Tough Decision = Fatter Wallet

Well last night was interesting. First, I was updating my PI on all three toons. I also delivered some manufacturing jobs that earn me a bit of extra ISK, and put them up on the market. As I auto pilot around I generally look at the Eve forums at whatever catches my interest. Lately I’ve been looking in the “Sell Orders” section for wormhole systems for sale. I’ve come across some great prospects and I can’t wait to get it going for myself. That’s still a skittle ways away though.

I did, however, come across this thread and became a bit excited. This gentleman is in the business of either couriering or buying your trapped assets from nullsec stations that you can’t get to, are afraid to try to get to, or are locked out of. About a month ago I joined a nullsec corp/alliance, and two days after I was able to get all my most prized and loved assets out there, we were invaded and swiftly kicked out of our space. So I’ve since left that corp when I decided to pursue my solo wormhole project, but I left behind easily a billion and a half worth of ships and mods in a station I can’t access. I did train up whatever skill it is that allows you to place remote sell orders. Luckily for me I did have my covert, anti-bubble Proteus with me in a nearby region, so I was able to get within a few jumps of the station system and place some of my stuff on the market.

So after living without my most expensive and prized assets for the last few weeks, I decided that I really CAN do the things I like to do without the extra “bling”. It was then that I decided to Eve mail Mister Klendaxor. Klendaxor got back to me within a couple hours and we eventually hooked up in a private conversation. He was very polite, and within a few minutes (after checking Jita prices with an alt) he made me a reasonable offer to purchase my trapped assets. Now in any other circumstance I would be very reluctant to let my faction mods and Proteus subsystems go for less than market value, but the reality was that I did not want to wait until all that stuff sold or just let it sit there rotting. I received a nice lump of ISK and Klendaxor received a bunch of expensive goodies at a greatly reduced rate that he now has to figure out how to get or resell himself. It was a compromise that allowed me to get a quick payout that I can use toward my solo wormhole project. Everyone’s happy.
So if anyone has a similar situation as I did and needs some possible relief, I strongly recommend Klendaxor. He was very helpful and very nice to work with.
On to the next topic. Well, it’s still in the works. At the time of this post, I am logged off in a 0.0 system somewhere in the middle of where I started (Esoteria) and where I’m headed (Sinq Laison). I mentioned my covert, anti-bubble Proteus…that’s what I’m flying. I made about half of the 50+ 0.0 jumps last night until about 2 am local time. When I could no longer keep my eyes open I decided to find a safe spot that was not within D-scan of any celestial and log off. I did notice Combat Probes out as I was flying around the system creating my safe spot, so I figured they were trying to find me. There were about 9 others in local at the time. I figured there will be questions like “why didn’t you look for a wormhole shortcut?”…well, I will address all that and the rest of the story when the story is complete.
Until then, fly safe.

2 responses to “Tough Decision = Fatter Wallet

    • Indeed. It’s great when you hear of the different ways people make their living in Eve. That was certainly a unique way to do it. Klendaxor said that maybe once per year he will make a trip around New Eden to collect his newly acquired items to sell off and see the returns on his investments. A very risky way to make a living, but I’m not complaining šŸ™‚

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