The beginning is near

It never seizes to amaze me the draw Eve Online has on me. Even in the state of “burnout” I was in for more than a month up until about two weeks ago, I kept my eye on the forums for anything interesting. I checked my “Eve Universe” app on my iPhone at least every hour of the day to see if the wallet balance changed for some reason. There’s always something that draws me back. I can never seem to pinpoint what it is, but here’s my theory:

(a quick back story) I used to have two accounts. One being this one (Red Neckromonger), and one being Fred Neckromonger. Fred was my pure miner, and boy was he good at it. Red flew all the nice shiny ships and often played a support role for Fred in the form of Orca boosts and hauling. Fred would seldom leave the helm of his Hulk. But back in the fall of 2010, I became a bit tired of dual boxing and paying a lot of ISK every month for two plex. So I had this great idea of putting Fred on the market for a quick influx of ISK. Sure enough, perfect miners were in demand enough that Fred earned me 3.4 billion ISK…….I’ve regretted it ever since.

While its easier playing and paying with only one account, there are more things left to be desired. For me and my current casual play style, the biggest difference is having to make trips to the station after every full cargo hold of ore, or three full cycles of the strip miners. Since, as a miner, it’s pretty much a thing of the past to jetcan or even fit your Hulk for cargo as opposed to tank. The point is, I really would love to have a dedicated miner/hauler combo like I did before.

So since I can’t seem to convince my wife (family budgeteer) that paying $30/month for two accounts on a video game is a really important thing for me, I’m forced to make the best of what I have. One account, three toons, time to do some thinking:

I’m trying a couple drastic ideas to keep myself both interested in the game and able to afford plex comfortably every month with ISK to spare. My current drastic venture is to harvest every P0 from the planets and make them into POS structures. Red (my main) has Interplanetary Consolidation (IC) and Command Center Upgrades (CCU) to level 5, so six planets can be harvested. Both my other toons have IC and CCU to level 4 currently, so five planets each. That’s 16 planets at my disposal, and there are only 15 P0 commodities that can be harvested from planets. I’m a simple man, so to me that means I can currently harvest one of each commodity and still have one planet left over for whatever (factory?). I currently have one of my Alts training IC to level 5, and the other alt will follow suit. That will give me 18 planets to play with. So my current venture is to save up all of the PI material that I harvest for the entire month (27 days) that my two Alts will be training IC level 5. Then I will probably dedicate three of those as factory planets to turn the stockpile of P1’s I will have accumulated eventually into P4’s, and ultimately POS structures. It’s a glorious plan that could easily end in utter failure due to lack of recourses on hisec planets. This is where plan ‘B’ comes in:

The ultimate goal of all this PI mumbo jumbo is to occupy a wormhole as a solo account with three toons. Just me, me and me. I will have my two Alts in basic cloak/scan T1 frigates and Iteron Mark 3’s so they can service their planets in the wormhole and scan an entrance when Red gets podded out. It’s my understanding as a forum warrior that a C1 and C2 wormhole are really enough to keep just one or two people busy and productive. Red can mine, kill rats/sleepers, salvage, harvest gas, refine, scan, haul and control POS guns. Red can stay plenty busy and still have the two Alts in there for added support.

So, I will post my progress as it….progresses. This is my current adventure within Eve. I stand to gain billions, or lose billions trying. This is what makes Eve fun for me right now. This is my story. This is red’s Roid Rage.

Always remember, live life like you forgot to update your medical clone.

6 responses to “The beginning is near

  1. I’ve always wondered about the viability of doing a single account alt-PI extravaganza. Taking that one step further to occupy a WH seems like a daunting task indeed. Best of luck on it!

    • I appreciate the good words. It’s really an act of desperation. I’m not really a pvp-er, but I do need some stimulation to stay active and productive in this game at this point. So naturally, what better way to get the blood flowing than to pretty much risk everything I have to gain possibly more isk than I’ve ever had? Lol! But really, I’ve never really put myself in a real vulnerable position where I stand to lose a substantial chunk of my net worth . The way I’ve justified my plan is: I really love Wspace, and I really think that in my situation I need to take a risk and really live this game to it’s potential…and see what my own potential is.

  2. Is there one of every type of planet in a WH? Or at least enough that it covers all the PI bases? You’d need 16 planets, that’s a lot more than a normal system.

    • Hey Dethblooms! Nice to see you here. Thanks for checking this blog out.

      If/when I make my move into a wormhole, the planet types will likely be the first thing I consider after the class of the WH. For POS fuel I think you need at least a barren, gas and lava. Probably two of each. Plasma planets are a bonus, but not necassary. If I’m living in a WH, all the POS structure building I am aspiring to do right now goes out the window. I will be producing robotics, coolant, enriched uranium and oxygen.

      Also, you don’t need 16 individual planets if you’re looking to harvest each P0 plus a factory planet. You just need to be able to have enough toons to reach that capacity. Because each of my three toons can harvest different P0’s from the same planet. Also each planet yields 5 or 6 P0’s.

  3. There is an alternative to soloing a WH. It is to join an established but fun WH corp that has a strong industrial backbone and cares for WH newbs and industrialists.

    We do PI like champs, have a wide array of planets and the corp buys all PI products if members don’t want to haul it themselves.

    See you in our recruitment channel πŸ˜‰

    Ps. Good blog. Looking forward to read more

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