Quick Update

Not too much to report as of right now. I did have a procedure done at the doctor’s office…the kind you do when you don’t want anymore children. Because of this, I have a doctor’s note to stay sitting or lying down, so I have been sitting…in front of my computer, playing Eve. I managed to survive a gank attempt by a group of Thrashers in a .5 system. You can see the report here if you’re interested. It’s my first survived gank attempt, so I’m happy about that.

Things are progressing with my other toons on this account. Interplanetary Consolidation for one finishes today! After that it’s another 13 days for the third toon to train up. Plus a few for basic scan and cloak skills.


2 responses to “Quick Update

    • A wise man once said “If it weighs as much as a duck, then it’s made of wood”. I’m not exactly sure how that relates to gaming and it’s effect on my speedy recovery, but I’m positive that playing Eve for two solid days without my wife divorcing me was both therapeutic and a darn miracle. Now I can’t wait for the next big procedure 🙂

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