. When I’m ready to set up in w-space it may be worth making POS structures again if the planets are right, and if I have my own POCO’s set up.

-After the training for PI is complete I’ve got another 6 days for each toon to get basic scan and cloak skills, then I plan to search the sell order forums for a suitable wormhole to buy.

-I did break down and fly to Dodixie today to buy some subsystems for my Proteus so I can run missions to pass the time and make some isk while I wait for my Alts to train. I also purchased a Noctis to maximize my mission income. I set myself back about 400 million with everything I bought today, but I can make that back plus some pretty quickly with mission grinding. I haven’t really run missions since before I went to nullsec. I was reminded quickly how boring it is, but also the easy isk, which is important right now.

Well, I start my long work week tonight, so likely no Eve until Sunday (except resetting planetary extractors). Fly safe.


4 responses to “Another update

  1. Welcome to blogging Red Neckromonger. EVE is the game that just keeps on giving when it comes to having stuff to write about. The sandbox nature of the game means there is always something new going on.

    Are you a solo player or do you have a corp behind you?

    • Thanks for the warm welcome. I am CEO of a small Corp named The Inspectorate. I believe we are 8 members, 3 of which are my main and two toons on my account. The others are some friends I’ve been flying with on and off for more than two years. At the moment we are all kind of doing our own thing. Some of us are on burnout mode and more or less inactive at the moment. I am embarking on my own projects like solo wormhole living, which I hope to have underway later in May. Stay tuned for updates as they happen. Thanks again!

    • Thanks! I will certainly be following the NBI bloggers veterans as they post their blogs. I think NBI is a great way to help aspiring bloggers like myself get their foot in the door. Likewise, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

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